Shenandoah National park, located in Virginia, USA, is a peaceful place with the most beautiful surroundings. With the wildlife so close, the views over the mountains so neat and the quiet atmosphere it is a great experience to drive through the national park for a day. Watch the mountains disappear in the horizon, be lucky to spot a black bear playing on the side of the road and let your stress go away for a moment.

I have been visiting the park a couple of times and I would suggest for anyone around Washington DC and Virginia to do the same. I am a huge fan of the nature and this is the perfect day trip during any season of the year!

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It was 1st of June 2015 and I checked in some overweighted luggage, printed my boarding cards and jumped into a plane that would take me over the Atlantic ocean, to a destination yet unexplored by me - Washington DC. After taking my very first step at the ground of the Untied states capital I stayed for 18 months. 18 months of memories that will never fade and 18 months of building a life and a home away from home. 18 months is not enough to call myself an expert, but it’s enough to know that Washington DC is one of my favourite places on earth and I wish to share my favourite spots of this beautiful destination that I have fallen so deeply in love with.

When planning a vacation to the USA, Washington DC might not be the very first destination that comes up to mind - but in my opinion it should definitely be considered as at the very least a pit-stop on your journey. The big city on the east coast have so many historic monuments, beautiful nature, great shopping, a calm vibe during the day but a great nightlife after the sun sets. Let me introduce you to the nations capital from my perspective.

How to get to DC

Depending on whether you plan to make DC your only destination on your trip or just a part of a longer journey there are some different ways to travel to the city.

- If you plan to fly, there are two big airports close to the city center. The closest one is Ronald Reagan Washington National airport (DCA) and it would be the most convenient one for anyone visiting DC for the first time. From DCA you can reach the city center very easily by metro, which departs from the airport and will take you straight to the heart of DC.

- Washington Dulles international airport (IAD) is a big airport about 26 miles west of downtown DC. From my experience it’s cheaper to travel to IAD than to DCA. There is no metro departing from IAD yet (though it is under construction and expected to be completed in 2018) but transporting yourself to downtown is not a hard mission to complete. There are plenty of taxis driving into the city and you can take it all the way or to Wiehle-Reston East metro station (about 9 miles away) and take the silver line to DC.

- Traveling from New York? DC is easy to travel to and from New York. Take the bus or the train. Buses are cheap and will get you to downtown DC in about 4 hours. Boltbus and Megabus are the most convenient bus companies to travel with (there are cheaper ones but from my experience there are often delays, cancelations or other problems travelling with these).


Washington DC is the city for sightseeing. Here you can spend days visiting museums, walking around the monuments or visit some of the Untied states most famous landmarks. Most of the best sightseeing spots in DC is easy to access by public transportation and is close to the very city center.

- The monuments in DC is a must when visiting. I have no idea how many times I have visited them and I cannot get enough. While living in the city I always took visitors on a little walk through the most important ones and it is a great day-activity!

- I used to start with the White house and then continue to the National mall - Washington monument, National world war two memorial, Lincoln memorial, Vietnam Veterans memorial, Korean War Veterans memorial to continue around the Tidal Basin visting Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, Franklin Delano Roosvelt memorial and Thomas Jefferson memorial on the way. This is a great walking tour - it’s easy to find the memorials, it’s beautiful nature and it will take you at least three hours (depending on how long you want to stop at every memorial). Tired of walking? Rent a city-bike that is located around the city and you can bike from memorial to memorial! Here is a map over the memorials to get a better idea of where they are located:

- United states capitol is another must when visiting the city. The capitol is located a little bit further away from the rest of the monuments but is easy to reach by metro. The capitol is the home of the United states Congress and the seat of the legislative branch of the U.S federal congress. The capitol has it’s own visitor center but is also very beautiful to watch from the outside. For more information:

- Smithsonian institute is the world’s largest museum and research complex. Around DC you will find Smithsonian museums and most of them are free for visitors! Wether you like art, history, zoo’s or galleries there are museums for everyone in DC! My favourites are the Air and Space museum in Washington DC (there are another one located close to the Dulles international airport), American Indian museum, Natural history museum and American art museum. For more museums and information visit the website:

- United states Holocaust museum is another museum worth a visit, that’s not a part of the Smithsonian institute. The admission is free but the museum suggests that you book tickets in advance. The museum can often, especially during spring and summertime, be crowded and to make sure you will be able to visit the museum it’s a great thing to do. Book your tickets here:

