It’s important for many travelers to have an introduction about their destinations first before deciding to go on a journey. Those who want to know more about Nikolaev Ukraine want to know about the tourist destination first. Luckily, numerous websites offer information about this location like Nikolaev in Pictures, a website that has a unique approach in introducing the city.

Photo Quality

The website is called Nikolaev in Pictures, which means the blog introduces the city through photos taken by the contributor. Showing photos is a good approach in introducing the city because people want to know what they will see rather than read about it.

Nikolaev in Pictures offers photos with good quality that are taken by other visitors themselves. This allows readers to get a glimpse of the city without worrying about photos tricking their eyes. Many people get tricked by photos due to editing or other high-end camera configurations. This improves pictures’ quality, giving images that are too different from how the area looks like. Visitors will be extra confident in the city because photos will set their expectations.

Web Content

Photos serving as content inform people about where to go at Nikolaev. Howerver, the website also has text contents for visitors to read. Stories written on the website are personal accounts coming from people who traveled to the city. Content introduce the places that travelers visited and their experiences.

These stories are generally short, but are enough to tell visitors about what they experienced in the city. From dining to visiting tourist attractions, Nikolaev in Pictures have contents for people to read and get to know more about the city.


Russian is the language used on the website. Texts are written in Russian alphabets, which means English speakers and readers may be unable to read the content. This alone can be considered as a disadvantage in visiting the website.

However, visitors can use online translators to translate written contents. Translating Russian texts to English is pretty straightforward, which means the thoughts within the content will be retained. All translated content will still make sense to English readers.

Website Performance

Website performance is not an issue on this website. It loads fast due to its simple web design. People will easily learn about Nikolaev Ukraine immediately. The overall web design still catches attention despite being generally simple in appearance.

Tag Availability

People can easily jump from one content to another with the tags written on the website. Contents are grouped according to tags, making all content organized and easy to read.

Nikolaev in Pictures is a good way of introducing Nikolaev Ukraine to new visitors. It’s easy to visit the website and has numerous contents that will be useful for every traveler planning their tour itineraries.

Igor Mironyuk is the author of this article on where to go at Nikolaev. Find more information, about Nikolaev Ukraine.