The year is almost over.
Last year I did a resume for 2016 & I though it would be a fun idea to do it again.

So here is comes:

New Years Eve 2016/2017
Together with my best friends home in Gothenburg.
2017 was the year that I decided that I just wanted to focus on feeling good and nothing else.

And that’s exactly what happen.
2017 changed my life.
In more than one way.

Here comes some questions that I also answered one year ago, let’s see what changed...

What countries did you visit?
England, Spain, Turkey & Thailand

London, England
I fell in love with the city.
West End stole my heart and the beat of the city was amazing. I could easily see myself moving there one day.
I miss my friends there, a lot!

Mallorca, Spain
Together with a lot of inspirational people we learned all the concepts for our roles as fitness instructors on Thomas Cook Sunwing & Sunprime hotels.
Wish I could do this again, again & again.
So much fun & great experience!

Side, Turkey
This 6 months changed my life.
Read more about it in this post!

Current position:
Phuket, Thailand
Doing my second season as a Team Leader for Thomas Cook here in Thailand.
Phuket is filled with a lot of nice places so explore.

A mobile note:
19th of October, 2017

Is there something you missed year 2017 that you want year 2018?
Honestly, no... I’m extremely happy with year 2017. It gave me challenges, experiences, love and happiness.

What dates will you always remember from 2017?
Two dates I’ll always remember is:
1st of September
The day I met my boyfriend, Abdel, for the first time. The man that changed my life and came in and showed me what real love is. He makes me the happiest girl on this planet & I’m so lucky that he loves me - exactly for who I am.

I love you.

Thank you for being crazy together with me!
Thank you for being the man you are!
Thank you for everything.
I’ll see you soon again. Miss you!

The second date I’ll always remember is:
14th of September
When my best friend passed away.
You are always with me, Bilbo. I’ll never forget you!
Thank you for being there for me when I grew up, my angel.

One time you cried:
When Bilbo passed away & when I had to say good bye to Abdel before I left Turkey.
I’m not good with goodbyes... No kinds.

What's your biggest career success?
Definitely saying YES to the offer of being Team Leader.
I’m really proud of myself that I’m still doing the job & I’m so proud to work for Thomas Cook Northen Europe. Thank you for believing in me!

And your biggest personal success?
My career success has been very important for me, personally.
I know who I am!
I know that I’m good at my job!
I know I’m good enough for being me!
I believe in myself!

That’s also why I decided to do the presentation “The U-turn” at Burgårdens gymnasium, because I believed that I could make a difference for someone else.

Best reading experience?
Have been really bad with the reading part this year. But the book “Omringad av idioter” have helped me a lot...

Best tv-serie?
Hmm... I love series, I really do - but I have not really been good at watching tv at all this year. But a few series I’ve watched is:
- Thirteen Reasons Why
- Suits
- Orange is the new Black
- Wahlgrens Värld

Best movie?
One I remember I really liked was: Southpaw

What songs will always remind you of 2017?
This is easy.
The first one that will not just remind me of 2017, but also of Abdel is:
Like Me Better - Lauv

Other songs:
Belong - EDX
Unpredictable - Olly Murs & Louisa Johnson
New Rules - Dua Lipa (Queen B, you know!)
Morocco - Twin n Twice
Rygg mot rygg - Molly Sandén
Hum with Me - John De Sohn
Most Girls - Hailee Steinfeld

I love to dance, so alone time in a studio with good music is all I need.

Have you been more happy/sad this year compare with last year?
Every year that passes just gets better and better.

What did you do on your birthday 2017?
Hahaha! I went home to Sweden to surprise my parents. It was a real hit, believe me!
Just payback from last years surprise, when they came to me on Rhodes.
So I woke up in Stockholm and travelled down to Gothenburg with train. Went to the gym, put on a lion mascot and when time was right - I took of the head and my parents kind of died for a second.

Biggest wish right now?
To get my position for S18 and to be with my boyfriend ❤️

What made you happy?
I’m writing a lot about my boyfriend here, but he is the one that makes me the happiest. So meeting him was the high point of my year!

When Gabriel & Glenn came to visit me in Turkey.
Also my parents & Emilia.

Another thing that made me really happy this year was that I really love my job & working together with Ida, Muammer and my team in Turkey has the biggest influence on that.
Now I’m in Thailand, which was the dream, together with a strong team that knows what it takes for the job & the products.

I’m living my dream

Who did you miss?
In this life, when you live abroad you obviously miss your friends back home.
So mostly: #arenasekten
among my parents & my aunt.

I missed being home when my best friend passed away. I really wished I could have been there and hold him one last time. I’m sad I missed out on that!

What are you most proud of?
Last question that will come to the conclusion that what I’m most proud of is myself.

I’m proud of myself because:
I took this job, that I absolutely love.
I believed in myself when times were hard.
I made this journey to grow.
I dared to listen to my heart and fell in love ❤️
I know what I’m capable of now and nothing can stop me from ever doubting myself again.

Thank you to everyone that has been a part of my year!
For believing in me & for having faith in me.
I hope that one day I can give something back to all of you that has supported me!

I’m ready for whatever you might bring!

Lots of love,

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This photo is taken from my very first time on stage as a group training instructor.
Right here, I just turned 19 years old and my first concept ever teaching was Bodypump™️.
The class that captured my heart!

Group training have honestly saved my life, especially after I quit playing football.
Here I felt “a part of something” which was really important for me after I quit being a part of a team.
I got appreciated for being me and I finally found that “lost piece” in me that I lost after my football career. I found something that saved me.

