Hello you!

I hope you are very well and enjoying whatever you are doing.

First of all - THANK YOU to everyone that read my first post and for all the great feedback, it makes this so much more fun and exciting to do!

One of my aims is to be as open and honest as I possible can, because we all know that every pregnancy is different and I truly believe that all women should feel comfortable to share their experience in whatever way they like. Your body is growing a tiny little human, of course you will feel some discomfort in one way or another.

As I am now officially out of the first trimester, I thought I would share my experience so far and if you are anything like me, or how I was prior to getting pregnant, not really knowing much in detail about the different symptoms women can get and experience through early pregnancy, what they actually mean and how you ''cope''. Then keep on reading!

So... How would I sum up my first trimester? Exhaustion, nauseous, sick, emotional, exhaustion again, scared, Whaaaatis going on?!?, HUNGRY!

The tiredness that I have experienced and keep on experiencing even today, is NOT what I expected. I have read and heard that you get tired to begin with, but to this extent? This one has been a real challenge for me because I haven't felt like myself in months, a constant need to lie down and rest. For someone who usually never takes naps, I haven't been able to function without nap.

It makes it so hard to function properly, to focus on my life as per usual, do all the things that I would normally do, socialise, exercise, but above all have the ENERGY to do all of these things when all my body wants is to lie down and just close my eyes. Add a full time job, constant sickness and nausea to the mix and it makes it quite unbearable but somehow you power through the best way you can!

This leads us to the constant sickness and nausea, how can I best describe this? Well, it has felt like I am constantly sea sick and/or hungover, where every little uninvited smell can set me off. There has been evenings where I have treated myself to a nice take away, Deliveroo pings and says the driver is two minutes away, my excitement hits the roof. Food arrives and I start to eat it, only to rush to the bathroom a couple of minutes later throwing it all up. Ugh! Not quite what you'd expect, right?

Imagine being emotional all.of.the.time. Yes, exactly! My poor husband has a wife that laughs one minute and cries the next. The emotions have been free flowing and I have just experienced them all, more intensely! Like a PMS that just never ends.

As much as I love food and eating, experiencing the kind of hunger I have experienced at times (every day pretty much) has been a bit difficult, in particular when no one besides family and close friends knew that I was pregnant. Eating lunch at work and getting hungry about 10 minutes later, trying to hide it or act cool and casual with zero concentration, when all I have wanted to do is to bring a big snack pack and just eat my way through the day and perhaps watch a Friends episode or two. Or when being out for dinner with colleagues or friends, having to be extra particular with what to order, making up an excuse for not drinking alcohol, it might sound fun but it does get overwhelming, especially when suffering from such low energy and just wanting to sleep but feeling guilty for cancelling.

All the other symptoms you don't hear about as much, or I certainly didn't. I never heard about the disgusting aftertaste you get in your mouth where it feels like you have been sucking on a metal piece for the entire day, all the excessive saliva, the constant full bladder, constipation, all the gas, random hair growth, breasts that never stops growing, yes might sound fun and all but after a while it just gets annoying.

I have to say - I wouldn't change this for the world because in six months time, I will get to meet our little bundle of joy but there is no need to sugarcoat the early pregnancy stage because it is hard. At least it has been for me. I am still recovering from it all and not over feeling nauseous, sick and tired. I wonder if the metallic taste in my mouth will ever leave?

I hope it does and I hope the next six months will be a bit more pleasant to say the least, but somehow you kind of learn to deal with what you are given. I have learnt to listen to my body and give it what it needs without feeling guilty. If I need to spend a few hours (a whole day) in bed doing nothing because it is what my body needs, then that is what I will do. I am still trying to find my balance with all the pregnancy cravings as they come and go like crazy but I don't stress about it.

As women, we already have so much pressure put on us, half of it is put there by ourselves and the other half by what we think society or our social community expects of us. Don't compare your pregnancy to another woman because it is impossible to. Just take it in your stride and find little ways to cope and do what feels best for you and your soul.

Unfortunately, I haven't photographed my growing bump up until now due to how I have been feeling and the worry of a miscarriage (a post for another day..) but moving forward, you guys will get to see my growing baby bump!

If you made it here - thank you, leave a comment and share your experience. Any funny or not so funny story to tell?

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So.. where do I even start?

So much in my life is about to change in what feels like the shortest period ever!

I am going to become a mother to a precious little baby angel who is currently 14 weeks old <3

How do I even take that in without feeling all the emotions? It is so true, that nothing and no one can prepare you for pregnancy and motherhood. Every woman's experience is different and why wouldn't I want to share it with the world? It is such a massive thing!

I am growing a tiny little human inside of me right now! How can I just keep it in? When I feel like shouting from a roof top. It is actually happening! This little baby angel decided to join us very quickly, however, I have been imagining and thinking about this time in my life for years and I can't believe it is finally here!

So where do I start?

I am now officially out of the first trimester whoop! But the worry just doesn't stop there. If anyone could have a little peak inside my brain, they would be like Wow! Woman! Calm down!

But I can't. I can't stop thinking, is everything ok? Is the baby developing how it should? Am I going to cope well with a body that is going to totally transform and change, am I going to go through all the changes with a clear head or will I just feel totally lost and confused? I guess there is no answer.

But there is this.. My own little digital diary where I will be sharing my experience through pregnancy and motherhood, how to balance it while juggling a career, being a wife, a friend, a sister and a daughter.

As scared as I am, I have never felt this ready<3

We can't wait to meet you baby B!