Hii guys!

I went to London this Monday, so great to be back in my favourite city! The first few days I stayed with a friend before I decided to stay in a hostel. There is actually pretty fun to stay in a hostel too, I've gotten to know lots of new, nice people from all around the world and I'm having a great time. Perfect way to end the summer holiday before school starts again!

I spent the first two days walking around in Waterloo and checking out some other different places. Wednesday I went out partying with a friend from Italy that I first met when I studied here last year. Had such a great night out! :D

Yesterday I hung out with Katie, we went for sushi and a few drinks at a pub. She also suprised me with a rose, how cute is that!?

Today I went to Brighton to meet up with my friend Kat, I'll write about that in my next post, took lots of photos, Brighton is so beautiful! And it was sooo nice to finally see her again! X

- Nxtwig x



It's been 5 years since the terrible attacks in Norway.

Use this day to care about eachother, light up a candle for the angels that lost their lives, and pray for their family and friends.

Ingen får skille oss.

In memory of the angels of 22.July 2011. Norway.



Et trist blikk en sjel som gråter

et barn som roper på hjelp,

en venn som hjelper en venn.

En datter som ber,

en mor som gråter.

Tristhet, tap, en brukket sjel.

Vi tenker på alle som kjenner savn,

vi tenker på alle som kjenner tap,

vi tenker på alle som har det vondt.


Tiden er vanskelig og hard, vi skal stå sammen i det her, og kjempe for det vi er.


Jeg vet at vi skal skape fred, det er nå vi skal kjempe.

Kjempe for hvem vi er, hva vi står for.

Vi skal vise kjærlighet,

holde rundt hverandre,

tenne lys for sorgene.

Dette er landet vårt,

vårt folk,

våre venner

vår familie..

Ingen får skille oss!


Ett trist blikk

ett knust hjerte.

Ord kanke beskrive tristhet.

Ord kan ikke beskrive tap.

Tenn ett lys for den som, sitter å tenker,

på sitt barn som omkom.

Tenn ett lys for den som gråter, blomster er blitt lagt tett i tett, vi skal stå sammen som ett.


Tiden er vanskelig og hard, vi skal stå sammen i det her, og kjempe for det vi er.


Jeg vet at vi skal skape fred, det er nå vi skal kjempe.

Kjempe for hvem vi er, hva vi står for.

Vi skal vise kjærlighet,

holde rundt hverandre,

tenne lys for sorgene.

Dette er landet vårt,

vårt folk,

våre venner

vår familie..

Ingen får skille oss!


Vi skal bekjempe denne, vonde tiden.

Vi sender de våre hjerter, så de vet vi bryr oss.


Jeg vet at vi skal skape fred, det er nå vi skal kjempe.

Kjempe for hvem vi er, hva vi står for.

Vi skal vise kjærlighet,

holde rundt hverandre,

tenne lys for sorgene.

Dette er landet vårt,

vårt folk,

våre venner

vår familie..

Ingen får skille oss!




I've recently recieved some really beautiful wigs, seriously love them! Click on the wig name to see where you can get the wig.

Grey, curly wig.  <-----

Look how pretty they all are!! I can't even choose which one is my favorite because I love them all so much! 

I also have a few short wigs, and some wigs from wigisfashion that I will show you in a new post very soon! So stay tuned :) 

- Nxtwig x



Started the day with a delicious breakfast at Starbucks before taking the underground to Brick Lane Market to look at all the different street art.

My fav animal <3 I'm really gonna pet one of those one day !

How cool is this?

Lots and lots of beautiful paintings! Can't wait to go back there again.

After visiting Brick Lane Market, I went crazy on Primark, hehehehehe

- Nxtwig x



Part twooo!

I ordered a plane ticket to London yesterday, leaving the 25th of June and stays there for a few weeks. Can't wait to go back there!!


1. Got some amazing makeup products from Bronx, check out my review HERE.

2. Hotel pool in Bulgaria. Goooddd I miss itttt!

3. Beach essentials.

4. Just chillin with me cat.

1. A beautiful photo of the sun taken in my hometown Levanger.


3. A makeup I did after the extremely sad incident in Orlando. More photos of the look HERE.

4. Palm trees in Sunny Beach.

1. Picture from my holiday in Turkey last year. Definitely one of my best vacations so far!

2. My first swim in the pool in Bulgaria. Soooo cold haha!

3. The most beautiful place (in my opinion) in my city Levanger. So glad they built this bridge!

4. Taken at the same place as the bridge.

1. I got Ysl's new parfume Black opium !!! Wihuuu so happy, smells like paradise!!

2. Tower bridge :) Can't wait to go there againnnnnnn sooon yey!!

3. Watching the view :)

4. Flying to Bulgaria with norwegian.

1. New, blue wig, so in love!!

2 & 3. More photos from Sunny beach.

