This place is amazing!! A friendly righthander that you can surf for 500 meters on a good day, I think I made it about 350 witch is incredible for someone used to surf a beach break.

Works in all tides but gets quite shallow in low tide. We only met really riendly locals that didn't mind help us to figure out where to go in and they didn't mind sharing their point with two happy swedes. Breaks over rocks and sand and works best in easterly or southeasterly swell.

We saw heaps of dolphins here every day and I bet the point is a great spot for whale watching (if you have the patience for it) I wouldn't know....

If you are insane and get tired of surfing these perfect waves you can always play some golf here too. The place has a nice course just near the surf spot with a breathtaking view over the ocean.

You can either stay in the paid campground just by the surf point or you can take your chances and stay just south of the point. We did and that meant that we got to sleep all alone on the beach with an insanely beautiful sunrise all for our selves, and not to mention the starry sky that you can only spot when there are no lights nearby. Use your gps and you will find the first road leading to the beach that is located just south of Crescent Head, but camping is prohibited so you are risking a fine I guess.

This is a must visit for any surfer traveling along the coast, or can even do good for a weekend for anyone living in Sydney with only a five hour drive.

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I'm on the road again and to be honest I am having to much fun to take the time to sit down and write about it. Therefore I am summing it down: I have surfed unforgettable places, shared lineup with some of the best longboarders I have ever seen AND with dolphins, turtles, mantarays and colorful fishes. I have been swimming in the clearest water that I have ever seen, and surfed the longest waves I probably ever will in my life. All on all this roadtrip has been over all expectations, and it is not near over!!!

Me and a dolphin

Me in a rainforest

Me trying to take a selfie

Thank you for stopping by ๐Ÿ’•



I talked to and old friend from my past today and realized how happy I am for the fact that I woke up from it all and changed. The phone call was filled with talk of how successful that person has become and how good everything is and I felt sad for the fact that I too, not long ago at all, also measured happiness in success. I too only felt as good as the amount of money I made on my last house flip and I too had to spend all that money on weekend getaways and on a expensive lifestyle to proof to everyone that I truly was as amazing as I wanted to be.. The fact that I really wasn't happy inside that surface didn't matter as long as the surface was well polished and shining with success.

That hunt for people's admiration and acceptance is draining and I am so grateful that I woke up from it all and made changes to the way I live, act and feel about myself.

I also do want to clarify that this in no way is meant to be taken personally, this person is great but the point is that it made me open my eyes to my own old ways of life. And this also doesn't mean that I will stop, I probably would fall right back if I wouldn't write this down right here, this way I can at least always go back and remind myself of how free I felt the day I realized that I didn't always have to take part in that hunt for success.

I wish you all a good morning and hope you all will wake up too ๐Ÿ’•

Me after buying a new apartment a couple of years back. One of the safest way to let people know that you are doing well for yourself.



As I write this my easter road trip is about to end in a couple of hours. My neck is a little stiff from sleeping in the car, my clothes smell a little smoky from all the bonfires we have made and the boards are attached to the rooftop without any new dings (!!!) even though we have mostly surfed over rocks and reefs all week. My heart is full of love and my memory is full of beautiful moments shared with people I love. I am so thankful for all the breathtaking views and all the new beaches I've got to explore and surf. Best place to stay was Bendalong point, best surf was Green Island and best easter candy was all the grilled marshmallows we had.

Here are some snaps from the week:



Easter is my favorite holiday of them all, and the fact that you can eat as much candy as you want is not the only reason for it being so. I mean, I love my candy as much as the next person (ok possibly even a little more) but the thing is that everyone else's favorite holiday - Christmas, never was that fun for me. I grew up alone with my mom and we never had any family to spend Christmas with so I never got that warm fuzzy Christmas as most of my friends had.. Christmas was bearable at best and a little boring and lonely at its worst as a kid.

Easter on the other hand, that means a week off from work and school for most swedes. And since the traditions around Easter doesn't mean strictly family only that meant a lot of more fun for a girl from a small family as my own. My love for Easter really started to bloom when my best friend started to bring me to her cabin in a Swedish ski resort every year. That meant a week full of snowboarding and best of all, getting to be a part of a loving and much bigger family for a week.

alway get so touched when I think back to all these trips, that memory can pick me up anytime and it feels weird not to have snow under my board this Easter or to have Sandra's candy to steal from when she looks away for a moment. But at the same time maybe this isn't too different because in a way I guess being around people I love and spending my time doing a board sport is kind of the same.. And eating candy of course....

At the moment I'm sitting in our rebuilt Ford Territory and reading the map (don't tell Will that I'm blogging more than actually reading the map) The car that had 7 seats just a week ago now has 2 + a bed in the back. Our surfboards are strapped to the roof and we have two amazing buddy's with us in another car. We're driving down the coast and have no idea for how long we'll be away or what we will be doing, beside from surfing of course!

I wish you all heaps of good waves or slopes to share with your loved ones this easter โค๏ธ