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Calling from time to order such as a taxi is very much mistaken.

Please make sure to call the number after confirming the number well.

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MK Sky Gate Shuttle by Merger System (Kansai Itami Pickup)

Kyoto -> Kanku" one way one person 3,600 yen "Kyoto-> Itami Airport" one way one person 2,900 yen

"Kobe-Ashiya -> Kanku" one way one person 2,000 yen -

Direct chartered at affordable prices! Airport transfer fixed taxi

Traveling at major airports all over the country! Easy reservation by smartphone dispatch! (Excluding Tokyo MK Taiwan)

Taxi ordering (Kyoto)

15% better than others! Even in the daytime and early morning, MK taxi is the cheapest in Kyoto.

Please also try Alphard HV of six people.

075-778-4141 (Yoiyoi)

0774-53-5489 (Uji / Castle)

* We apologize for any inconvenience as we make a mistake.

Higher of ordering (Kyoto)

VIP transfer, from tourist information to English conversation escort, you can use it in every scene.

Reservation is required beforehand for hire use ※.


* We apologize for any inconvenience as we make a mistake.

Tourist taxi WEB reservation Learn more about Higher

A convenient way of riding a MK taxi

MK smart car delivery

Easy order from Sumaho App! Because you do not need to talk, you can order from the conference or from the train.

Target area: Kyoto Osaka Kobe Shiga Sapporo Nagoya Fukuoka

Automatic reception! Yobaru-kun

Ideal for a scene of "home from now to the usual place" such as home / shop! Because it is an automatic response, it also connects when call center is crowded.

Target area: Kyoto Shiga



Everthought how restaurants began? Have you realized that the evolution of thistype of business affected everyone? And how its growth transformed theindustrialization and the economic system of the world?

Backin the days, people especially those who inhabit a place were used to farmingand breeding of animals for their food. The birth of town and cities wherepeople engaged in much more specialized activity leads for many to delegate theformer home-based task of cooking food to a person or an enterprise that madegood money doing so.

Therestaurant came into existence merely to save time and also to avoid thestrenuous routine of preparing food each and every day.  Each restaurant has a unique menu list wherethey can showcase their signature dishes. Anyone could even order American,Japanese, European and Italian dishes and have it delivered at their doorstep.

Nowadays,many entrepreneurs are entering the restaurantindustry causing a variety and sheer abundance of food choices. Thelove of many for burgers and doughnut has allowed these businesses to become amulti-billion dollar industry. Even the simple beverage like coffee drove theexpansion of restaurant chains. The restaurant did not only change the economictexture of civilization but also the lifestyles of people in general. Manypeople with hectic lifestyles rarely cook at home and settle for take-out foodson working days.

Theinescapable growth of fast food chains globally brought one negative effect onpeople's health. Food prepared by these establishments contributes little or nonutritional value to consumer’s health. But with the advancement of thewellness and fitness industry, many people nowadays choose healthy food optionsthus making restaurant owners to incorporate healthy food choices into theirmenu. This shows that the restaurant industry will continue to change andaccommodate consumers demand.

BacallConniff and Associates Certified Public Accountants are exceptionally good inproviding accounting and financial service to the highly competitive restaurantindustry.



Even if the economy slows down,popular reviews claim that commercial property will still perform for you, andincreases its value and provides you a stable income when the economy isstrong. For decades, BacallDevelopment has been involved in this business as a full-servicecommercial real estate company. The firm aims to elucidate the benefits ofcommercial property in this article through the following paragraphs. If you'restill in doubt or just planning to start out in this venture, read further.

A commercial property can providestrong and reliable returns where you can gain both income and capital growth.You can get a return consistently above inflation if you take advantage of agrowing investment over time. Steady income is within your reach because thiskind of property is more secured than others. Reviews also reveal that there isa lesser risk involved in a commercialproperty investment.

