Mobile phone device that connecting to the internet has made ourlives a lot easier and a lot more fun. Young generation especially teenager spendup their time to hold the information on their hand with mobile phone connectedto the internet, access social media and messenger to communicate with theirfriend or community. The application made for our mobile phone these days cando a lot of thing for variety of users all over the planet. Some of mobilephone have different operating system like apple iOS, android and blackberry. Theycome with their specialized and popular applications to make their device morepopular.

Snapchat Review

One of the messengerapplication on mobile phone is Snapchat. This application has been developed bythe Snapchat Inc Company. Snapchat application similar like Facebook orWhatsApp to helps their user keep in touch with their friends and their community.The User are sharing selfies photo or files, landscapes and other fun picturesand video shot by them self. Snapchat application also allows attachments tolet other users send a picture or video from their gallery.

Snapchat applicationis made for various platform of mobile phone operating system and is becomingfamous now a days. Snapchat apps lets the user chat using user clicked picturesand videos. Alternatively users may or may not scribble on the picture.Snapchat application is free to download. The user can easily open theapplication from the desktop or their menus and there are no third partyapplication which need to be downloaded to run this app.

Snapchat pictures and videos features

The most loved thingabout Snapchat is that the pictures and videos are temporarily stored on thereceiver’s device. When a user takes a picture they set a timer whichdetermines the duration of the visibility of the picture or video after whichit vanishes. The developers have very carefully mentioned that the applicationdoes not store received media but there are third party apps which help theuser do it.

The contacts on theusers phone appear on the Snapchat contacts list and users are free to inviteany one to have a chat with them once the other user has downloaded theapplication. Users can also create stories which is a collection of variouspictures and videos. This slide based presentation is viewable to any user aslong as both the users are friends but it is not savable. The new update of theapplication lets the users engage themselves in a free video chat.

Overall the idea andinterface is a lot of fun which is why Snapchat is fast becoming one of themost used messaging applications worldwide. Children, especially teenagers, usethis application over others due to the fun and interactivity that comes alongwith it. There is one problem though. Initially the application promised usersthat the photos and videos could not be saved on user devices at all. But soonenough there were third party applications and software which helped receiverssave the data sent by other users. This made many ditch this application orcontrol their usage at least. Another loophole in the application comes in theform of sharing one’s username in public. This lets other users easily log intothe account as there is no authentication required. It is a fun app but peopledo need to be a little careful and not go YOLO on this.

Snapchat Statistic

Snapchat become thethird most popular application this year. Snapchat apps is more popular thantwitter for mobile phone users now a days. Reported value of Snapchat $15billion. 46% of UK teens (11-16 years old). 20 minutes per day average amountof time that 18-29 year old spend with Snapchat daily. Facebook willingly tobuy Snapchat for $3 billion.

Snapchat Features

Privacy: Snapchat as much as possible tries toprevent the recipient from saving a copy of the picture. If the user howeveruses screenshot to get the picture, the sender is informed that a snapshot wastaken.

Snapchat Stories: The snapchat stories allow links to becreated by users which other users can access within 24 hours, after which theyare deleted.

Messaging and Video Chat: Snapchat allows users to send messages,pictures and photos to other users. It is however possible to save textmessages.

Snapcash: Snapchat has a snapcash feature which givesusers the ability to send money to other users through Square. The money issent directly to the other user’s bank account.

Discover: Thisallows snapchat users to access text and videos from editorial teams.

Best Friend: It is possible for you to mark your bestfriend on the app and a peculiar emoji icon will be displayed next to your bestfriend’s name.

How to download Snapchat

Download snapchatapplication for your device is easy step, open and chooseyour suitable device like:

· Blackberry

· Windows phone

· iOS

· PC

· Mac

Good Luck !!!



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