It is not everyday it is more than 20 degrees in Sweden, but today it was one of those days so we decided to take the car to a beach 20 minutes from our house. We went to my favorite beach here in Sweden, inte has almost white sand and very blue water so it looks like you are abroad. Here are some pics from today.

XO Notegirl

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I arrived to my summerplace this afternoon. I am in bed right now so I am just going to write a short text about the day. 

The first thing we did when we arrived was to eat lunch that my grandmother had made (it was so good). After that we ate some strawberries and after a short rest we went to the beach were we stayed a couple of hours. In the evening, we ate dinner and played cubed.

XO Notegirl



Right now I'm in bed. I woke up about a quarter ago because the sun was shining through my window. As you know, I got a new room and I have not had time to put up blackout curtains, but I'm thinking about not doing it because it is so wonderful to wake itself.

Today my plan is to first go shopping with my mum. I need things for my new room and some things to a confirmation camp that I am going to in less than two weeks. I am kind of nervous for the camp because we are going to stay there for three weeks and we will have drama courses and I am not good at it, so it makes me nervous. But at the same time I look forward to spend time with my friends, and we are also going to sail every other day, which will be very funny! Well, for the camp I need to shop panties (I need to have 21, because we are not allowed to wash), a small mirror (we can't have our phones and the are only three mirrors for 15 girls), jeansshorts, dry shampoo, boat shoes etc. After the shopping I am going to take the tram home and continue to decorate my room a little. Around five, I and my mother will go out and run. We usually run in the forest which is about 2 km from where we live because they have good roads. I think we will try the miles today so it will be fun. We only ran 7 km before, so it will be a small challenge. I also need to pack today because tomorrow I'm going to my summer place again. It will be so nice to come back!

Okej, that is probably my plans for today. I might find something more to do, but we'll see.

XO Notegirl



I started this blog because I felt like I needed some place were I could write down my thoughts about everything, like a diary. I started writing in a diary when I was around nine years old and after that I have written a little now and then, but it isn't really my thing. It felt like I wrote everything down, but it didn't make me feel better. The thoughts was still there. So I decided to start a blog were I could write down my thoughts and share them with other people.

Just like everyone else, I have problems. I have anxiety, complexity and high demands on myself. I have always been good in school and fought hard for my grades. But with that comes also a lot of stress and anxiety. In some periods I have worked too much. It can not be normal to sit up to eleven in the evening with homeworks every night. But I am not able to stop it because I have performance anxiety. I feel so bad and gets so angry at myself if I don't get full points on a test. I feel so bad when I don't get the grade that I want. And I feel so bad if I don't do the homework one night.

Complex are somethings most people have, we just handle them in different ways. I have complex. I have many complex. One of them are that I feel that I need to be skinny. My whole life I have been hearing that I am so slim. The school nurse even forced me to eat a spoon butter before I went to bed and drink cream instead of milk when I was little. After that, I have been hearing that I eat too little. What many people don't know is that it is just as hard to hear that you are too skinny to hear that you are to fat, because . but today it is the other way around. I feel that I have always been the slender girl and must be there now.

It is who I am; a insecure girl with complexity and anxiety. But I'm also incredibly smart, beautiful, good looking, nice, kind, thoughtful and much more. Everybody is that, and nobody should say anything about it.



Today I have continued decorating my new room because, as you may not know, we have refurbished. I have chosen to have a blue theme in my room. I'll have a blue wallpaper on a wall and then blue pillows and some blue details to. I will also have a lot of white, for example on the rest of the walls, curtains, bedspreads and sheets on the bed, pillows, furnitures, lamps etc. I also want to have a lot of plants in my room. I want it to be a combination of cosy, but also fresh. Today I went to the stores and bought one white cushion in wool, a white bedspread, a blue/copper vase, a small copper lamp and a black desk lamp. I also put up a ceiling lamp in the room.