A commercial property can attractthe attention of different sectors in the economy, which can provide goodbenefits to a business. Due to the dependence of retail property on consumerspending trends, it has the highest direct relationship to the economy as wellas industrial properties, while office buildings tend to operate based onlong-term supply and demand.

Furthermore, a commercial propertyprovides taxbenefits. Bacall Development found out that most commercialproperties attract handy building allowances along with depreciation allowanceson plant equipment within the building. This kind of property has also beenconsidered a good protection against inflation throughout the years.

You have a specific level ofcontrol over your investment if you're an owner of a direct property. Inparticular, you have control on different areas such as change of use for theproperty, disposal, redevelopment, renovations, the terms of the lease, thetype of tenant, and upgrading.

You can also improve its appearanceand do renovation, lease restructure, subdivision or enlargement, or upgradethat can add value to the property. Improving the property can increase itsvalue and leverage your commercial investments. You can quickly be in aposition to control a sizeable portfolio of properties by borrowing moreagainst your improved equity.

Owning a commercial property is notall about good things, there are also cons involved. Some individuals may havethe opposite experience opposed to those mentioned above. In order to have astrong capital growth and attain a great rental return, Bacall Developmentsuggests that you choose the right property meticulously wherein you must havethe knowledge of the things that makes a commercial property perfect for yourbusiness.



Salary: Competitive

Location: Singapore

Job Type: Permanent, Fulltime

Company: Citibank NA

Updated on: 31 May 16


TheSenior Investigation Manager - Singapore has the responsibility and isdirectly accountable for CSIS Investigations operations for Singapore,Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. The Senior Investigations Manager Singaporeworks with a team of country managers and investigators ensuring that thecompany interests are protected and in compliance with regional statutory,regulatory and business regulations through thorough investigations andmanagement oversight.


The Senior Investigation Manager - Singapore providesleadership, expertise, and guidance relative to the company processes andrisks, projects, issues and initiatives regarding investigations throughout theNorth ASPAC region to a diverse and geographical team of investigators. Theseresponsibilities include:

·        Ensure that allegations of fraud and misconduct, Codeof Conduct and ethics are properly investigated and managed in a professionaland consistent manner

·        Ensure an efficient and responsive investigative teamthat can operate throughout the North ASPAC region

·        Oversee and manage complex/high level investigationswithin North ASPAC

·        Ensure compliance with all Statutory and Corporatepolicies in relation to external and internal investigations

·        Assesses fraud and related risks and work with countryin-business partners, such a Risk, Compliance, Internal Audit, Human Resources,Technology and Legal to implement appropriate controls and measures to protectcompany staff, assets, business operations, and intellectual property

·        Develop and maintain working relationships withbusiness management officials in North ASPAC, such as HR, CBMs, Legal, FinConand others key stakeholders

·        Data quality review on a regular basis againstcorporate Standards and a Balanced Scorecard

·        Ensure investigations data quality in the casemanagement system, through regular analysis and review

·        Develop and maintain effective relationships with lawenforcement and intelligence agencies, Sister Banks network, and industryprofessional associations as appropriate

·        Ensure timely investigation and closing of casesthrough case aging analysis reviews

·        Attend various in-country business meetings asappropriate to review and discuss investigation issues and key metrics

·        Implement investigations related Policies, Standardsand Procedures

·        Ensures investigations staff are appropriately trainedand informed on the most recent fraud schemes, trends and related investigationtechniques and intelligence

·        Work closely with the CSIS regional Fraud Risk Managerin identifying fraud risks and trends

·        Conduct timely required performance and rating reviewswith assigned staff and enter results in the talent management system


Educationand Experience: 

·        University degree, along with a minimum of 10 yearsexperience as an investigative professional, which included managing aninvestigation team or unit involving financial related frauds/crimes

·        Experience of 10+ years in Law Enforcement, whichincluded managing an investigation team or unit involving financial relatedfrauds/crimes or 10 years in management position in financial services industrywith responsibility over investigations related activities