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"Dear Madam, We are pleased to inform you that the fiancé visa has been approved.

Sincerely, Immigrant Visa Unit"

Family photo from his visit in November

FINALLY!!! After nearly a year, our visa application is APPROVED!

So what does this mean? It means that I've already booked tickets for him to come here! lol. But really, We are under a time constraint to get things done. When my fiance arrives, we have ONLY 3 MONTHS to get married, receive our marriage certificate, and apply for his Green Card. That's crazy.... so we are trying to find a date in June to go to the courthouse. (Yeah... that's only like 6 weeks from now!) Since it's all supposed to happen so quickly, we hope to do an actual ceremony later in the year for our family and friends to join.

On top of all this, he will be coming here right when we close the deal on our new house! I will book his ticket for the end of May and we will sign contracts and get the keys on June 1st! Everything is coming together so rapidly that my brain is still trying to process it.. I just have to stay relaxed and take it day by day.

In short, its pretty much: Visa -> fiance moves to USA -> new house -> Get Married -> start Green Card process -> then freak out

I'm so happy this part of the process is finished! The next part will be a very long journey but at least he can stay here in the US with me and our wolf while we wait! You can bet that I'm counting down the days.

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