XO Notegirl

My wallpaper that I want on one of the walls (from; Ralph Lauren)

Cushions: Åhléns

Bedspread: Zara home



(1: Costa Rica, 2: Nice, France, 3: Sardinien, 4: Italy

If someone would ask me were my favorite place is, my answer would be simple; by the ocean. I love the ocean. I love to lie on the beach or on the rocks and hear the sound of the waves. I love the salty smell of seaweed and the feeling of sand between the toes. I love when the sunrise sparkles on the sea surface. I love feeling the cool sea breeze and the feeling when you dive into the water. I love everything with it.

The ocean makes me feel calm. Every time I am near it, I feel comfortable inside. It feel safe.

If you would have to chose one place on the earth that you love the most, which place would it be?

XO Notegirl



This week, I have been in my family's house in Skåne here in Sweden. We have played tennis and minigolf, eaten ice cream, been swimming, fished crabs and we watched the sunset by the sea etc. I love being here. It is so calm and quiet (sometimes it is actually too quite). We live in a small village near the sea and there are paddocks with cows, horses, chickens and sheep everywhere. Everytime when we want to go to our bridge and swim, we have to go through one of the paddocks. I don't really now what with the village that makes me love it so much, I just love everything with it and I never wanna leave.

It is also fun to spend time with my family, especially my grandparents. I don't see them so much because I am in school and we don't live in the same city. Sometimes it makes me sad, but I become even more happy once I meet them again.



Hi! I have seen some bloggers do something that is called Get to know me tag, and I was thinking that I would do it and tell some things about myself. So here it is:

1. Name?

I am going to be anonymous here, so I am not going to tell you my name, but you can call med Notegirl.

2. Age?

I am fifteen years old.

3. Where do you live?

I live in Sweden.

4. Right/left handed?


5. Favorite song?

This is a hard question...I am that sort of person that listens on two/three song in a week and then switches to two/three new songs that I want to listen on. In the moment I actually don't listen to so much music because I can't find any good songs :(

6. Favorite food?

Oh, I have so many, but I love thaifood, sushi, all sorts of pasta, and tacos!

7. Favorite color?

Yellow!! Because it is a happy color and the sun is yellow.

8. Favorite city?

I love London and Paris.

9. Favorite drink?

Lemonade :P (and Ice tee, lemon water and hot chocolate)

10. Favorite movie?

I love everything that Nicholas Sparks have made, for example The notebook, Dear John, Safe heaven, The choice etc. I like everything that is romantic, but I also like comedies.

11. Favorite candy?

I don't eat so much candy, but I like chocolate.

12. Dog or cat?

I am definitely a cat person! I wan't one when I move away from home.

13. Do you play any sports?

I play football and tennis.

14. How tall are you?

I am 1,67 meters tall.

15. Eye color?

I have green eyes.

16. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Actually, I have no idea.

17. What are you scared of?

I hate needles, but I am also scared of heights (but I am trying to fight it).

18. Do you have any pets?

No, but I had a hamster.

19. What is your star sign?

I am an ox.

20. Do you have any piercings or tattoos?

Only earrings.

Okej, that's it for the tag. I hope that you got to know me a little bit better and if you have any questions; only comment them and I will answer.

XO Notegirl



Hi everyone!

Here are some pictures from my trip to London a week ago. I had an amazing time there. I love London, it is one of my favorite places in the world. If I could, I would move there immediately. The city is so beautiful and has everything; stores, nice people, amazing restaurants etc.

When we were there we visited the Tower of London, Big Ben, St. Paul's Cathedral, Carnaby street, Oxford street (and some more streets), hyde park, Piccadilly Circus, a Musical and much more.

XO Notegirl



I have never been really interested in having earrings, but yesterday I did holes in my ears! It wasn't really planed, I and my grandmother talked about it and decided to do it. And I am really happy that we dit it because I think it became very pretty!

We started with choosing earrings (it has to be special ones in the beginning). I chose a pair in silver with small diamonds and my grandma chose a pair in gold with pearls. After that they cleaned the ears and marked were the earrings should be placed. When they did the hole, they used a machine that looked like a pistol. And I am not going to lie to you, it was painful. My mum had told me: "No, it doesn't feel anything. " before we dit it, but that was a lie. It hurt quite a bit, but I am very happy that I did it!

XO Notegirl