This recipe is definitely a new favourite.. you can whip these up the night before, let the flavours sink in over night and cook them the next day, make them in bulk and freeze them or just simply make them and eat them! I love making these for lunch and having them in the freezer for when I'm not in the mood for cooking, but they'd be a good for a light dinner too. These rice balls are totally versatile too, change up the vegetables for your liking (red capsicum and corn would be really nice), or the spices. Not a fan of curry? Use some smokey paprika and cumin instead! I served mine with a salad of diced tomato, diced cucumber, avocado, parsley, cos lettuce, pepita and sunflower seeds, spring onions and red bell pepper with a tahini-lemon dressing to bring it together. The salad went perfectly with it and I highly recommend it! But you could serve it with whatever you like, flat bread, any salad of your choice (tabouli would be nice) or even with a curry. Now whats stopping you from making these yummy healthy balls of joy,, they're too easy!



it's that time of year again.. longer, sunnier, warmer days, which means one thing.. Smoothie bowl season! Time to get those blenders out of hibernation. Although we're still getting the bitter cold mornings here in Melbourne, I can't deny my craving's for thick, cold smoothie bowls of a morning.. even if I have to enjoy it wrapped in three blankets and a hot water bottle! Lately with all the summer fruits coming back into season i've been experimenting with new flavour combinations, including my new found love of maca powder and pear! What a match made in heaven. The weather had been inspiring me to create beautiful smoothie bowl toppings and flavours, and since this is my first blog post I thought what better way to kick start it while i'm on my winning smoothie bowl run with tips and tricks to create the perfect fruity bowl.

When in a rut of inspiration, I know I'm always safe with the flavour combo of banana, mango and raspberries. Not only does it go such a gorgeous colour, but the flavour is insane! To take this flavour abomination to the next level I opt for a dollop of co-yo to make me feel like i'm in a tropical oasis, even in the dead of winter.

But if you're on the other side of the world and don't have access to wonderful summer fruits, do not fear... it's possible to have equally delicious/nutritious smoothie bowls! Including my resent fave Banana, blackberry and pear smoothie with maca powder to give it an extra kick!

To make the perfect smoothie bowl you need these three essential things, then you're good to go to make a delicious smoothie day after day no matter where you are!


#1 ~ Frozen Bananas! why? The frozen banana creates the creamy ice-cream like base for the smoothie, leaving you feeling like you're having ice-cream for breakfast! They're also important to blend all the other ingredients together and most importantly fill you up and give you energy.

#2 - Berry of choice (e.g.; strawberries, blueberries, raspberries etc) Use as many of these natural gems as you like. They have a low G.I. and add a wonderful depth of flavour. I like using raspberries and strawberries with sweet fruit like pineapple or mango, but for the other fruits I love adding pops of sweetness with blackberries or blueberries.

#3 - GRANOLA! I can't have a smoothie bowl without this stuff... just like toothpaste is to a tooth brush, they just go together. Cutting through that creamy smoothie to the occasional crunch of granola.. ahhh, theres nothing like it.

Sometimes blending these can be tricky... I always try to keep my frozen bananas out of the freezer for at least half an hour before blending and it makes all the difference. Perfect timing for me to drink down my lemon water!

As far as decorating your smoothie bowl goes, the opportunities are endless. Let your creativity run wild! As long as you've got some spare fruit, nuts or seeds, and of coarse that essential granola.. the opportunities are endless! And if you're feeling extra creative why not pop a couple of flowers on top!?

Now get your cameras out and take a snap for instagram and brag to the world what a pro you've become at making smoothie bowls, but be quick! you don't actually want to be drinking your smoothie!

Happy start to spring with smoothie bowls everyone :) x