We just started new year in school.In pPoland we started school in September(1th). So my two children are in school and in Kindergarden, one stil is home with me. During thoses 2 month holidays I couldn't do so much home, it is time with children and for children.I'm happy to have them home.But now is time to make cleaning in the house.

To have so many people home( 3 kids,housbend,old grandmother,dog,cats) is still sth to do.

In this week we had 10 days holidays. We been not home. Our Grandmother was alone,one of my friends visit her every Afternoon,but it happend a lot,when we are not home.I had filling that I couldnt drive with kids and housbend. When you have old person home is not good put her allone.

It is good Subject.How to live with old person, if is it ok to takeold Person home when you have small kids, your life, and this person needs 24 hours care?

I'm thinking about it from few years, for me is not easy.I'm only allone with this.My housbend is all day in work.After work he has a lot things to do around the house.I'm happy to have big family,but I'm tired.I'd like to find something what can help me to be more strong.

When we've been not home,Grandmother made a lot strange things, and our ,,nice'' Neighbours have been involved in this,and now we must to listen a lot stupid comments and now everyone who helped our Grandmother in sth wants sth from us.

Maybe one day I will write our story with our Neighbours, but now now.

Really our life is'nt boring. Probably because we are representing two nationality, two cultures,etc...My housbends has totally another point of view, almost for everything. Fortunatelly on our street averige of Age is 65.So they think they are the most clever from everybodyone on this streets. I really think is it really good to have neighbour?

It is really another story to say sth about our relation to our neigbours.

For today I'm tired but I'm so happy to have this life.