- Madame Tussauds wax museum is the place for anyone who wants to take a selfie with the Untied states president, sing a duet with Michael Jackson or look like you have been golfing with Tiger Woods - all in Wax-dolls! Admire the creative arts and learn more about how to build with wax. For tickets:

- Arlington National Cemetery is a United states military cemetery and is one of my personal favourite sightseeing spots in DC. It’s a beautiful but yet so respect rewarding place. Make sure to visit the Tomb of the Unknown solider and watch the changing of guards, John F Kennedy Gravesite and the memorial Amphitheater. Just remember to walk into the cemetery with respect and follow the instructions - it is a place for peace and honor. Plan a visit by visiting the website:

Food & restaurants

Something I enjoy while traveling is exploring the food culture. Trying new kinds of food, visit local restaurants and cafés. I love American food in general and enjoy the typical big chains very much as well - but those are easy to find. The suggestions I will give you are favourites of mine, small hidden places that might not come up as the first selection when googling restaurants in Washington DC.

- Baked&Wired is my very favourite spot in DC. It’s a bakery located at Thomas Jefferson Street in beautiful Georgetown. The lines are usually very long but it’s worth every minute of waiting - because they serve the best cupcakes and coffee in the city! They have a huge selection of cupcakes, something for everyone, and I have never been disappointed!

- Nicks Riverside grill serve delicious food but the very reason to why it belongs to lists of must-eat-restaurants is definitely the location. The restaurant is built right by the waterfront in Georgetown with a great view over the Potomac River. Great food with a view never gets old!

- Kafe Leopold is another restaurant in the heart of Georgetown. With a great menu, European fare and a cozy vibe it’s worth a visit.

- Lost Rhino brewing company is a restaurant combined with it’s own brewery in Ashburn, VA. On the weekends they have live music, endless of beer selections and their non-alcoholic root-beer is a must to try! Bring all of your friends, enjoy some good music and great food.

- While out in Virginia, t’kola Latin Kitchen & Bar is a great choice for any Mexican cuisine lover like myself! Their menu is filled to the edges with amazing choices and never have I ever tried any better Mexican food ever since!

Day-trips from DC

If you stay in the city for a longer visit, have seen all of the monuments, museums and want to take a little road trip there are some great destinations for just that! There are plenty of big cities around DC and you can easily travel to them for a day or a whole weekend.

- Annapolis is my personal favourite road trip destination from DC and I have been there a couple of times. Annapolis is a small historic district but with yet so much character. With a cozy vibe, cute shops and the waterfront you can easily spend the day just walking around to admire the place. Take a little sightseeing tour by boat, visit the United states Naval Academy or enjoy some delicious seafood on one of the restaurants located by the water.

- Philadelphia is great as a day activity and is very easy to travel to by train or bus from DC. The city is know for it’s rich history. Visit the Liberty bell, Independence Hall or run up and down the Rocky steps to the Eye of the tiger-song! Philadelphia wouldn’t be my first choice as an activity but for travellers interested in history it’s a great place to visit!

- It is actually also doable to visit New York for a day from DC. It will be a busy day but yet so worth it for the ones with limited amount of time. Me and my friends used to take the bus that departs from DC at 3 a.m, spend the day in the amazing city, and then take the bus back home in the evening. You will probably be very tired on the way home and it requires a little bit of planning to make the most out of your visit - but it’s definitely doable!

- Shenandoah national park is a must to visit while spending time in DC! Rent a car for the day, drive a couple of hours outside of the city and you will find the national park with it’s beautiful nature and breathtaking views. It’s possible to go hiking and camping in the park as well, but is also perfect to just drive through for a day. Pack some picnic food, grab a map on the entrance and be ready with your camera in case you spot a black bear hanging out on the side of the road!

Neighbourhoods in Washington DC

Washington DC is divided into different neighbourhoods - and all of them have something unique to offer! Let me introduce you to my favourite parts:

- Georgetown - is my favourite part of the city! I don’t know if it’s the unique architecture, the European vibe, the beautiful waterfront or the combination of it all that makes Georgetown so special to me. Just strolling around on the streets, watching boats pass by the waterfront, do some shopping or enjoy some great meals at the unique restaurants are enough to spend a whole day there!

- Adams Morgan - is the place to be for anyone who enjoy some barhopping during nighttime. 18th street is filled with fun bars, crowded during the night and you will hear the music buzzing as you get closer to the neighbourhood. The surroundings are a little bit calmer in the daylight but you can find some vintage-stores, restaurants and artisan cafés to visit.