To be a part of someone’s fitness journey & help people, small or big, to make a change for themselves. Pushing a person over the comfort zone & to see the determination in the persons eyes, that’s just magic!
Since being a team player all my life,
I found my team in group training and my arena.

- Nordic Wellness Arena, 10th of June 2015

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Wow, what a day!
8 hours in a bus.
Together with the team.
Around Phuket.
Guided by our manager.
A lot of information.

I woke up this morning and I felt really bad.
I have a very sore throat and probably fever as well, but since the entire team was going on this guided excursion - I really wanted to join to.
It was a tough day for me, but I’m happy I joined and got to see all the beautiful places around the island.

I mean, just look at the pictures.

Thank you my amazing team & Khun Johan for the day!

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Now I’ve been in Thailand for about 5 weeks.
Every day I learn something new.
New knowledge.
More secure with the job & position.
Feeling better work wise.

As I wrote in an earlier post.
I have already applied for S18 & I keep my fingers crossed for that

My body does not feel as good as the work.
I’m feeling exhausted.
I think it’s a combination with lack of sleep, new expressions & a lot of fitness.
The smart side of my brain says “REST”.
The “not so smart” side have a bigger desire.
But right now I feel that it’s bringing me down physically rather than giving me results.
Both my shin splints and my knee has been quite bad the last couple of days.
I think I’ll need to take that as a receive that my “smart side of the brain” wins even though it’s killing me.
I’m not good at listening to what my body needs and I have never been - but now I feel that it will be a bigger problem if I ignore it.

Day by day - things gets better and better.

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Just as the title says.
I am me - not my presentations

What I mean about that is that it’s so important that people around you don’t define you for your presentations.
Your presentations will show a part of your quality for that certain time/presentation -
but it doesn’t define

It’s amazing that people in our world have different qualities & passions.
It’s what brings differences together.
But in all this - don’t forget WHO you are.
That’s a big difference!

I remember sitting in school together with my parents and my mentor.
Sitting and talking about
strength and weaknesses.

The question was always as hard.
“Olivia, what are your strengths?”
I remember saying the same things meeting after meeting.
“Empathy, happy & ambitious”

The other question was easier.
“Olivia, what are your weaknesses?”
I could talk for minutes.

What I’m trying to say is that even though I knew that I had empathy, I was happy and I was ambitious - I was never satisfied.

I defined myself as a football player.
“Hi, I’m Olivia and I’m playing football”
I remember sitting in school on this meetings, but never felt I was good enough. My head was so focused on becoming the best, in everything I did.
That’s also why one of the hardest thing I’ve ever done was to quit playing football.
I felt I lost a part of myself.

Who am I without the sport?

Today, I know.
I’m not “Olivia the football player” or “Olivia the instructor”.
For some people I might be this, but that’s not really what matters.
It’s how you see yourself behind all that.
I’m Olivia and that’s it.

We all want success in one way or another.
We all want to hear that we are good enough.
For what cost?

Along the way it’s important not to lose yourself.
You need to know who you are beside your presentations.
Your presentations will stand by you for a certain amount of time in your life - but you have yourself forever.
Who do you want to be?

Don’t forget the once that loves you.
They love you for who you are - not for what you do.
What’s most important?

My personality will bring me to success.

I want to inspire people around me, with my passion & my drive to success.

I want to be remembered for
who I am.
I want my loved once to be proud of me for
who I am.
I want to be defined for
who I am.

I am me - I am not my presentations.

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The last couple of days we’ve had visit from the product managers for Fitness & MiniLand.

I have really felt that I needed them to come.
It’s always good with some extra support and someone that can lead you in the right direction.
Feels a lot better after talking to them!
I know what I need to do.
I know what I need to work with.

Got really good comments about my work and how I deliver. So when things gets hard, I’ll reflect back to this last days.

Proud to work for Thomas Cook Northen Europe!

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Saturday means day off and we decided to go on one of Thomas Cooks excursions to Phi Phi Islands.

I’ll let the pictures speaks for themselves:

No words needed

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After a long day with a lot of thoughts & work,
I called Abdel and he completely turned my day up side down.

He make me laugh.
He make me happy.
He make me better.

From teaching me French to talk about everything between space & earth.
That's quality!

I'm so
greatful, lucky & blessed
to have him

I love everything about you, babe.
Thank you for making me happy, everyday

By the way, I just sent in my application for Summer 2018...
Where do you think I applied to go?


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I haven't realized where I am, what I'm doing or how I feel. I'm just here.

A little bit more than two weeks has gone by here in Thailand. It feels like more, in one way. But on the other hand, it feels like a few days. That's the thing about guidelife, it takes a while to get used to new places every 5-7 months. The location. The routines. The people. Everything is new!

For a person, like myself, that loves having things under control is the start of a new season is not something I enjoy... I like when things are running! When High Season is on full speed and you know the answers to everything regarding the hotel. You know the people around you, the team and the area - that's when I can relax and enjoy what's around me.

Sooner or later, that feeling will come to me!
I know it, because this happens every time.

Yesterday we got our lists for Summer 2018.
Isn't it weird to make a decision about what's going to happen 5 months from now?
I just came to Thailand.

Luckily, I already know what I want ❤️
So, fingers crossed!

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Isn't it weird how time can go so fast when you're away from home? But the same day you put your foot back home it's back to normal. Slow.

When I was in Turkey it was scary how fast the time passed, especially in the end of the season. It can be because of different reasons, but mostly because I was genuinely happy. And I fell in love. Was happy with my job and so on. It's just scary what an impact time has on you and how you feel.

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