Good evening beautiful people! I'm just on my way home after an exciting evening. I got to try Lagkagehuset in St. Stephen's Square, aka in England as Ole & Steen. This is a delicious chain of bakeries from Denmark, there are two or three in Copenhagen Airport alone! They make the most delicious pastries and I was jealous that my sister Andrea had discovered them here in the UK first. So since I heard about this a month ago, it's been my aim to try it out. So this was the perfect evening for it as I was catching up with this cutie.

I got there a little early and enjoyed my fav Danish pastry, a thébirkes, as you'll know if you follow the blog, and a deliciously, smooth latte. Mmmm.

It was just as delicious as in Denmark and the place was both practical (comfy bar stools with backs, charging points, handbag hooks, wifi) as well as stylish in the typical Scandi style. Of course, there were candles everywhere in the daylight for a true hygge feel.

They stay open till late which is great. I hate coffee shops that close at 5pm, I mean what's the point? I love coffee and I can have it late and still sleep, so why not have coffee shops open till late?! I bought a delicious loaf of chia and rye bread to take home.

And we had dinner, Katie a salmon and egg salad, and me, a roast beef open sandwich aka smørrebrød. It was fresh and tasty.

And of course we had to have desserts. I had a Tosca cake and Katie had a carrot cake, both yummy.

Katie never fails to amaze me, she's now signed up to a half marathon! It might be the motivation I need to try out a park run perhaps?! Who knows, I hate running! Are you good runners? How do you find the park runs? I know lots of people do them. We also had some interesting discussions about veganism, being eco friendly, whether it's ok to use animals for leather, fur and meat etc. Defo an interesting discussion that could probably go on for hours. What are your thoughts? Well she's inspirational for sure and that's why I love her, thanks for a lovely evening, real quality time!

Can't wait to go back to Lagkagehuset! Some of the staff were quite annoying and seemed a bit rude, not very warm and hospitable, but the beautiful interior and more importantly, the gorgeous baked goods, more than made up for them. Night!

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Not a long one today. I felt really tired and a bit emotional this evening. I was supposed to hit my usual two Tuesday classes at the gym: body combat and yoga but I simply couldn't find the energy, despite eating a healthy and nutritious dinner. It was a warm evening and it cleared up so nicely, so I decided to head out for a power walk. That way I got some exercise in, but also "me time" and nature. I listened to a couple of Swedish podcasts discussing life topics and relationships between people and enjoyed the beautiful sunset. Can you spot the Shard in the distance? Haha so tiny!

I completely relaxed and de-stressed and came back rejuvenated, ready for an early night! Bliss! Do you ever do this?
Here's what I found on Pinterest. Can you relate?



Hi guys, I hope you've had a lovely weekend! I did.
Friday, I went home exhausted after a very long day at work so I just got Mc Donald's and went to bed at 8. I'm not proud to say but I literally couldn't function anymore and I was clearly in need of my 11 hours sleep! Saturday, I woke up early and headed to Blackfriars where I met Bina. Not without a delicious coffee from the little barista stand at Herne Hill station though...

I hate bad cups of coffee like when they're too bitter or the beans are burnt, but this was delicious. Bina and I were going to the Crowne Plaza Hotel for the Women's Health and Fitness Expo.

We got given a goodie bag and then checked out the different stands.

I particularly liked this one which sold organic, home made body scrubs, salts and lotions, all suitable for sensitive skin. They were full of delicious oils and moisturised skin for hours!

We also enjoyed a hand massage with Neal's Yard, nice and relaxing...

We tried out Swedercise which is like a Swedish aerobics class, it's about having fun to music. They win besties exercise class in London! In Sweden, it's known as Friskis&Svettis. It was so tiring and hard with such a packed room but the teacher was great, so energetic and full of fun! They run a few sessions in central London and in Clapham.

We had a healthy lunch at Joe's Kitchen, yummy salads and delicious takes on traditional lemonades.

Throughout the day, we also attended different lectures. So I'll tell you the most useful things I gathered from them.

How to start your journey to a healthier lifestyle

- They reminded us that when we listen, we only take in about 10%, when we listen and write, we take it about 40%, but when we listen, write and participate, we take in about 70%. This is so important if you're ever coaching, teaching, developing, appraising or presenting to someone.

