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    "Happy Sunday, Loves! I've been working on my flexibility lately with the help of Yoga. It's really …"

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    "Finally had our first snow of the season here in North Carolina and we got a whopping 8 inches over…"

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    "Happy 2017 babes! If new training clothes and gear don't motivate you, then I don't know what will!…"

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There's something so peaceful about having your bare toes in the grass...

I've been spending more time lately on bettering myself. Making sure that my mind is happy, my body isn't stressed and enjoying all the little things. It's so easy to get caught up in the bustle of life and neglect ourselves so I've taken a step back and found areas that could use some love.

My training has been going really well and I can feel my body is getting better. My back still has some bad days but, for the most part, I feel nearly normal again! I'm more flexible and have a lot more movement than before. I lost my motivation for a while when I couldn't really lift weights but now I pretty much live in the gym again lol.

I'm getting stronger and leaner as the days go on and I'm pretty close to the shape I want to be in. It's a long and steady process, but it's not impossible.



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Happy Sunday, Loves!

I've been working on my flexibility lately with the help of Yoga. It's really been helping my back pain and I have a much larger range of movement now than I did a few weeks ago! It feels nice to be able to go upside down again! I love challenging myself and trying different things so yoga is something I really want to improve my skills in.

Any other Yogis out there?? I've got lots to learn!

In other news, today has been pretty relaxed since there's still snow everywhere. But I'm enjoying the relaxation time with my wolf, watching Netflix. I'm hoping some of this snow will melt away, because I'm not too convinced I can get down my driveway for work tomorrow! lol I walked down to the mailbox and it was alllll ice.. Good thing I brought my work laptop home!



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Finally had our first snow of the season here in North Carolina and we got a whopping 8 inches over night with some more coming later! It was a winter wonderland here and my wolf is having so much fun!

The roads were completely covered so there was no way I'd make it out of the driveway to the gym. So I got my workout from shoveling all the snow away! Lol So it looks like I'll be doing some home workouts until the roads get better!

I'll spend the day all cuddled up with my fuzzy socks and hot cocoa while watching Netflix with my mom!



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Happy 2017 babes!

If new training clothes and gear don't motivate you, then I don't know what will! lol I got some new goodies and a Fitbit Charge 2 from my grandparents for Christmas and so far I'm really enjoying it! There's a lot you can do with it like tracking workouts, steps taken, heart rate, distance walked/ran, steps climbed, calories burned, active time, etc. This specific band gets notifications from your phone and has alarms you can set. I really like that you can set goals too! I have a goal for how many steps I want to take each hour and ill be reminded how many more steps I need near the end of the hour. I also have how many days a week I plan to train, how much water i want to drink, etc. (You can also track you calorie intake, but I don't use this feature because I don't count calories)

The only thing I am disappointed with so far is that this band in NOT waterproof. I typically do a cool-down cardio session in the pool after my workouts, but I can't track that with my Fitbit. I've been comparing this band to my Jaybird Reign sport band which was waterproof.

Anywho, I never really thought I'd use one of these sport bands until I tried one. It really pushes me to not skip workouts and I love the reminders to get moving! Especially on the days where I work mostly at my desk!

What helps motivate you??



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Now that my fiance visa process is moving along, I'm starting to look more at planning my wedding!

I'm excited to start looking for dresses and deciding on decorations! I already have a theme in mind at least with White&Gold decor and LOTS of green plants. I'm really loving these Bohemian style dresses with lace accents.

So much to do! So much to plan!



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Hej lovely people!

I've been lost in Christmas Land all week, spending time with my family! I drove to Virginia for a few days and had such a lovely time! It felt nice to enjoy Christmas like old times with my dad's side of the family. I even got some my grandma's famous Sweet Potatoes (which I've been dying to have for years!)

Now I'm back in North Carolina and my other grandparents came to visit! So you know I'm getting even more spoiled lol.

My inner child never thought I'd say this, but I'm super excited about all the kitchen appliances I received! My family is aware that I am looking for a house now, so it was super helpful to get things for my own place!

I got a really nice Hand-mixer set, a new frying pan, a HUGE waffle maker (it makes 4 waffles!), a crème brulé set with the cutest bowls, AND a fancy coffee maker (I can pause the brew to steal a cup! Is it obvious that I'm impatient?).

I also got LOTS of Christmas decorations for my future home! Gorgeous monogrammed stockings, decorative stocking hangers for the fireplace, fancy napkins, a lovely casserole holder, fluffy pillows, fluffy blankets, and my very own tree skirt for my future tree!

Because of all this, I had to do an adult thing today and buy a storage container for my new Christmas decorations! Lol I feel so grown up now.

Anyhow, I'm totally amazed by all the lovely gifts. I really was happy to be home for the holidays for once.

P.S. I got a Fitbit Charge 2 from my grandparents! They're probably my #1 fans on the planet but that was a total surprise! I can't wait to play with it! Of course I'll let you know what I think of it after a while!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and made many new memories. I hope that you enjoyed the time with your loved ones and reminisced in the memories of those who were not with you this year. I wish you all a Happy New Year!



Its been such a wonderful year so I thought I'd put together some snapshots of my happy memories! It's easy to forget all that's happened but looking back, it makes me smile all over again.❤

Started the year with my fiancé and wolf!

I became a sponsored fitness athlete!

First BBQ of the season!

Camping in the rain!

University Graduation!

We really loved camping!

My heart monitor was finally taken out!

Quality time with nature!

Memories with my best friends!

First swim of the year!

Midsommar with my loves!

My big move across the world to USA!

Tranquility and relaxation!

My first day as a professional Software/Electrical Engineer!

My first car!

My trip to Emerald Isle!

My trip to California and Disneyland!

Climbing mountains in Blowing Rock State Park!

Amazing views at Hanging Rock State Park!

Hiking at Grandfather Mountain!

Celebrating the Christmas season and a long visit from my man!

I've grown so much in this last year and things are only looking up. Of everything I planned to achieve in 2016, just 2 things remain on my list but are already in progress! I am currently looking for houses and soon enough will decide on the perfect one! I'm also planning my wedding on the side while our visa paperwork is processing. *Fingers crossed that its soon finished!*

I can't wait to see what 2017 will bring!



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After having an awful cold for over a week, I'm finally feeling a little better. I was getting really annoyed with the motion sickness and sneezing every 5 minutes...

Anywho, I'm super looking forward to going back to the gym today. My body is still quite weak, but I can manage something, I'm sure. I plan to do some light training for full body and some swimming for my cardio. I still want to avoid intense training and high heart rates since my throat was pretty bad but I'm restless and need to do something!

I also lived on bagels & cream cheese for the whole time because I really couldn't do much else... Yikes! It happens, but now that I can get out of bed, my meal prep will be back on track and full of nutritious things! Plus I really missed having my smoothies!

Have a nice week!



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I knew this day would eventually come, but it still saddens me to see him go. It's been such a wonderful month having him here 💕

Off to Sweden again until our visa applications are approved. Then he can come stay with us for good! Our visa made it to Stockholm now, so hopefully it won't be too much longer apart.

We prolonged our goodbye at the airport with some fika but it was so hard to hold back my tears. I'm just trying to think positively that he will be back soon. Long distance is never easy.



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Super cozy date night with my honey before he has to fly back to Sweden.

We treated ourselves to this amazing little crêpe shop in High Point where the owner was so fun to talk to, that we forgot to pay when we left! (Obviously we drove back and laughed so hard about it!) And the best part is that he just thought we were back for more!

Anyway, I'm trying to enjoy these last few days together, but its so hard to not be sad. I'll miss my morning cuddles and late night Netflix binges. 💗