Last night was really horrible. Lightning flashed through the air, followed by the growling thunder, and then the pouring rain. Unfortunately, I was outside, and had no umbrella in my hand. It took pains for me to get a taxi and went home.

But, thanks to the heavy rain, the air is much more fresh today, and although it's hotter than yesterday, I feel much more comfortable sitting in the office. Seriously, I am dying for the AC!

And since it's summer time, our topic today is about skirts. There's nothing more sexier than wearing a skirt under the summer time. After all, you don't wear a bikini to work or to school. The thing really matters is that which kind of skirts you should choose. Skirts divide women into two parts, those who should wear a skirt, and those should never try.

OASAP Sweet Round Skirt $11.90

Slim figure, red skirts, long thin legs, high heel. This is always the summer fantasy of both men and women. Featuring elastic high waist band, the mini round skirt looks dynamic and sexy. Team day skirt with a sweet and simple vest, a pair of stylish high heels and a colourful shopper for a little laid-back glamour. Simple, but is the best.

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The weather today is really annoying. I am really, really hot, and I am constantly sweating, what's worse, they didn't turn on the AC in the office. Right now I feel like myself locked in a sauna house, and cannot get out. All I could think now is the lyric "This girl is on fire!!! This girl is on fire!!!"

So I have to dream something cool in my blog, otherwise I would make myself a mad woman.

OASAP Rainbow Tassel Bikini $16.51

Sun-loving colored and updated tassel fashion element, like I said before, the color black makes me look sexier, but the color blue helps me look cooler and lighter. After all, no one would expect a heavy clumsy obese belly, right? Made of Nylon/Spandex, it should be more fixed and comfortable, yet it's quite strong. This Rainbow Tassel Bikini is destined to rock the beachside and enjoy the water splashed on your face and around.



Bikini or tankini? This is the question that girls always wonder about in summer. Tankini is a little bit old-fashioned, while bikini somehow is too sexy...And most of us don't have such good waist line.

What do you think?

For me, tankini maybe more suitable. I don't have such nice firm abs for my entire life, and what's worse, I gained some weight these days because of those Korean barbecue coupons. Seriously, I didn't expect today when I was introducing you guys the bikini suits maybe a week ago.

So, my suggestion for myself is to wear a black tankini. The color black may help me look slimmer, and of course I would not choose a stereotyped tankini that my mother used to wear when she was young, so I introduce this.

OASAP Black Lacing Beaded Halter Monokini $14.00

All right, like I said before, black helps hide my weight, and a strappy plunging neckline accented by the underwired bras. Then there are lacing cutouts with shiny gold beads that brings jaw-dropping attention to a sleek, figure-sculpting one-piece suspended from strap halter ties, elastic back tie for better fit.

One more thing, it is FREE SHIPPING, and ON SALE, with coupon, you can get it only with $11.90!!



I was so saddened after hearing the latest news about Grey's Anatomy. Feeling like there is a bleeding hole inside me. Never thought my beloved screen couple would end in such a tragedy way. I have been following the TV show since their romantic one night stand, and have witnessed all the ups and downs of them. First Cristina and Now Derek. Poor Meredith has been losing all the time. I can't believe how the screen writers treat her, so fucking cruel to pull out Derek's plug by herself when two innocent kids are out there knowing NOTHING. What on Earth does the fucking TV tell us? Life is harsh, please do not watch? I REGRET FOR WATCHING THE TV SHOW AS MY HEART HURTS SO MUCH. I CURSE YOU FOREVER!!!!

In honor to the ABC, thank you for RUIN MY DAY.

OASAP Massive Doggy Sweatshirt $13.31

The sweater-shirt is made of cotton, it ought to be as soft as my heart, so you have to be very careful when washing it. As you can see, it has round line and long sleeves, comfortable enough to warm up my frozen heart.

But no matter how much we try, we have to realize, some things just can't be fixed. I just need more more tissue.



All right, the prom week is about to come. Girls are wondering around what to wear again. I mean, it's time to say goodbye, how could you possibly not to give the best impression of the boy you may love in dark, or the girl you used to hate?

