Daily life

This is what I shared to facebook last night: 

"So I have been journaling in my bullet journal all evening, been so inspired and totally forgot about the time, which meant I didn’t notice it’s way over midnight.

So I decided that it’s probably best if I go to sleep. Did my nightly prayer and went to my bed but then I got the feeling that I. Should go to my window and look outside, at the sky. It’s been snowing like crazy all day but when i looked outside my window, the sky is clear. I can see the stars.
Less than a minute later I see a shooting star ?

Then I was thinking, is there a meteor shower going on in December? Went to earth sky and saw that the Geminids meteor shower is 13-14 December!!! But that you can see few ones tonight too if you’re lucky.

What are the odds that the radiant point from where the shooting stars is coming, is right outside my bedroom window??
Crazy but that’s how it is.
So far tonight I have seen 7 shooting stars.
What a wonderful way to end the evening! I am for sure lucky and I feel very blessed.

I’m happy I followed my intuition and went to look outside the window, otherwise I would have missed out on the magic."

Today:  I am still so happy that I got to see 7 shooting stars and somehow my day has been so good because of it.  I think it was a good reminder for me to do more things that bring me joy and stargazing is for sure one thing that brings me joy and last night reminded me that I should stargaze more often again.  Last year I stargazed almost every single night, this year I haven´t really done that. Well now I will start doing it again because I love it.  

 I will for sure be up late tonight and watch the last meteor shower for this year, I just hope the sky will be clear like last night because Geminids meteor shower it is said to be the best one

Here is a link where you can read all about it and find out when its best to watch in the country you live in: https://www.space.com/34921-geminid-meteor-shower-guide.html

Picture is from pinterest.

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Daily life

First picture is from We heart it, second and third pictures are mine.

Here we go. It is time for me to take action and finally give blogging another chance. I have so much inside of me that just needs to come out. I have been out traveling and I have a lot of stories to tell and pictures to show. This will be my free space where I share my experiences and thoughts. I will also share my new passion which is Bullet Journal. I think everyone should have their own bullet Journal. Most likely there will be posts about my daily life too, when I feel like it is worth sharing. 

since this is my first post in this blog, it does not have to be miles long, it is just a good way for me to actually start with writing again. The next post will probably be much longer and more interesting to read.

.With this blog I want to inspire you to follow your dreams and live the life you always wanted to live. Lets do this!