Graduation, holiday, work, day off, work, work, sleep, eat, work, eat, work, friends, work....

That probably sums up my summer 2017.

My summer started off with my graduation from high school. It was amazing, so fun, everyone was so happy and I got to celebrate it with my lovely classmates and dearest friends and family. Couldn't get any better.

My summer continued with a holiday to Mallorca with my sister. I've never felt more relaxed than I did after that vacation.

And then work... Besides graduation, Mallorca, friends and small trips in between I've worked constantly for 2,5 month. It's mind blowing going from a pretty soft school schedule to a work schedule including 11 hours shifts 5 days/week.

But here I am working my last shifts this week before heading to London! I have a lot of mixed feelings, nervous since I need to start all over regarding friends... nervous since I'm leaving my whole life behind... but mostly excited since I, in 2 weeks, will live in london enjoying myself!


Graduation 👨🎓

Can Picafort, Mallorca

Crepes in Mallorca

Skeppsviken, a "beach" in my hometown Uddevalla

My boyfriend and I did a short weekend trip to Gdansk, Poland

Breakfast with my best friend Klara

Taking a swim in Hållö

​At a festival in Trollhättan with my closest friends 



Hi everyone!

I will countinue this blog writing in English, partly to learn the language, but also to get the British au pair feeling more touchable.

I started my au pair journey in April, filling papers, taking medical tests and so on. Afterwards the family research started and I got several families to contact and speak to. I got to admit that I was very selective and at the end I only spoke with two families. But to be honest it was enough with two since the family I got was more than perfect.

STS and Smart au pairs, the agencies that helped me were very helpful and are one of the reasons my au pair process went so well and easily.

Finally to sum up this post I will copy and paste my thoughts from the day my au pair family and I agreed on me being their au pair.


18 June 2017

Today I got my au pair family!

Finally I've decided on a family and they are more than a perfect match for me. I will take care of two boys, 2,5 and 5 years old. The family is located 20 minutes from London centre in a suburb called Twickenham, which will also be my home for the coming year.

This is definitely a great beginning of my au pair chapter in Britain.





Hej allihopa! Tror inte det är så mycket "allihopa" just nu då bloggen är heeelt ny men men....hur som helst så heter jag Olivia Luzzana. Jag är en helt "vanlig" tjej som bott i lilla lilla Uddevalla hela mitt liv. Tog studenten nu i Juni (2017) och strax bär det av till mitt nya kapitel i livet.

Jag vet inte riktigt hur kortfattat jag kan hålla mig men anledningen till att jag startade denna blogg är för att jag den 31 Augusti flyttar till Twickenham, en liten förort i London, Storbritannien där jag ska vara au pair till två pojkar, 2,5 och 5 år. Tänker att jag förklarar lite mer kring själva au pair året i ett senare inlägg.

Bloggen kommer för det mesta handla om min tid i London som au pair. Jag ska försöka hålla mina inlägg så intressanta och läsbara som möjligt, men ha tålamod...

Bra början på en blogg, eller hur?