Then again. We are on budget. After all, you are not wearing it again right? It is stupid to put all your money just for a party, and for those people you may not see again in your entire life.

So what to choose?

My suggestion is to find a little independent fashion brand, as they won't cost you too much, and there maybe some surprises there. Who knows a tiny hat store in Paris would grow into one of the world's most luxurious fashion brand? Maybe you're dealing with the next Channel.

And second, the dress. If you really don't know what to wear, and you're just slim enough, a classic LBD should be in your mind.

OASAP Gorgeous Peter Pan Collar Mini Dress with Mantle $15.72

OASAP Black Cut Out Mini Dress $14.48

If you're tall with a good shape, maxi would be the best. I personally love the hat, but it seems not so appropriate to wear this in the prom?

OASAP Eye-catching Strap Chiffon Maxi Dress $22.56

Or, if you think yourself small, cute, and fun, then try a mini dress. You won't regret.

OASAP Shoulder-Straps Scalloped-Detail Dress $24.82

Avoid to be over-sexy, don't wear too much makeup. You are just not mature enough. Do not let your dress suppress you.



Today is actually a very nice day, the sun shines after three days of raining, and everything is just fine. But I am feeling down out of no where. I guess every woman would experience, feeling blue out of no reason, and it is actually a very dangerous thing, for if we don't have any cause, the problem is more difficult to solve.

My friend said that was because I had very few things to do, so that I have plenty of time "hypocritical" (Love the word!!). I guess she might be right, I REALLY need to get myself something to do. Maybe I should get up early next morning and walk my dog? Nope, I don't think I can get up this early.

Right now, I am feeling to do something crazy, I am right in the mood to scare someone with very horrible Gothic shirt and maybe ripped jeans. And then I found this.

OASAP Street-chic Dog Tunic Dress $18.77

I don't really know what it is, it looks like a snake with dog's teeth is coming out and is about to bite, or it also reminds me of Voldemort? But it's amazing as a Gryffindor fan, I would like the monster pattern on this shirt, the big teeth and the black color; everything was just so ugly, so UNIQUE, so cool. I don't want to be a cute sweet honey of all time. It feels more and more like a burden, and I am at the edge of breaking down. Sometimes I need an emotional leak, I need something can just release me. (Is this the reason I am feeling blue? Writing is a good thing to help you relax.) I would definitely buy this one, and maybe tomorrow I wake up and feel bright, and lock it inside my closet, but anyway, I don't regret.




I watched Fast & Furious 7 last night. It was so emotional in the end, when Brain turned on the car and smiled, I got so emotional. His smile was just as bright as before, and his hair seems shining. Can't believe Paul has left us for over a year.

But fortunately, Brain didn't pass away, he retired, returned to the family, accompanied by his beloved wife Mia and son Jack, welcoming his new baby girl. Mia was lucky enough, she's got a strong, loyal and caring man. We have reason to believe the rest of their life will be sweet, peaceful and bright. Going into danger is brave enough, but even more brave is to have the courage to pull back.

We may not have the thrill, exciting life of Mia, but we could get a hint of why she is so lucky. Beauty was definately one of them.

Among all the images of Mia, there is one I think is epic.

This one is somehow ... wild, and sexy. The word wild has never been related to the woman. She is always a good girl, under the surveillance of FBI, convincing her brother to quit. In Furious 7 she is totally a housewife, wearing skirts and dresses. But not in this picture, in this picture she is wearing rough T-shirt, ripped denim jeans, bold belt, and is getting out from fancy car, She looks like a sexy goddess in every boy's dream, while her not-expensive-at-all wearing shows that she's not out of reach.

