Happy birthday to me!

We enjoyed a nice weekend camping in Hanging Rock State Park! It was a nice getaway even though it wasn't really our kind of camping. We are more about going deep into the woods and building our camp site in solitude rather than having a ready-made site with people next to us. It was a bit odd hearing everyone's radios and stuff and we will probably never do it again, but it's perfect if you have young kids or a big group of friends. For us, we really like to be on our own and just enjoy nature!

Nonetheless, I always love the time I have with my hubby and our pups! We always have a good time no matter where we go. And on the plus side, we got to test out our new tent! I LOVE that you can see all around outside and look up at the starts! It comes with a rain cover that also has a small covered area outside as well so its perfect! (especially since it started raining really hard in the middle of the night!)

We hope to do a lot more camping now that we have a non-broken tent. We're looking for places that are a bit more primitive and that we can keep going back to and improving the site like we had in Sweden! We had the PERFECT spot right near a lake where no one knew about!)

Anyway. I'm another year older and have lots more to explore! I can't wait to see what year 23 has waiting for me!

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Wow guys! My August Ellie box is AMAZING. The colors are super nice AND the details are to die for.

You might wonder what the twist is this month, right? Well now they've made it so that you can choose the 5 item subscription box for $49.95/month (Shirt, Bra, Leggings & 2 fitness equipment items) OR the 3 item box for 39.95/month which has only the outfit (Shirt, Bra, & Leggings). How great is that?? For anyone who knows me, knows I don't like spending a lot of money on my training clothes! So compared to the other subscription boxes I've looked at, this Ellie box is the best deal I've found. And so far I have been really happy with each box I've gotten! I have the 3-Item box to share with you guys and I think you will love it!

If you're curious about my sizing, I always take size S in the leggings, S in the sports bra, and XS in the shirt.

I can say that this outfit has become my go-to outfit because it is seriously great. The pants this month are sooooooo nice! They just make your curves look incredible, especially with the matching bra. Even for someone like me with little boobies, they look great haha. The shirt is super breathable and light which is perfect for cardio, or anything really! This month's box also comes with the cutest draw string bag!

Keep scrolling to see how it all looks!



We got some pretty frustrating news yesterday regarding our Green Card application...

Our entire application package was rejected and sent back to us, and I'm surprised it even made it back to our mailbox from how damaged it looks. (When I sent it to USCIS, I prepared every single paper inside of a plastic sleeve to protect from things like this and they have butchered it, taken everything out of order, some things appear to be missing, and the package is falling apart)

The only reason they have given for our application being rejected is that we filled it out on an "outdated version" when the top of the paper CLEARLY states that it expires October 31, 2017 .. Call me crazy, but that is valid for several more months. It took me 3 weeks straight to completely prepare this application package with well over 200 papers in it. So I went back to their website to check what the "updated version" was dated... would you believe they released a new version just a few days before I mailed the freaking thing?? Not to mention that they don't tell you when they release new versions. So even though the official website says they will still accept the previous version until end of August, we still were rejected on those terms.

There's comes a point where you just feel totally defeated. This is that point for me. Any other time I would be ready to fight them on this. But what do you do when even the government doesn't play by their own rules?? I want justice but we don't have the time to lose

The first visa we had to apply for (fiance visa/K1) was not rejected, but they requested more information for a similar situation. They took so long to actually open our application that the most recent paycheck I sent was no longer my most recent. That was totally on their fault but I still had to send it while our application was being delayed.

So what happens now you might wonder?

We go out of our way to fill out another 30 pages of applications with a new date at the top being the only difference. Pay another $30 to (hopefully) ship it to the USCIS office ASAP. (Last time I paid for 2 day shipping and it took over a week). Wait for them to open that package again. Hope they don't reject it for some other bullshit reason.

We are mostly worried that they won't have processed the applications in time for our trip back to Sweden in September. Now that we have to re-submit the whole thing, there is only 1 month left and we can't go without the approval to travel. We already paid for our tickets so many months ago so I'm going to be very upset if we can't use them. Normally I would just leave anyways but, in the US, if you leave without permission during visa processing, your entire application process will be discarded and you will have to start from the beginning in your home country.

It is this sort of thing that makes me wonder why I moved back to the states. It shouldn't be this hard to have my husband live here with me.

Anyway, this is the struggle of finding love in another country. We are a bit sad and angry, and I want to just eat a whole box of chocolate cookies. But tomorrow is a new day and hopefully someone with a kind heart will handle our application. All we can do is wait and hope for the best. (and to try not to cheat on our diet)