Well hello again. This is the last Melbourne post because im home now and it wont be that long.. Im going to write a bit about how the last days were spent and how the trip home went.

The last 2 days were spent shopping hehe, The whole trip ive been looking for the actual UGG store because in Australia there aren't any "real" and "fake" UGGs. So we were spending days trying to find the store and we finally found it at Chadstone. And I finally could get my UGGs. We then got to know that the States has bought UGGs Australia so its not actually Australian anymore which sucks. We pretty much spent the day shopping at Chadstone and ate REAAALLY good sushi at the food court! I love them because they don't cut the rolls up they just serve them like without cutting it up and I really like that. We finished the day with having a big family dinner with my grandma cooking her special curry and all kids having ice cons in the end. And it was really sad because it was the last day with my family before leaving and it was all really sad. So we all hugged lots and they left and we went strait to bed because we had a big day in front of us.

The day after we said goodbye to our grandma and grandpa and were headed to the airport. we were going to fly 26 hours again and its horrible. But the flight home was good we had good food and we stopped at Thai Airport and I hate that airport because its so big and confusing. but cit was all fine. We took our last plane and we were finally home.

Its now about 2 days after coming home and we are all super jet lagged. Its really hard to concentrate in school because we are so tired and we just fall asleep when we come home. So this Post isn't that long nothing really happened, but I hope you guys liked these latest posts about Melbourne. byeeee.

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Hey Guys!

I've been here for about 2 and a half weeks now and its all been awesome. On new years eve we went to Coronet Bay where we celebrated with some friends and family in a beach house. In Australia its very dry this time of year so we are not allowed our own fireworks and bonfires, so we all go down to the beach to see the Firework show where there is a small carnival where all the locals meet. There are firetrucks and police there in case of an emergency, that makes it feel safer because its so dry. We have as a tradition to eat pizza by the beach every New Years that we are in Australia. I love new years because everyone is happy and singing together, we have lots of snacks and drinks and we are all together, who doesn't love that? The night ended up being really late and my sister and I went to bed before the party ended.

Right outside our beach house you can see kangaroos jumping around and it looks so peaceful, they are so cool if you think about it. Like thay jump around and can jump over 15 feet in one jump. Thats pretty crazy, but its so cool. I just wanted to add that into hear because its so cool

Some days after New Years we actually went camping with family at a camping ground in our camper van. It was really cozy and we were camping for about 3 days. The worst thing was there are sooo many bugs in the bush and we got a lot of bites by insects which is not nice. I even got bit by a bull ant, My foot swell up really big and I needed to take antibiotics. But I was fine. We played lots of games with my cousins and we even brought the Swedish game "kubb". The loved it and my sister and I were a bit naughty and tricked them that all swedes say "jag gillar varmkorv" before they throw the stick to get good luck and they actually say it every time now, and my sister and I always laugh at them.

Now Im skipping some days because we pretty much did the same thing every day. So when we came back to our house there was a storm and all the streets were flooding so we needed to help our grandparents to fix the drains and take away all the water from the house, Nothing got destroyed thankfully.

Some days after that (skipping a lot of days) was Australia Day 26 of jan. Australia day is ALWAYS super fun! we are always with family and friends and everyone is happy. We all were at the beach at Mordialloc beach which is right outside our house. As I said in my post i posted some days ago I said that there is a lot of talk about Australia day because of the aborigines that don't think its right. Because "Australia day" is supposed to be the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the First Fleet of British Ships and the raising of the flag of Britain at Sydney Core. But the aborigines and some others don't like it because they were still there from the beginning. Oh well I couldn't feel any of that drama while celebrating this day. :)

Its starting to come to the end of this trip.. Im flying home in 3 days, hate this I really love it here and we only fly here about every 3rd year because its so expensive!. Im going to end this post here because my mom is yelling at me to do my HW and that is of course important... seeyaa



G'day mates! I have now been in Melbourne with my family for about 10 days, as you guys might know my dad is from Australia so we come here to visit family. And this trip is special too because we celebrated my dads and his 2 friends 50th Birthday with lots of family and friends. I wont be posting A lot of posts when Im here because I want to spend time with My family but Il give you guys an update Every week at least, And I promise! So Il give you guys an update right now about what ive been doing so far.

The trip was awful! It took 26 hours and we had stops on the way, but when we finally landed in Melbourne my aunt picked us up and brought us to our grandparents. We were so jet lagged and that was horrible. The first few days we catched up with family and friends and hanged at the beach. We came there on the 22 of December so we have time to get through the jet lag for Christmas. We celebrated Christmas at my grandparents house on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we celebrated at our cousins house. It was really fun catching up with friends and family, we haven't met them in 3 years!

Other days between Christmas and my dads birthday we pretty much did the same thing, we went shopping at malls (chadstone, DFO and south land) and hanged out at the beach. We had A LOT of fish and chips at the beach and icy poles. And that was pretty much all those days before my dads birthday party.

The party was yesterday so we are all really tired. The party was at a little golf club about 2 hours from our house and we had over 100 guests. It was a really fun experience to go to a big party like it was I've never been to one before so this was fun. We had performances and lots of fun stuff between that. My cousins and I went out in the end to play with the helium balloons and we could just see all the friends and family going home and they might of drank too much but what does that that matter really its a party haha. And free the that we went to our hotel.

This is pretty much all I've been doing so far, I've been loving it and I'm going to miss it so much when I leave. I love how everyone is so friendly and happy pretty much all the time. Ofcouse there are bad parts of Melbourne but we are pretty much only in the good parts.

I will be posting more posts about my trip in a week, and this week Il be doing some more fun things for example New Year's Eve, then we are going camping and lots more! Oh yeah we are going to celebrate Australia Day here too! the 26 of Jan.Ive heard that the aborigines don't like Australia day because that's not actually when Australia was found 1788, the aborigines were there all the time. But Im hoping it will be fine and really fun anyways.

Hope you guys are fine and like these posts! Have a nice one!! Seeya