OASAP Chiffon Relaxed Mini Loose Fit Dress $15.90

Cropped Star And Stripe Print T-shirt $21.90

OASAP Street-chic Cutout Jeans $28.82



Today I got the gift of online competition last time. It was a package of digestive biscuit for kittens. My baby is having problem with me now. I think I need to do something for him😂

Anyway, I am going to talk about swimming suit again today. I felt great since Selena Gomez fought back to the mean media. After being teased by the critics about her "hefty" swimming suit snap, the brave girl posted a photo of herself in a different swimsuit on her Instagram account, captioned, "I love being happy with me yall #theresmoretolove,"

I love the optimism and the brave of this 22-year-old girl. For me, she was now on longer an ex-girlfriend of Justin Bibber, instead, she is a young, beautiful girl with brain. Some media just don't know what is boundary, teasing a 22-year-old girl about her maybe a little fat but completely healthy body is not fun at all. After all, not all women are models, as long as we are healthy then it's just no big deal. I don't even know what was in those media's mind, but I bet most of them are just not as slim as Selena. I'd love to quot Emma Watson's words, "There's nothing interesting about looking perfect -- you lose the point."

OASAP Swingy Ribbon Textured Bikini Swimsuit $15.36

Colored as bright as the summer sunshine, it's more bright, and yet still sexy. It made me feel like cartoon when I first saw the pic, but it's fun and cute. NO ONE would say that you are old, boring, or out-of-date (Or else we would talk to him, promise). It's made of spandex, so it would perfect fit your smoking hot body, and cleaning is super-easy.

It only costs 15.36 dollar, which covers the shipping fee. It's incredibly cheap. Moreover, there is a 2 dollar reward if you post your photo on the website. So just simply ignore those mean people, don't let the fear of being criticized to stop you from doing what you really care about. Go girl go!



As the temperature continues heating up, summer is not afar. I'm currently working out in the gym almost every night, so that I could lose at least 20 lbs. Wish I could make my dream come true

Meanwhile I am searching for a nice and sexy bikini dress, and I just love the bikini that Beyoncé wore in Hawaii with Jay Z for their 7th wedding anniversary. Can't believe she is a mama now. She successfully broke the baby rumor, and reminds up how smoking hot she has been all these years.

Maybe I should get her photo attached on my treadmill?

OK, I've just got some bikini choices and hope anybody can give me any suggestions. Any suggestion is fine.

OASAP Hot Black Sexy Strappy Bikini Swimwear $18.90

This one is fine. Black always boosts your sexy level, and is made of Nylon and Spandex blend fabric, which means it's flexible, soft, and strong. I've always had this kind of worry that some day, in some certain moment, the strings may break down... Fortunately so far it didn't happen, and I wish it would NEVER happen in my entire life.

I especially love the hollows on it. it feels like it was originally a big, baggy, old-styled underwear, and someone makes it into the sexy goddess with these hollows. I heard that guys would LOVE to tear it off... Anybody have this experience?

OASAP Black Strappy Bow Bandeau High-waisted Bikini Set $17.18

Compared to the previous one, this one it more cut, I assume? I love the butterfly knot soooooo much!! It just reminds me of my teenage fantasies... Lol. And it's strapless, maybe I could have a temporary butterfly or star tattoo just above the knot. I'm sure it would be GREAT!

So any suggestion? Which one do you like better? If no one respond me I'm going to buy both. Afterall the price they offer is amazing.



Today is a hard day, and I've just walked my dog yesterday. She got sooooo excited when she was in the dog park, so I had to stay there until they closed the park. I did wore my jacket, top, and jeans, but I was too busy throwing the ball and watching my dog, I didn't notice how much people were staring at me, lol.

And she came back home looking like this...

Never mind. Let's back to our topic.

Denim is something cool and chic, but sometimes it could be too casual. Not a single actress has worn a denim evening dress walking on the red carpet, at least no in my mind, no. But this sometimes could be an advantage, there are some occasions we just need to be cool, pretending that we don't care and we have just moved on. Right? At least I have. I've got a party invitation this Monday and my ex is going to be present. I was wondering all these day and I finally made the decision.

Let's check out my battle suit. Hope it works.

OASAP Good-Looking Scoop Pleated Denim Dress $21.46

The dress is cotton blend denim, so it's very soft and comfortable. Meanwhile, it's 29 inches, so it fits me well, and can highlight my waist. It's 33 inches in length so it covers my knees, perfectly covers my strong thighs lol. And it has FREE SHIPPING. I've already ordered it online. Let's pray it's gonna working.