4. Three beautiful shades from Bronx.


1. Watched the finale of Paradise Hotel with my bestieee x

2. Is he okay ?

3. Found a minion on the beach!! (It's called a minion right??)

4. Ready for the vømmøl festival. See more photos from the festival HERE.

1. Grilling with some friends, such a beautiful day!

2. Yayyyy! Got Mary Jo K and Dead of Knight from Kyliecosmetics!! :D Review will be up soon! x

3. Made a mess when I was making THIS look.

4. My beautiful childhood friend came visiting for the summer, wihuu! x

​Hope you're all having an amazing weekend!! All the love x

- Nxtwig x




Time for a new Instagram update! :D Since I've posted more photos than normal this month, I'll have 2 parts.


1. Yuuum! Strawberry smoothie.

2. Strawberry dipped in milkchocolate from Godvia! Tasted delicious.

3. My Dr.Martens shoes, loveee! More photos HERE.

4. Party time!

Purse// Primark

Crop top// Primark

Oversized skirt// Ebay

Heels// New Look


Hat// Urban

Leather Jacket// Bik Bok

Skirt// New Look

Heels// New Look

Pantyhose// Primark

Purse// Primark

Keychain fur ball// Top shop

Wig// Wigisfashion.com

2. Cute keychains that I bought when I was in Borough Market in London.

3. Vømmøl partyy! Read more & see more photos from the festival HERE.


Before we begin, just a warning: most of the photos are from my holiday in Bulgaria (blue blue blue blue blue).

1. By the hotel pool in Bulgaria.

2. Asked for a blue drink, got blue slush. Yaaaaa

3. Just a random ship.

4. Aww the cutest! It's my cousin's cute baby.

1. Bet I've said it before but I lovelovelovelovelovelove my blue coat from Gina Tricot. LOVELOVELOVE!

2. My brother climbing up the lamppost while waiting for the taxi in Hitra.

3. One of the hotel pools.

4. Going home from Bulgaria :'(


Hat// Urban

Glitter top// Risøe

Coat// Gina Tricot


2. Went for a walk with the dog my grandfather is dogsitting. (Dogsitting is a word right?)

3. The beautiful church in Hitra.

1, 2 & 3. Photos from Bulgaria.

4. My first attempt at extreme makeup. Ended up looking like some kind of mermaid (?).

1. Using makeup products from BRONX. Check out my review HERE.

2. Hotel Majestic. The hotel we stayed at while we were in Bulgaria.

3. Mom trying jetski!

4. My bestfriend went back to her home country Holland, after studying here in Norway for 6 months. So sad to see her leave, miss her already and can't wait to see her again!

1. Travelled with a boat to Hitra.

2 & 3. Two different beaches in Bulgaria.

4. First day in Bulgaria, miss it!!

Choker// Ebay.

Crop top// Ebay.

Shorts// Cubus.

Part 2 will be up by tomorrow!! x

- Nxtwig x



Hi guys! x

Yesterday I went with my little brother and grandmother to visit her childhood home. We stayed at my grandma's littlebrother's home. I've never been to Hitra before (at least not as I can remember), so it was very interesting to see the place.

Hitra is the 7th largest Island in Norway with a bit over 4000 people living there. It takes around 3-4 hours to get there from my place. We took a train first, then a boat, bus and in the end a taxy to get there.

Look at the beautiful church!!

As I wrote in my last post, I was supposed to stay there until tomorrow morning, but since I got a summer job, I had to get home earlier to start working. Really happy I finally got something to do though!! Only thing is that I have to get up earlyy tomorrow morning :( Wish me good luck <3

- Nxtwig x




Since I do a lot of shopping from Ebay (So cheap & I really love some of the products), I've decided to start posting the orders I've recieved that I'm happy with!

Click on the NAME OF THE PRODUCT under the pictures to get to the product.

Red & Black Wig

This wig is very beautiful, it doesn't look too good in the front because of the too long bangs, but it's possible to cut them or wear a hat or beanie over. From behind it looks very beautiful! Photos of me wearing it in a blogpost HERE.

Makeup pencil organizer

Ohh I really love these! I first bought two, but needed more, so now I have 5, and I put them together in a cirkle so it looks really cool, I can post a photo of it later (doesn't have access to it atm). There is only space for 6 makeup pencils (eyeliner pencils, eyebrow pencils, lipliner pencils and so on..) in each though, so if you have a lot of makeup you should definetly order more than 1, but that's not really a problem since they are REALLY cheap.

Grey fluffy key chain

Ohhh these are so cuteeeee! And it's a loooot cheaper to buy them through ebay than in another store, recommended!! I also bought one in Brown and black.