- Capitol Hill - is the largest historic residential neighbourhood in Washington DC. Except from the capitol you can also find some neat buildings and houses, the Supreme Court building, the Library of Congress, the Marine Barracks and the Washington Navy Yard. It’s a beautiful neighbourhood to just walk through!

- Dupont Circle - is my favourite neighbourhood to visit during the night. During the weekend the streets around the Dupont circle are crowded, the music are loud and the best clubs in DC are located there. There are endless of selections and something for any taste! Dirty bar, Decades and Mad hatter are all worth a visit. Dupont circle is also home to numerous embassies, unique shops and you can reach the National zoo by walk. The neighbourhood can keep you busy for the whole day!

Activities in DC

So what is my suggestions as activities after taking a tour around the monuments, visiting the Arlington cemetery and taking a day-tour to the Shenandoah national park? Down below I will give you my favourite activities in the city:

  • Watch a hockey, basketball, American football or baseball game! Washington DC has some famous teams playing different sports and watching a game is definitely worth the money! Personally I’m a Washington Capitals fan, and if you are interested in hockey, the Verizon centre is the perfect place to watch a NHL-game! Visit Nationals park to cheer for the Washington Nationals or spend a night watching Washington Wizards play one of their NBA games.
  • If you enjoy a great amusement park, some real speed and a whole day with your adrenaline constantly pumping you should visit Six flags, Bush gardens or my personal favourite Kings Dominion! Six flags are the closest park to reach from DC, but if you have access to a car the drive down to Kings Dominions in Doswell, VA is worth every mile.
  • Eastern Market is a perfect Saturday activity with it’s local farmers market, fresh food and community events. The market is located in the heart of Capitol Hill and is easy to find.
  • If you are like me and love shopping there are numerous places for you to go. Georgetown have some unique cute shops together with the more famous brands. The tanger outlets offer some great outlet shopping and is easy to reach from the national harbor by free shuttle buses. The waterfront in the national harbour has a wide selection of stores as well.
  • Go paddle boarding on the Potomac River or paddle boating in Tidal Basin. It’s a fun way to watch the Georgetown waterfront or watch the monuments from the water.

How to get around

One of the most important part when traveling is planning how you will get around at your destination. Will you rent a car or try the public transportation?

- For staying in the heart of DC and the closer neighbourhoods and suburbs I would highly suggest to travel by public transportation. DC is a city with heavy traffic on a daily basis and finding parking spots can be a harder mission than it seems. The metro in DC is, according to me, the best and easiest way to travel around. There are metro stations located everywhere in the city, the maps and lines are easy to understand and it’s affordable. The metro will take you from Virginia to Maryland, close to the sightseeing spots and museums. It usually doesn’t have a long waiting time between trains and it’s easy to change trains wherever in the city.

- Taking taxis can be expensive but choosing cheaper alternatives as Uber or Lyft will be both affordable and has an easy access in the city centre. Sometimes going from one street to another with Uber or Lyft can be cheaper than taking the metro and it’s a comfortable way to travel shorter distances.

- If you plan to go out of town for a couple of days or taking a day trip further than the metro lines reaches I suggest renting a car for that certain time. There is no need for a car in the city centre areas but traveling to the further destinations is a little bit trickier without car-access. Just remember to research the cheapest prices, watch out for toll-roads if you don’t plan to drive on them and make sure to have a GPS in hand.

Last but not least

  • So when is the perfect time to visit the capital? It depends on your personal preferences I would say. DC has four beautiful seasons. The Cherry blossom in the spring is a very beautiful time of the year on the east coast. The cherry blossom bring many tourist to the city which makes the streets, sightseeing spots and hotels crowded but if you can put up with other tourists it’s a beautiful time of the year for a visit. The middle of the summer is usually hot and humid and the winter is usually cold and windy. The both seasons are beautiful but for the people who like mild weather and outdoor activities it’s better to visit during the spring or fall. September and October are my favourite months in DC. The fall is truly beautiful with the colourful nature, the weather is still warm but not as humid and the holidays are fun to experience. Halloween is definitely a fun part of the American holidays and there are endless of activities in DC such as Fall festivals, pumpkin patches at the local farms, haunted houses and scary themes at the amusement parks, halloween bar crawls at Dupont circle and U-street and pumpkin spices in every eatable thing.
  • DC is a very safe city and I have never felt uncomfortable or unsafe walking around in the daytime nor nigh-time. Always remember that there are always neighbourhoods and areas that can be more or less safe during the evenings or the night. Walk with a friend or take a taxi to be sure you stay safe at all times!
  • To travel to the US from Europe is something I hight suggest to everyone - but make sure you have your paperwork done before departing! To travel into the country you need to have an accepted ESTA (Electronic System of Travel Authorisation) which you apply for on the internet. You need a valid passport and be prepared to answer questions like where you will stay during your first night, how long you will stay and if you have enough money for your stay. These are all regular questions and normal criteria to enter the country so make sure to have everything you need before taking off!

