So i've only been posting really long and "serious" posts so far so I thought I would do something a little different. Here are my favorite TV shows.

Gossip Girl was the first TV show I fell in love with. It's absolutely amazing. The characters, the story and the amazing New York. I have rewatched this show about 3 or 4 times and have loved it each time.

Pretty Little Liars is also one of my faves. Lovely characters and the story made me addicted to it. It can even be a bit scary at times but it's so great.

I was very late with Grey's Anatomy, they were already 10 seasons in when I started. I wasn't super excited to start since I was already so far behind, but once I started I couldn't stop. I watched the first 5 seasons in just a month and finished the rest of them just in time for season 11. This is probably one of the best TV shows out there. Great actors, great characters and brilliantly written,

Yeah, what can I say? I'm not a big horror person, in fact I hate horror films. Therefor I was SO sceptical when I started. Now I am addicted to it. It's scary, but not so scary that I would get nightmares and because it's a TV show and not a movie I think it makes the stories a lot better. Also it's nice that each season is a new story so you always get an ending to the stories and don't have to wait forever with a cliffhanger like other series. I wouldnt watch this alone though ;)

So while we are on the more scarier series I just need to talk about Under the dome, based on a book written by the brilliant Stephen King. This is not a horror series but can get pretty scary anyways. Most addicting thing I have ever watched and I can't wait for season 3.

If I had to chose a show just based on characters it would be Bones. At first I thought it was pretty scary but the more I watched it, the more I king of got used to it. It's funny, interesting and maybe a bit scary at times. The best part of it are the characters though because they develop so much and have amazing chemistry.

How to get away with murder is the latest one that I started watching. It's unbelievably good and makes me excited every week when a new episode comes out.

Vampire Diaries is one that I have been watching a little on and off. At times I have gotten bored with it but it is really great and entertaining.

Better off Ted. I am not a big comedy person, but I mean It's Portia de Rossi so how could I not watch? I actually found this to be really funny. It was easy to watch but sadly they only did 2 seasons.

So once again, I don't watch comedy but I did really enjoy Arrested Development. The reason why I started watching this was again Portia de Rossi. This made me laugh so much though. 

Hope you liked this and that you found some new series to watch!

Take Care​

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Often when I say that I am a vegan, I get the feeling that people almost feel bad for me and feel like there's not a lot I can eat. I have even gotten the comment "Oh, so you're not allowed to eat this, poor you", not just once, but many times. Let me tell you one thing, there is a big difference between NOT BEING ALLOWED to eat something, and NOT WANTING to eat it. I am not vegan just to make myself suffer, I am vegan cause I don't want other animals to suffer, that's a big difference.

With that being said. Yes, there is a lot that I do not eat, but there is also sooo much that i DO eat. It's 2015, we have so many options. You want meat? There are so many amazing substitutes for that, a lot of them taste amazing. You want milk? Once again, there are so many substitutes. (Almond milk, Soymilk, Coconut milk, Rice milk, Oat milk etc), Well I haven't found great cheese (even though I have seen a lot of people that love the vegan cheeses.) or egg substitutes but when cooking food it doesn't matter. At least I found great vegan mayonnaise.

So what do I eat? I eat so much amazing food that it's unbelievable. Fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, and so much more. Pasta, I love pasta, that's vegan. Huge sallads, amazing soups, vegan burgers and so much more. Bread is vegan.

Here are just a few examples of food that I have eaten over the time I've been vegan. The first one was actually from the restaurant Freshii, it's a bowl with warm quinoa, amazing fresh vegetables, bell pepper sauce and tofu. Homemade sushi. A big bowl of pasta with an amazingly creamy bell pepper sauce. Potato, Sweetpotato and carrot fries with 3 dip sauces, vegan béarnaise sauce, tomato sauce and guacamole. The last one is once again pasta, with a creamy tomato sauce and pan-fried tofu and some basil on top. As I said these are just a few examples of food I like to make now that i'm vegan. I try to be healthy, and I would consider most of this really healthy. I definately don't miss anything.

When it comes to eating out, i could be hard sometimes, most fast food places like mcdonalds have vegetarian options. Just keep in mind that a lot of them might include egg or milk. Often you can replace the sauce with a BBQ sauce or anything else they have that is vegan. Communication is key, honestly, if you ask, most places would probably help you and make a vegan dish for you even if it's not on the menu.

Before I became a vegan, I started really loving Vanilla lattes. So I was kind of worried what I would do if I was a vegan. Most places have the option of choosing soymilk in your coffee, and that way I can still continue drinking vanilla lattes.

The first time I tasted one with soymilk I was amazed. The difference from a "normal" latte was so small that I barely noticed it.

You think you can never be vegan? I think you are wrong. I didn't think I could either but now that I am I see so many more pros than cons.

Take Care​



So a few days ago I was writing a post about my story and how I became a vegetarian and then a vegan, after I had been writing for about two hours I'm not sure what happened but I clicked somewhere and the entire post dissappeared.. I was so mad so I really didn't feel like writing it all again. I will at some point but right now I will make a different post with a different topic. Body image.

I know so many people have written about this but I find it to be such an important and big issue so im going to write my view on it.

Body image is something we are told that our Bodies should be. The body ideals. We all know them. Being skinny, being tall,big boobs, big ass, thigh gap, etc.

So, thigh gaps, we all know what it is. The space/gap thats "supposed" to be between your thighs. A lot of people think this is a stupid thing, like what purpose does the space between your legs have? I dont agree. I dont think thigh gaps should be the ultimate goal, I dont think that thigh gaps should be what decides if you are beautiful or not. But if we see it from a health perspective, when I was a healthier weight and a healthier person, my thigh gap was bigger and therefor I think that a thigh gap would be a pretty relevant goal for me. It isn't for everybody and thats what is sad about the ideals, they will never work on some people.

