We're now well into the swing of things in 2018, but it wasn't thaaaaat long ago that it was December 2017, or was it...? Let's take a look...

I came back from my Christmas in Belgium...

...and enjoyed cocktails in Brixton with Leanne at Three Eight Four, just love the pipette, brings me straight back to science class at school! This cosy and trendy little bar is great, original cocktails and it's a bonus that they do happy hour! I'm never disappointed when I go there, tip tip!

I also enjoyed yummy breakfast out and about. Tried Scott's Kitchen for the first time, in West Wickham. Now this is a local, little gem I was recommended by Nikki or Rebecca at work, can't remember which one. They are a family run place and absolutely welcome dogs, to the point where the dogs get served water and a test on vintage china and get a cushion to lie on, how cute!

My only complaint? It was freeeeeeeezing! Why is it so hard to get a really warm place in the UK?! I wułd absolutely go back though.

I enjoyed my home, decorated for Christmas and getting to host, like for example having Andrea over fajitas.

And finally, celebrating New Year's at Ryell's and getting to meet the lovely Sofia and George!

We stuffed our faces with raclette and other goodies, without forgetting the incredible pavlova!

I was on call and working all of New Years...

...so I was on the coffee, had so much fun though! What a great night! It was spent eating, chatting, singing, taking selfies, eating some more and rapping to Eminem's Lose Yourself because when you have the talent, why not?!

What an incredible time and great balance of family, friends, work, partying and quality time and food! I'm just recovering from a horrible chest infection and cold and I'm proud that I kept going through work including another weekend working. I personally think it's the physio breathing exercises and the yoga that gets me through, plow on!

I did a few other things at the end of December too, but I'll have to show you them next time, check in then!

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Oh my god, it's this blog's one year anniversary today, how quickly one year just flies by! I never really knew much about blogs but had just started following a couple when I started dreaming about having my own. And then suddenly, new year, new me, I started one. It's a time-consuming hobby but a really fun one. So if you have a dream, just go for it!

I have all you fantastic readers to thank for it. I just love it when I hear that the most unexpected people have been reading my blog or when I hear that it's inspired someone or the variety of people that read it, from boys to girls, from teenagers to retired older people! This is just so rewarding and touching, it makes me feel absolutely great and thankful! Thank you for following me on this blog for the last year. Now do comment below and let me know what you've thought... Anything you particularly liked? Anything you didn't like and thought could be better? What was your favourite post? Anything you think is missing and you would love to see or read about? I would love to hear your comments, it makes it much more personal and real then. Thank you dear readers and let's hope for another great year!

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Happy new year lovely people! Bring on 2018! Hope you've celebrated well. I worked yesterday and today and was on call overnight which included call ins but despite an immense lack of sleep as I celebrated with friends at the Ryell household, I'm excited about the new year ahead. Found this inspirational quote on Pinterest.

I did think how grateful I am, this morning, at work in hospital when I was seeing people that aren't as lucky, with regards to their health. I guess that's something to think about, there's always someone worse off and we should be grateful for what we have...

Hope you're enjoying the first day of 2018 now, I'm spending it with friends not being very active at all, perfect! Here's another bit on inspiration, enjoy and dream! Any New Year's resolutions?

Photo credit: Sofia Agapidi



My last post was about Paris - part one, where I spent the weekend a few weeks ago for my dad's birthday. On the Sunday, we headed to Montmartre, the hippie cool part of Paris to the cutest French restaurant for lunch; Seb'On.

The interior was a stunning mix of old and chic minimalistic design with a monochrome theme, LOVED it.

When I excused myself to go to the bathroom, I pushed open a door labelled bathroom and was surprised when it in fact led to the cold outdoors and a little, cobbled courtyard. I took a few steps and stopped outside another door, lanterns led the way. Through this other door, I found a tiny, pink, old fashioned bathroom, only lit by candlelight, complete with pink flowers, pink scented candles, vintage mirrors, gorgeous, old tiles and fluffy hand towels. The pictures don't quite do it justice, but I assure you, it was dreamy!

The food we had, all cooked by just one chef in the minuscule kitchen, was even dreamier in everything from creativity to presentation to taste, one of the best restaurants I've been to! I had fish with gnocchi and a mushroom and truffle infused sauce for mains.

Another tasty dish was the veal with sage and black risotto rice.