Enjoy your time in the United states capital!



My second destination and last stop of my little weekend-roadtrip went to Granada. Granada is a city surrounded by the mountains of Sierra Nevada and beautiful nature. I spent the night walking around on the streets of Granada and found a little market with homemade crafts and souvenirs.

I woke up early the next morning to attend a guided tour of the Alahambra palace. The Alahambra palace is a huge building with a very unique islamic architecture. The views, landscape and the palace itself was incredibly interesting and neat. After a long morning at the palace I went for a lunch in the downtown Granada before heading back to Marbella.

This little weekend-adventure went by a little too fast but I appreciated every minute of it. I can definitely recommend both Ronda and Granada to anyone who are spending some time in the southern parts of Spain! A weekend is enough for both destinations and the drive between the two cities are truly beautiful. Make sure to pack your camera and an extra sweater (it's definitely a little colder up by the mountains) and you will have a great experience.



It was Saturday and I packed a little weekend bag, jumped into the car and took off. I drove over the mountains for an hour and suddenly a very beautiful city appeared in the horizon - Ronda! I spent the day walking around in the city surrounded by mountains, fields and incredible views. Every person that I have met since arriving to Spain have told me that Ronda is a must on my Spanish bucket-list - and now I know why! The little city is so incredibly beautiful and I will most definitely be back some day soon.

When the sun started to set I continued my roadtrip to the next destination - which you will be able to read about in my next post!



Having the whole day free in new surroundings often leads to unexpected adventures. One afternoon I decided to walk down to the beach and take the boardwalk as far as my legs would take me. I spontaneously ended up in Old town Marbella, surrounded by beautiful old buildings, small passages and windows decorated with colourful flowers. Beautiful small shops with vintage clothes, homemade groceries and the cutest cafés. I even found the Plaza de los Naranjos (or in english the Orange square) which is filled with orange trees, beautiful restaurants and has a very cozy vibe. I dreamed of coming back, sipping on a glass of wine and catching up with a friend - and that will definitely come true!

A little walk by the beach ended up being a little Tuesday adventure and .it was already pitch black outside when I arrived back home. Tired and hungry but so incredible happy about the little things in life. 



While living in Spain I have a lot of free time. I work 24 hour shifts at my job which makes the time in between shifts longer than at a normal workplace and I have many more days off with this kind of schedule. That means that I have a lot of time to do things that I like to do, but haven't had time to focus on the last year.

One thing I love that I have time for is exploring this area. A new place is always a never ending story with new spots and places to visit and see. This week I took a little hike to Lago de las Tortugas here in Marbella. I packed my camera, snacks and my gopro and spent the day walking around in the beautiful surroundings, filled the camera with photos of birds, lakes and mountains and enjoyed the amazing weather. The only thing missing was the turtles that is supposed to live in the lake - hopefully I will see them next time around!

I am so excited for every adventure that awaits for me the next couple of months!



As I have been traveling around the world I have had many conversations with people about the want and dreams of traveling, to see and explore what's on the other side of the boarders. Most of these people have explained that money is the main thing holding back their will to see more of the world. Many people have questioned how I have been able to travel so much over the last couple of years. In this post I will share my best tips of how to afford the great adventure of traveling around the world.

My first real trip went to Thailand, and after that I took off to the USA for almost two years, visited almost 20 states and got to see most of the famous landmarks that the country has to offer. After my time in America I visited some European countries, went back to the east coast of America for a couple of weeks during the summer and now I have just started a new chapter in Spain. I feel very blessed for all of the trips I have been able to do, and I will be forever grateful for the opportunities that I've stumbled upon. Traveling is not for free, but there are some ways to make it more affordable.

Save up money

The first, and most obvious, thing to do before traveling - is saving up money. It's great to have some extra money and some savings to use in case of emergency and if something unexpected comes up.

