I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me-Philippians 4:13. It was just six years ago when my life changed forever. My parents became divorced, my sister and I had to stop our extracurricular activities, and we moved out the house I "grew up" in.
Divorce is not as pretty as a field full of sunflowers with a sunset in the background. It was two weeks before my fourth grade year when my dad sat us all down and said, "I don't want a family anymore." I didn't understand what this meant. I was a huge daddy's girl; he was my best friend. We did everything little thing together; from yard work, to taekwondo, to going to work with him. Through the first two years of the divorce I always asked my momma, "What did I do to make daddy leave us?" Her answer was always, "Olivia, non of this is your fault." Christmas Eve of 2011 was the last time I saw my dad.
After my dad completely stopped seeing and speaking to us, we moved out of the home I "grew up" in, my sister and I got put in public schools, and momma was working her butt off trying to live the "upper class" lifestyle. Finally in the spring of 2012 my mom realized that she could no longer work long nights in the gymnastic gym and do privates on the weekends. My sister and I never saw our mom. We never had family time unless it was a holiday. My sister became horrible. She wasn't ride the bus home from school like she was suppose to leaving me locked out of our home. When mom realized the struggles we were facing we moved to a small town hoping it would save my sister from a path of disaster.
We have now been living in this small town for four years. A lot has happened in these four years. You may ask yourself "Has her sister gotten any better?" The answer is "no, she got worse." It all went from, not coming home on the bus, to sneaking out at night, running away, to me calling the cops on her because of her actions towards my mom, and then she finally left home.
These past four years have been awful. I lost my best friend(my sister) to another family. She doesn't count us as her family anymore. She's been out of the house for eight months now. In those eight months of my life though have been amazing! Sometimes you just have to let the toxic go.
In the last eight months I have been able to build my relationship with my mom; I never knew how close we actually are. I'm a sophomore in high school taking all honors and AP classes but yet I'm going to able to graduate next year as a Junior and start my adult life early!
🤗 I plan to go to Ole Miss in the fall of 2018. My mom is my biggest supporter.