So first of all sorry for not posting anything but believe me when i say i have had a bussssy week. College is killing me and i can not wait for christmas holidays. Almost done with all my assignments and test, and done studying for the upcoming tests and assigments so now i finally have some free time. It has been snowing, and even though snow makes everything look so magical i wish it could also make you fell the same way. It has been cold and dark. Winter up here means no sun what so ever and me being a summer child can not just accept that, so you see the problem.

Anyways one week left, and then i have my holidays. Stockholm looks absolutely breathtakingly beautiful this time around the year, all the christmas decorations are up, people every where, children playing in snow, going for ice skating in Kungsträdgården. Maybe i might come live on Instagram so i can share this beautiful time of the year with you guys. So today i am going to give you some tips to enjoy these cold and dark winter nights.

Tip nr 1. Invest in a pair of fuzzy socks. I swear to you guys wearing fuzzy socks can just make you feel less sad and lonely. Wearing fuzzy socks does not only keep your feets warm but it is cozy and relaxing.

Tip nr 2. NETFLIX!!! If you do not have netflix then fix an account. The best thing about netflix is you can share it with your family, friends, so it can be less inexpensive. Share your account, or keep it to yourself but netflix in winter or any time of the year for that matter is the best thing ever. Imagine wearing your fuzzy socks, an oversize sweater, drinking hot choco and just chilling in your room or sofa while binge watching series on netflix. GOOOOOALZ.

Tip nr 3. Plan hangouts at eachothers place. You have netflix, what is better then that? Ehhh watching a bunch of movies and series with ur bff's. Buy popcorn, chocolate, take out those blankets and just lay in your bed with your friends while you all watch Vampire Diaries.

Tip nr 4. Even though winter can be cold and dark, but it has a beauty to it. Do not just sit at home, instead call your friend/friends and go out. Look out for winter acticities in your area or just go to a warm and cozy café. Or why not go out for food? Take instaworthy pi, enjoy with friends and give yourself a treat because 2017 is almost ending and you deserve to treat yourself.

These are the things i do in Winter that help me stay motivated and feel less depressed. Also i would highly recommend you to buy some cozy sweaters, sweatpants, and a HOOOOT winter coat. Winter does not ahve to be all depressing, right?



1. When ever i come to Pakistan (not that im there so often but every time i have been there) i feel so freeking tall, like this summer i was there with my family, and like i felt like a tree. Like i live in Sweden and yes i am tall but here i never really thought about my height in that way because most of my friends are taller then me. So the whole time i was there i felt so sad about my height and was jealous of all my female friends and cousins who were all petit and short and looked adorable. I am 168cm, and i am praying to God that i stop growing :(

2. HAHAHAH this is a funny one, so when i was about three or four, my parents took me and my brother out for a walk who was about one at the time. Anyways it was dark, and we were in Pakistan obvio, and like no lights, nothing. So i was a very active child, i loved running around and like i was not shy at all. So me being myself i fell in to a hole, it was a deep hole. and like i would not have been alive it wasnrt for the people who had been throwing garbage in the hole. No but throwing garbage in a hole when there is construction going ton is not fine but in thsi case it saved my life so i am not complaining and neither is my family who by the way until today reminds me of this emberassing incident on every family gathering and guess who is the laughing stock?

3. When i was about 10-12 i was super skinny, like it wasn't by choice, i was just super skinny and small. So at that time i was in an international school (i switched school when i was 13 to another itnernational) and like the girls there were so mean, there were these two grils, they were twins and the world or should i say school in this case revolved around them. They were very popular, had older cousins and friedns in school and we were just kids back then so everyone wanted to be friends with them. I was also a part of their group, but thay always ahd this circle going, for 2 wees they would be friends with someone and bullshit about someone and after 2 weeks they will just leave you out and befriend tha tperson they use to bullshit about, and so it went on and on. Anyways because i was the only one in that group who was skinny and my hormones were super delayed. So the twins and this other bad ass girl would always pick on me every break time we had and force me to do squats, and like eat in general and compare my body to a wall "What is flatter, Eishas body or the wall? HAHA Eishas body obvioulsy" Like this was the joke they would make all the time. This all had a huge imapct on my life after but we will ge tinto that someother time.

Soooo this was 3 random things about me you might have not known. HAve fun adn have a wonderful week even though it is monday and i can not wait until christmas holidays :(




It has been like 3 years since i actually writed a blog so i am feeling a bit rusty. Anyways i decided to start writing a blog so i can share my opinions, discuss matters that are imporant, and to just be able to express myself. SInce this is my first blogpost i do not have much to say, but just wanted to welcome you guys. I also want to make sure you guys know that i am going to discuss topics that you guys vote for, or topics you guys want me to write about.. It can be all from Q/A's, to my dailyroutine, to me writing about sexism. I think you guys get the idea.

Comment below what you guys want me to do for my next post or you can DM me on instagram: eishasprajvata. So excited for this adventure and i hope the feeling is mutual.