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Here is a clip from my Bicep & Tricep workout yesterday! (Video is sped up for time purposes!) These three exercises are pretty much a staple for my Arm trainings. I mean who doesn't do bicep curls on arm day, right?? But when done right, you really exhaust the muscle and get a great pump!

The key to any movement is proper form. I see SOOO many people swinging to get the weights up and using the momentum to do the exercise which is not giving you the benefit of the exercise! Try to imagine your elbow is stuck in one place and squeeze the muscle to pull the weights up. Same goes for tricep movements! That will put the focus on the correct muscle.

Tips: if you have trouble keeping your arms still during a bicep curl, try standing against a wall and make sure your elbow always touches! You'll notice those dumbbells feel much heavier!

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