For desserts we had an olive oil cake with clementine and pumpkin purée and lychee sorbet, and poached pears with salted caramel and chocolate ganache. Divine! The service was also incredible as it delivered by the owner in the cosy, petite restaurant. If you don't eat anywhere else, eat here! It's so so so worth it!

Very content, we headed up the long climb to the Sacré Coeur. This always amazes me.

We passed by the classic Moulin Rouge.

We finally headed to the Arc de Triomphe on the Champs Elysées...

... which we were climbing up!

This is a great place for views of the city and a much lower point than the Eiffel Tower if you're not good with heights.

Below you can see Paris's finance district, the skyscrapers, and the new MoMA in the Fondation Louis Vuitton. If I go to Paris again, I will add this to my to do list.its the silver, futuristic like building you can spot, jus the architecture is incredible. Have you been?

Back on level ground, we went to see one of the hotels my dad worked for, Prince de Galles, simply beautiful.

We passed by this Louis Vuitton store a few times, I think it's the flagship one, and I just couldn't believe that there was always a long queue to even just get inside! Crazy!

Our Paris weekend came to an end and Andrea and I headed back to England on the Eurostar. I hope my dad enjoyed his birthday weekend, I certainly did! So grateful!

What's your favourite part of Paris? Any travel tips? Have a great last bit of 2017 now guys!



I started writing this post a few days ago...

I've just survived a terrible drive through France in what seemed like a hurricane, the car even shook when it was stationary and the down pour was so awful I consistently had to drive completely blind, horrible! We finally got to the Calais eurotunnel terminal, only to find out they were running with huge delays, fab!

Anyways, last time I was in France was a much more positive experience. I was in Paris a few weeks ago for my dad's birthday, remember this post? So on the Saturday morning, after a delicious breakfast and before heading into Paris, we walked around the lovely suburban town of Le Vesinet. We hit the market and took in the pretty houses, the town church on the square and the Christmas decorations.

We popped into the town hall, that looked very patriotic, for a Christmas market and some Christmas carols.

We grabbed a typical French lunch, I had a Croque Madame with fries. It's like a Croque Monsieur, a toasted ham and cheese sandwich like no other, but with a fried egg on top, delicious!

Then it was time for the gorgeous Paris. We did 30,000 steps that day! We'd climbed up the Eiffel Tower before so we were happy with seeing it from the ground.

The river Seine in the pretty, winter sun.

We used the metro to get around. Loved the scrabble like design at the Concorde station!

The Palais des Invalides was stunning in its golden grandeur.

We went for fika in the posh department store, Le Bon Marché. This is Paris's oldest department store, from 1838. The cakes were so tasty, although very English, maybe not quite what I was hoping for when visiting Paris from London, haha!

We took in the gorgeous ceilings in the department store...

...the cool escalators...

...as well as the interesting fashion, ski wear anyone?...

It's full of the best in every department...

Le Bon Marché was a lovely building, nicely decorated for Christmas, but wait till you see the other department stores further down in this post!

We then did what we did best that day and continued walking! We passed by the gorgeous opera.

And admired the Christmas decorations.

Check out what Louis Vuitton and then below that what Hermès had created!

We saw Paris's other two, big department stores, Galeries LaFayette and Printemps. The decorations here were insane!

We popped into a delightful Italian restaurant for dinner. It was off a side road and you could never have guessed it was there, only if you knew about it. I had Burrata for starters, LOOOVE this! I shared it with Andrea and we also shared oven baked aubergines with cheese and tomato, the best! For mains, I had veal with Parma ham and a rich, creamy mozarrella sauce and of course Tiramisu, my favourite, for dessert.

The owner of the restaurant walked around in a casual but hospitable manner, conversing with the guests and the restaurant was full of Italians, always a good sign when people from the country are there. The interior wasn't fancy, neither was the presentation, but the food was so very tasty and so very authentic. What a great night we had!

On the way home, we ... walked some more! We walked up the Champs Elysées...

... and admired the Arc de Triomphe...

What a day; we saw, ate and did so much. Went to sleep happy but shattered!

Have you been to Paris before? Did you like it? I've been lots of times but love it each time. It's so big that there's just so many different things to do and see each time. Pop back soon for part 2, the final part. Enjoy your New Year's weekend!