- There's 3 steps: mindset, diet and exercise. They stressed that you should visualise what you want to look like daily, have a positive attitude to food without feeling guilt and enjoy the journey rather than a quick sprint. They suggested avoiding soft drinks and processed sugars such as low fat options, and replacing some of the fruits in your smoothies with veg. Finally, with regards to exercise, they recommended picking something you enjoy. They suggested HIT shocks your body and therefore keeps it guessing but recommended Yoga and Pilates for muscle strengthening at lower intensity to suit all abilities and potential injuries.

Home Workout 101

They recommended using things you have at home to do circuit like aiming without spending lots of money on gym kit or memberships. She was very keen on adding sand for weight in shopping bags for squats, in backpacks to carry on a walk, in laundry detergent bottles for lunges and so on. I think you get the drift, very creative!

Mind Warrior Training

- We hold the power within to overcome our own obstacles.

- I am power. F*** it!

- What are your inner battles and challenges? What's under the armour?

-Do you have good work or even personal life balance? Do you make space for "me time"?

- Are you battling unhealed wounds and scars?

- Beware of your inner critic "the bitch", the biggest hater is often yourself.

5 tips:

1) Know yourself: know your limitations and your self-worth

2) Observe her: be self-aware and reduce the situations when your turn nasty

3) Root her out: where did it all start, did some negativity come from your parents or your childhood?

4) Evidence: write a list of negativity in the 2nd or 3rd person then write a list of evidence that you're good and worthy

5) Positivity

- Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself.

- Self-worth is how much you value yourself.

- Self-confidence is how you feel about your abilities and the way you rise to new challenges.

And finally, we ended off with the importance of strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. As a physio, this is obvious, you need a strong core for a list of reasons but it was interesting finding out how little people actually understand and know about it. Jenni Russell wrote a book about it, check out her website.

What an amazing day! I'll tell you about the rest of my weekend in another post with some cool recipes. What are your thoughts on the above? Do you ensure you strengthen your core when you workout? Are you a mind warrior? Please share!



It's official, winter must be coming... say what?! It poured down with rain all day, and as I was leaving work, a car sped past at full speed and splashed my whole left leg. I was not impressed.

However, I got to enjoy drinks and a delicious dinner at Cypriani's with some awesome work colleagues. Some have left, some are leaving but I feel very grateful for them. The dinner was delicious!

Isn't work just so much more fun when you get to spend your day with great people? I think so! Thank you guys for being awesome!

And again Pinterest delivers...



Welcome to another week, how's it treating you so far? I can believe it's August and it's grey and rainy, it's still meant to be summer! I woke up feeling sick and that feeling lasted a few hours. Then I felt a headache coming in and despite fighting it with plenty of hydration and head massages, boom, at lunch it hit hard! Think it's the pressure in the air or something right?

However..... it wasn't an all bad day. I love that I've been able to start this blog at the beginning of the year, I love being able to turn to it as my little diary and for creative thought and writing. But of course I really love it if it affects someone else, if it makes them think or smile, if it inspires them or just entertains them. Today I got a lovely compliment about the blog and I couldn't help but feel so happy! Thank you Debbie and Holly! Isn't it just the nicest when someone compliments you and you can't help but smile, one of those big smiles that starts on the inside and just spreads all across your face? When was the last time someone made you feel that way? When was the last time you made someone feel that way? Are you good at giving at giving compliments? What about receiving them? Apparently, you should give a compliment then ask a question so as not to embarrass the person you're complementing. Try it out and let me know how it goes... you could totally make a person really happy!

Anyways, I had a lovely chilled weekend including rest and studying but Friday evening I tried out a Polish restaurant for Bina's birthday. It was a very strange place, you would never have known it was a restaurant from the outside and the service was appalling but the food was absolutely delicious, beautifully presented and came in masses!

Saturday I was running some errands in Bromley and saw that a new cafe had opened. The sun was shining and there was live music on the street being played. I love this kind so I decided to sit down for lunch, enjoying the outdoor terasse. My lunch was gorgeous and fantastic value!

And after 10 minutes, the heavens opened with thunder and everything! Typical!

Sunday, I got creative with finds from the beach...

My sign spells out hygge, can you tell haha?

I went over to Noell's and Ryan's for a take away curry in the evening and we went to watch the bright full moon at Beckenham Place Park, spooky but gorgeous!

And monday didn't end so bad, it was super productive and I had a great session of body balance and then got to enjoy Made in Chelsea which started again last week! Laters...