Before traveling I have always been working very hard, lived cheap and tried to save every dollar that I can. For me it's been worth the months of constantly working - to enjoy the time traveling to the fullest. Focus on work, save up money and spend less for a couple of months and you will be able to spend your money while exploring new parts of the world.

Make a budget

When planning your trip - make sure to plan and make a budget as well. Sometimes it's hard to know how much money you will spend every day while traveling but having an budget will help you to not overspend your money and you will know how much you can spend each day or week to make your money last for the whole time you are traveling. This will also help you set a goal for how much you need to save up beforehand.

If you have a hard time to figure out how much you will spend each day on your trip - google what things cost on your destination. There are many websites out there that will tell you about how much certain things cost. How much does a normal meal on a restaurant cost? How much is normal to spend for a night at a hotel? Is there any public transportations at your destination or will you have to rent a car? Plan ahead and there is a bigger chance that your money will last for the whole trip.

Work abroad

What have made it possible for me to travel and stay for such a long time abroad is finding a job at the destination. There are plenty of different opportunities to get a job abroad. That will help you get an income while being away and you will be able to stay abroad for a longer time.

During my time in the USA I worked as an au pair. As an au pair you get a weekly stipend, accommodation and food. With your weekly stipend you can pay bills (I paid a gym membership and gas), save and use for activities in your every day life. Living as an au pair won't make you rich but you with a little bit of savings and your weekly stipend you will be able to explore a lot of the country and the culture.

There are plenty of other opportunities to earn money while traveling. In Australia you can get a work-holiday visa. That will give you the opportunity to have different jobs at different locations in the country. You won't get the most fancy of jobs but you will at least get a little bit of money to cover your expenses for living abroad for some time. - is a great way to make your adventure more affordable. With hosts everywhere around the world you will get accommodation and food for free in return for a little bit of help. Every host ask for different things in exchange. It can be everything from helping out with childcare or home duties to help build a school or volunteer at a animal rescue. You will have a great opportunity to get to know some locals, to travel around in the country on your free time and make a change in someones life. Two of the most expensive parts of traveling are a place to stay and food to eat. In this amazing exchange you will get that - and a wonderful time abroad!

Create connections

The more you travel, the more connections and relationships you will create along the way. As an au pair I met people from all around the world and made friends from different continents. Not only did I get to meet some of my best friends, I also now have the opportunity to visit them in their home countries, get some real sightseeing of the city from a local, get to know the culture from a citizen and most likely have a place to stay for free!

While living or traveling abroad you will also meet people that can get you some tips and suggestions for local places to visit, stay at or things to try that is affordable. Creating connections around the world will make your travels more affordable, you will get the most out of your adventure and it may help you get new connections for the future! Be open, start a conversation and you might meet a new friend that will help you along the way.

Affordable accommodation

It's not a secret that accommodation and a place to stay is the most expensive part of traveling. Hotel rooms can be expensive and if you plan to make a longer trip it will most likely be very expensive to stay at resorts and hotels. But there are a few things that you can do to keep your expenses lower.

Do you know anyone at your destination? Do you have a friend, a family friend or relative whos place you can stay at? As I mentioned before - connections are always good and with some luck you may get to stay for free!

Airbnb, hostels and Bed&Breakfasts - if your purpose of the trip is to go exploring, sightseeing and being active I suggest you to try to look for a cheaper accommodation. You will most likely end up just sleeping at the place and therefor there are no reason to pay a lot of money on a place you will not spend time at. Airbnb often offers cheap apartments or rooms - some short term and some long term - and it may be a good idea to look for hostels and Bed&Breakfasts.

Depending on what will be your destination - camping might be the accommodation for you! There are plenty of campsites around the world - some more exclusive and some more basic. A basic tent and some camping gear are all you need and it can be very cosy and adventurous to spend a couple of nights camping!

Rent a place - if you are going to stay at the same place for a longer time you can rent an apartment, room or a house. Longterm renting may be cheaper than to pay a daily fee.

As I have been exploring the world, used different ways to try to keep my accommodation expenses low I have learned that being safe is always priority number one! You can find safe places for a cheap price, a suggestion is to read the reviews beforehand, and maybe even contact some people who you know have stayed at the place. Think about your safety before making a reservation - you can find great accommodations in good areas for a cheap price, just make your background check!


No matter where you go in the world there will always be something you will have to spend money on - food! But as with everything else - there are ways to keep your expenses low.