People say, "thigh gaps are stupid because they dont have a purpose" or guys think girls are silly for wanting them and say that they would never actually notice if a girl has it or not. Okay maybe so, but then I want to ask, what purpose do breast implants have? Many guys seem to enjoy those though.

Mostly what im trying to say is that I dont see how it could be more extreme to want thigh gaps than to pay thousands for fake boobs?

I dont believe in beauty ideals, I believe in health. As soon as you treat your body right it will be the best it can be. For me the answer was becoming a vegan. I've never felt so good about my body even though im still not where i would be considered perfect. I dont need to be perfect. Im slowly starting to lose the weight i gained when i was eating crap. No calorie restrictions. Just food. Healthy food.

An important thing to realize is that, YOU ARE NOT FAT. YOU HAVE FAT. Thats a huge difference. Saying someone is fat, is the same as saying someone is blood, or someone is skin. That wouldnt make much sense. Neither does saying someone is fat. You are not fat. Fat doesnt define you. You have fat, but its only temporary if you choose to make a change.

I always hated my legs because they weren't long.. The fact is that my height is average, yeah i'm definately not tall, but the majority of people (girls) are actually about the same lenght as me. For me to think that i'm not good enough cause I want to be like the really tall models is crazy, I can't make myself grow and I shouldn't want to. 

Take Care



Hello! So I did get a few questions for the Q&A I did so that's great. I also decided to add some frequently asked questions that i get very often on instagram. So let's get started.


*How do you maintain such a lovely feed on instagram? It's always kinda hard for me to post white photos and keep them themed.
First of all, thank you so much! I think I definately will make an entire post based on this. But anyways. It took me some time to actually get my feed to where I wanted it to be. What i've learned about white feeds is to definately not use filters, i guess some people do, but I just don't think you can achieve that "clean" look with filters. With that being said, there are many amazing feeds that are themed with other colors where filters can look amazing. Another important thing in having a white theme for me was exposure and saturation. Exposure helps getting the pictures brighter and lowering the saturation will help getting rid of yellow or blue tones in the photos.

Backgrounds. Backgrounds are everything! This was my biggest problem att first. My house doesn't really have white surfaces. If you have a white table or anything like that, that's great, use it! White sheets on the bed is often my way of doing it.

Daylight is your best friend. Never take pictures in other than daylight. (if you don't own a photo studio with great lighting). Lamps often give you a yellow/orange tone in your photos and when the sun starts going down the lighting can also turn yellow or sometimes blue. For a white feed you need those nutural tones. This is hard during the winter here in Sweden when it's only light for a couple hours a day and that's when i'm in school. I make it work during the weekends and take loads of photos at the same time.

What to take pictures of? Anything really. Anything you like! You want to take pictures of books? Do it. Nature? Do it. Whatever you enjoy. I usually think a mix of different types of photos is the most pretty. Otherwise I get bored easily.

Learning to edit is important, but don't rely on editing. I try to keep my photos looking pretty natural so I try to take photos of things that are white or have white backgrounds.

Here is a before and after of a photo. I got rid of the blue tone, and made it brighter, added some contrast. No more, no filters.

I also want to say that having a matching feed isn't all you should focus on. I'd much rather have a less matching feed but with great photos. Focus on every photo being interesting on it's own as well as looking well with other photos.

It's fine if your feed changes. The left picture shows my feed in the beginning and the right one is where it is now. It will always change, and that's fine as long as the photos are interesting and you enjoy taking them. Sorry for the answer being SO long but I hope it helped a little bit. ​

*How did you become famous on instagram?
I don't really consider myself famous, but yes I do have kind of a lot of followers. When I started getting more into matching my feed then I also started joining shoutout contests, that made me gain a little bit. Then instagram chose me as one of their suggested users and that's when my account really took off. Ever since my account has continued growing which I am so thankful for.

*What was you first experience with love?
I had my first experience with love when I was 16 years old when I met my first boyfriend who i'm still with now 2 years later. :)


*How do you edit your photos? What filter do you use? What app do you use?
​I make the contrast higher, exposure higher and saturation lower. 
I don't use any filters. 
I use photoshop CS5 on the computer and VSCOcam on the phone. I also use the free computer program called photoscape :)

​*What camera do you use?
​I mostly use my Canon EOS 500d. Sometimes I use my Iphone 5s, and a few photos are taken with a Canon G9 :)

Hope I answered all questions well. If you have more questions then leave a comment below or ask in the instagram comments. I will make sure to answer. 

Take Care



Hello! Welcome to my blog! My name is Greta, i'm 18 years old and I live in Sweden. I'm currently studying my last year in High School (gymnasium). In the future I would love to study photo journalism. I love photography and it has been a hobby of mine for many years, especially since 2010 when i got my DSLR camera. Mostly I post my photos on instagram but on this blog you will be able to see other photos that I don't post because they don't have the same white theme as my instagram.

Another big hobby of mine is music. Both listening to it and playing it. I've played flute for almost 10 years, guitar for almost 5 and I also enjoy singing a lot.

I became a vegetarian in August 2014 and now i'm a vegan. That's something I will be blogging at lot about as well since it's such a big part of my life.

So basically that's all I wanted to write in this post, but I was thinking of making a Q&A (Questions & Answers) post next so I can answer as much as possible if anyone has questions and it can also give me an idea about what you want me to blog about.

So ask your questions and I will make sure to answer them. It can be about anything. (Being a vegetarian, veganism, photography, instagram, music, or whatever you wonder)

Take Care :*