Daily life

First picture is from We heart it, second and third pictures are mine.

Here we go. It is time for me to take action and finally give blogging another chance. I have so much inside of me that just needs to come out. I have been out traveling and I have a lot of stories to tell and pictures to show. This will be my free space where I share my experiences and thoughts. I will also share my new passion which is Bullet Journal. I think everyone should have their own bullet Journal. Most likely there will be posts about my daily life too, when I feel like it is worth sharing. 

since this is my first post in this blog, it does not have to be miles long, it is just a good way for me to actually start with writing again. The next post will probably be much longer and more interesting to read.

.With this blog I want to inspire you to follow your dreams and live the life you always wanted to live. Lets do this!

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