Plan your meals! While traveling I always want to try new restaurants and as the matter of fact exploring different food cultures are one of my favourite parts of traveling! Buying all of your meals at restaurants can be very expensive and I suggest that you cook most of your meals at home. Breakfast and lunch is easy to make at home and shopping smart at the grocery stores will save you a lot of money.

Local markets - some destinations have local daily or weekend markets. Sometimes you can find cheap and the best quality of fresh food - and why not eat one of your meals out there? Watch out for the prices and compare with the grocery store because at some places the markets can be more expensive!

Eat local - trying local restaurants and food will make the experience much better, and it's cheaper! Small places like the little restaurant down the street, the family restaurant with the cheap decorations and just a few tables at the beach or the food stand by the road can give you the best taste of the local food culture and it's most likely the most affordable way to eat.

Last but not least

Saving up money, making a budget, working while traveling, making connections, plan your accommodation and your meals are all things you can save money on. But there are some other hacks how to make your vacation a little bit more affordable and ways to not spend as much money.

- Withdraw cash: I always think it's easier to withdraw cash when going shopping, buying groceries or going out. That way you won't overspend your daily budget and you will only buy what's most necessary.

- Compare prices: Compare everything. Groceries, accommodation prices, flight tickets, destinations. You can't spend enough time comparing prices - and it might save you a lot of money!

- Transportation: Think about how you transport yourself everywhere. Maybe taking a taxi to every place is the most comfortable thing to do - but it's expensive and you will miss out on many places you will only see by foot! Public transportation are usually a cheap way to travel and sometimes also very simple. Make your priorities - walk for the shorter distances, take the bus if it's available and save your taxi-money for when you really need it!

- Priorities: Ask yourself the question if you really need what you are about to buy, if you can buy it from home or if you can find it cheaper somewhere else?

- Activities doesn't always have to cost: Try to find activities that is for free, or cheap. There are plenty of things to do that will make the most out of your time and that won't cost a penny. Go for a hike, visit a museum, snorkel in the ocean, swim in natural lakes, explore the wildlife, spend time at the beach - only your imagination sets the limits!

Travel will always cost money - but with the right priorities, a budget, planning ahead and comparing prices you can easily make your trip affordable!



A walk down to Puerto Banús one night resulted in a camera and memory-card filled with photos. With the sun setting behind the buildings by the port, the waves and water so pretty, the last sunlight hitting the mountains and the palm trees standing tall by the beach it's hard to not love the day falling into night.

This place keep surprising me by how beautiful it is. It doesn't seem possible to stop loving the warm weather, the palm trees, the ocean so close and the place yet unseen. I cannot wait to get to know his place even further.



Getting to know a place is always such a fun time, even through the struggles and hard days that you will meet. Walking down the street, getting to the beach and walk the opposite direction than the one you know. Find new paths, see something you've never seen before and be brave.

Puerto Banús and Marbella keep surprising me with it's beautiful surroundings. Today I grabbed my camera, put on a good playlist on my phone and walked for hours along the beach. On the way I found a beautiful walking path by the beach with the most incredible view and I will be back - very soon!

My favourite thing: Going where I've never been.



With the crystal blue ocean, beautiful jungle, kilometers worth of rainforests, an incredible food culture and the nature that leaves you speechless it's not hard to pick Thailand as one of my favourite places that I have been blessed to visit so far.

The year was 2014 and I was more than ready to leave the cold in Sweden and travel to souther latitudes. As the matter of fact Thailand was my very first trip outside the borders of Europe. I spent a couple of weeks in the beautiful environment that Thailand has to offer by canoeing through the Mangrove forest, dark caves and the jungle, went snorkling in the middle of the ocean, took a speedboat to the smallest island on the Phi Phi islands and had a cocktail served in a pineapple, pet elephants and ate Asian food from morning to night.

A little snake taking a nap on one of the branches in the Mangrove forest. I was not calm while this picture was taken.

Khao Sok National park

Thailand is a truly beautiful country with endless of activities and a completely different climate and culture than what I am used to. I cannot wait for the next time I get to travel and explore more of this incredible place!

Travel tips for visiting Thailand:

  • * Don't spend your time in just one place - travel around the country and you will have the most amazing experience!
  • * Eat your meals at the local restaurants - they might seem small and might not look like the restaurants you are used to, but they serve the very best asian food, as it's their mother cuisine, and it is much cheaper!
  • * Respect the animal - the wild animals in Thailand might seem friendly and used to the tourism but be careful and respect their privacy!
  • Book your activities after arriving - it will save you money but you will also have many more choices and you will get more offers from the locals