"If you want to build a society where you need everyone to contribute in it then it is simple just consider them in society first"

"The world won't get a better place until we make it a better place after all we are the ones who are living here "

" Think what your religion thought you is what other's religion thought them too, so accept people who they are if you want to be accepted who you are "

" It is not about how much you can expect from others to accept you but you have always that other door open to show them what you are capable of"

" To judge others is the worst medicine you ever can put in yourself "

" Judging others only makes your own world narrower and cut off your opportunities of building you as a better person "

" Human beings don't understand things until it is to late to catch them back "

" Only human beings can help , feel and understand each other's , if ice bear had then probably I wouldn't come here next to you"

" Everyone is unique in one or other ways and different , if you are trying find the perfect ones then you are probably wasting your time which you never can get back , what all you need is to find a person with a good heart the rest will come itself if meant to come otherwise you will be alone forever"

"You will never ever understand other person 100% and if you want to avoid being alone then you need to accept or avoid few small things in a relationship."

I wrote them today on the train on my way to Helsingborg from Malmö.

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It is more than five years now that I am living in Sweden. Before I came here , I was on a journey which took eight months to reach to Sweden. From the day I left Pakistan were I lived to the day when I reached to Sweden then I told myself lets stop running further. I wasn't sure if I was going to come to Sweden but here I am.

But those eight months of my journey still comes and goes in the shape of nightmares, in these nightmares I am going through what really did happen to me , I am running after train , trucks, walking on mountains , searching for water to drink and running away from gunshots of police on the borders but the positive sign is that waking up after the nighttimes in my bed makes me feel better that I am not on that journey anymore.

Today I woke up with one of these nightmares where I was crossing the mountain border with many other unknown people where everyone got disappeared at once and after a while the the gunshots of police started then I woke up scared and saw that I am in my bed. After each of these nightmares I can't sleep anymore.

In those eight months I have slept in jungle, park , on the beach and under the bridge and the worst part was that you didn't know how, where and when it was going to end.

And here I am today, in a new society which never looks new for me because I have adjusted myself in it properly ,today I am standing up against injustice, talking about democracy, equality, discrimination, women, children and HBTQ 🌈 rights and strongly condemn street harassment and other violence against females in our society. I am just doing my responsibilities to make this world a better place and you too start doing it, no matter what , start with a small thing and those small things are never small enough remember it .



Happiness and unhappiness are states of mind and therefore their real causes cannot be found outside the mind .
So if we have a peaceful state of mind, we will be happy regardless of people and circumstances. If our mind is unpeaceful or agitated then even if we have very good circumstances we find it impossible to be happy. One of My Teacher's words said (Gen Kelsang #nyema ) btw took this pic two weeks ago!



After every sunset in our life there is a chance of an other sunrise. Nothing is meant to lost forever and even our life ends one day, that's how life is. No matter how hard you may try but you can't change things which has come to its ending stage. But don't forgot one thing in life!
Don't forget yourself that's what matters the most .
No matter how the situation is or what you are going throw, they will have their ending too one day just stay strong and believe in yourself. Don't forget that no one in any case can be or would be able to be you, yes! You. or nobody can take your place. No at all and no chance because your are the only one who you are. So be proud of who yourself .

No matter how short you are, no matter how much wight you have got, no matter how you tin you are and no matter how you look like, people who likes you would do and people who loves you would do it anyways and IGNORE THE REST .



Today i am going to tell you a little story from my journey while I was searching for a better and peaceful place to live in somewhere there democracy , equality, justice and freedom aren't only the words in the book. I wanted to live my life on this planet freely and to feel that I have the right to live on this planet earth like other citizens of it. I was searching for a place where my own face shouldn't be my own enemy.

One day I was cooking my favorite food biryani for dinner on a roadside in Patra Greece in July 2011 and the other friends whom I met in Patra were busy with their own businesses, it was a long ago I had eaten biryani and my friends too, I could cook it so we walked to Lidl which was like 5km away to buy rice and chicken etc whatever we needed then we came back.

I was almost done the cooking when I saw the cop 's car stopped suddenly up there on the road and Some policemen came out of it then ran towards us, me and everyone around me ran away. I wasn't thinking that they may hit us or something like that but I was wrong. I ran towards the nearest forest to me, which was about 20 meters to get in it then I could clamp up on a tree etc to hide myself but on that day they had come with their full preparation and brought many forces to capture us. When I ran towards forest a policeman came out of the forest then I had to make a u turn from there, at my right side there was a very old metal fence and it was high enough for me to clamp up on it but what else could I do in that point ? I clamped up to the top of that fence like a cat.
The fence was very tine and it was shaking too , it could have thrown me on either side of it but I jumped to the other side of it but my hand scratch on the edge of that old passionate fence . I didn't notice it that my hand was bleeding I just kept running away. I was fast enough to escape from the cops at the end I found an old house which was of no use and I sat down there until it got a bit darker. They had captured some of my friends.

When the condition got normal I returned back to our place . When I reached there I saw that the cops had peed in saucepan in which I had cooked food for dinner then I went around And I found someone's shoe, jackets mobiles here and there. I was very upset, sad, broken and I cried a lot about the condition of my life at that stage and I was only 16 years old.
Some of the guys who had escaped from being captured came back and were very sad too, at that time I wasn't thinking about my hand, I just washed it but the next day when woke up it had a lots of pain and it was looking very fat too. What had happened to it was that the fence to which my hand scratched was very old one and had poisson, after that incident my hand was not getting better and it had much pain for a few months because of not having medical treatment .

These kind of incidents used to happen to me on daily basis and I was on this adventure for 8 months. So stay tuned for the next update where I will share my an other experience from my adventure.

I would like wind-up it with this quote " luck ? I don't know anything about it, I have never banked on it and I am afraid of people who do, because each days of those 8 months I tried to make myself lucky. Peace / Oktai!