3D Nail art

You're gonna love these if you like doing nail art. Cheaaaap!

Red Curly Wig

One of my favourite wigs! Loving it! It looks so natural and beautiful! Check out photos of me wearing the wig HERE.

Lipstick organizer

Definetly recommend this one. It's enough space for lots of lipsticks (you can also fit in other things like concealer, small makeup pencils, eyebrow cutters and more), I bought 3 of this one.

Wine Red fluffy key chain.

Another one of thesee :') This one is so pretty because it also has a pearl on the chain :')

makeup brush organizer

This one is a bit more expensive, but manageable, and definetly worth it! This one is also perfect when you've just washed your brushes and want them to dry quick!

Matte Lip Liner pencil

A great lipliner for a great price. I bought the liner in black! It's also suitable to use it as an eyeliner. 

Glitter face powder

Love these! Careful not to spill it everywhere on the floor though (been there, done that-.-). You can wear it on your lips, as eyeshadow, on your eyebrows or just anywhere on your face/body. Remember to also get a glue so it stays better, eyelash glue is possible to use! I used the glitter powder when I made THIS look.

Creamy contour kit + 10Pc brush set

So the contour kit is good, but I've read many places that it may not be good for your skin because it contains harmful chemicals. So I wouldn't recommend it for an everyday use, but more if you're only practising, and then buy a more expensive, better one when you know how to use it! :) The brushes are great! I'washed them once and they haven't lost hair or anything. Super! 

White Lipstick

This is an okay lipstick to a great price. I haven't tested it that much yet, but it seem okay, and the quality is great! 

​Hope you liked this post! 

I have a looot of more stuff that I've ordered from Ebay, so stay tuned! :) 

Right now I'm with my brother and grandmother, visiting her childhood home in Hitra. Took around 4 hours to get here from where I live, with train, boat, bus and taxi :) Sadly I have to go home tomorrow early because I FINALLY got a job! So it's not really that sad.. 

Hope you're all enjoying your week! :) x

- Nxtwig



Hi shoe lovers!

While I was in London I bought some lovely shoes from Dr. Martens that I have wanted for a really long time. Finally mineeee! In love with them.

Aren't they just the most beautiful thing you've ever seen!? 

You can buy the shoes from Dr. Martens original shopping page HERE.

You can also buy them from Zalando HERE. Where you get 30% off right now + If you subscribe to the page you'll also get 100 kr (8,9 GBP) of your next order.

- Nxtwig x




1. Detail photo.

2. Telephone boxes outside of green park. Click to see more photos from that day HERE.

3. Went shopping with Anna & Anne Marie. Bought this lovely Ramones crop top!

4. Listening to my favourite song while traveling to London.

1. Got the cutest shoes from Primark when I were in London.

2 & 3. My favourite wig (at that moment), check out my post about the wig HERE.

4. Having a cup of tea before bed in London.

1. Cute dress from H&M.

2. Post about the wig HERE.

3. Vømmølfestivalen last year! :)

4. Leather jacket from Bikbok.

- Shorts from Cubus.

- Pantyhose from Primark.

1. Paid my bestfriend a visit in her hairsaloon.

2. Celebrating that I got 17k followers on Instagram! Thank you to everyone who is following me! x

3. Were going to an 80's party.

- Crop top from H&M.

- Skirt from New Look.

4. Got beautiful red roses for my birthday.

1. Went crazy on Primark.

2. Throwback to when I was performing my song ''We're all human'' on MGP Local. You can listen to the song HERE.

3. A photo of the beautiful London Eye! :)

1. Celebrated Norway's national day the 17th of May!

2. New noserings.

3. Another photo wearing my red curly wig.

4. View to The shard & London city hall from Tower bridge.

1. An old selfie from when I lived in London. Look how happy I were, hehe!

2. Ringssssss.

3. Strawberries.

4. On my way to have the best week in London.

1. Ice cream with strawberries & cream. Yummyyyy!

2. Another photo of me performing at MGP local, just in another city.

3. Went camping with Anna & Anne Marie. Had such a great time playing games, watching movies and making food. God I miss it!!

4. Got strawberries dipped in milk chocolate from Godvia! Tasted sooo good!!


1. Enjoying a great party outside with my beautiful Nikita.

2 & 3. Photos from the camping trip. We we're playing a game called ''around Norway'', and I always lost.

4. Celebrating Norway's national day with Marielle! :) Her first time ever celebrating it since she doesn't live in Norway. What a great day!

Partying with Tora & Marielle. That was such a great day!!

Hope you enjoyed the photos, don't forget to follow me on instagram, @nxtwig! I've just changed my feed into blue instead of red, and I really miss my red feed :'( Blue is so much hardeeerrr ew. 

- Nxtwig x