Now when I've read so far in the book I've also gotten a clear picture of how the things that happens and environment are out of the characters point of view. I think that it makes it easier to understand how it's like when the book is written in first form. Aside from that, the author is very good at environmental descriptions and to describe the mood / emotions in an empathic way,

Four years and eight months, I have been waiting. Four years and eight months, I have been longing. Longed to snuggle with Mom&Dad in the morning before I head off to school and to our bookstore. Waiting for Mom&Dad to pick me up from this orphanage, to take me away from this building filled with unhappy kids who's parents are dead. Mine aren't , I know it. Who would know that carrot is my favorite kind of vegetable and put it in my soup? Is it the virgin Mary, God, jesus, the pope or Adolf hitler? I know that it is from my parents, other people whom I am grateful to have, they sent it to me as a sign that they haven't forgot me.

I didn't have the patience to wait for them and I got even more impatience when  mother Minka told me what the Nazis do with Jewish booksellers. 

Walking here among duzin of other injured jews heading off to the city makes me consider if the Nazis only unlike the jewish booksellers or all jews. ​​​​​Walking for several hours in a row with Nazis aiming their guns at people no matter age or sex forcing them to walk and shoot them if they didn't made me even more worried about Mom&Dad. 

I just hope that I get to them before the nazis do.

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The book I chose is called "once" and is written by Morris Gleitzman.

I chose this book mainly because I like to read heavy books that are about death and war etc etc. when you quickly scroll through the book you will see that it is divided into relatively short chapters which I like because it makes it easier and somehow more fun to read. 

My first impression of the book was that the author immediately went straight into the story wich I thought was good, it gave the book a great -"kick-off". I also got an idea of how the protagonist's way of thinking is. Felix, the main charater is a boy full of hope and unknowledge. It doesn't seem like he has a clue of what's happening around him, it makes me feel sorry for him. I had many "facepalming" moments already in the beginning, especially when he left the orphanage. It wasn't the best time for a jew to hit the road. I had a hard time to stop reading. I Love it already! The author has a capacity to catch one's attention, I think this is partly due to that because it is an exciting topic to write aboujt, it makes it easier to capture the reader's interest​.

I look forward to continue reading the book and see what happens next!