late night bright lights
every spin of the wheels punctuated by a bass vibrating through the leather seats and midnight beats
white stripes like an endless thread stitching the pavement up and down and up and down for miles
and we could just keep driving, you know
the air is still warm and the stars are out and this road stretches on even to the curl of the world
and we could just keep driving
I'll breathe in as you breathe out, asleep in the passenger seat
bright lights, big city, she dreams of love
staring out the window, tracing pictures in the stars with my finger and feeling the cold glass against my temple
you could take your shoes off and lay your feet on the dashboard if you want
let's pull over right here
asking questions, midnight thinking
laughter that curls and twists into the air like smoke from a candle just extinguished
and in the car, all the stars arrive on my ceiling
your hand on the steering wheel as we drive past another city
you look over at me and smile and I have to put my knuckles in my mouth
it's a minor thing with a major tag although I know I'm the one who always made you feel it
you were yes and I was no
I mindlessly put the car in gear and we double triple quadruple from zero to a hundred in just a few short conversations
the bass weaves a thread around fingers intertwined, interlocked forever
and I am absolutely terrified, slam my fist on pause but nothing happens
bright lights, big city
he lives to run

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