Hello 👋🏻
Many people asked me how I am editing my pictures and I decided to make a post about my picture processing on Instagram.
I'm not a fan of concealing how I edit my photos, for fear someone could steal my "Signature Look"
I mainly use 3 apps to edit my pictures:
VSCO Cam, Snapseed and Instagram.
In this post will be some small
step by step instructions.
By the way I also answer the related questions.
All apps I use are free, although they are in-app purchases but I do not use them.
This whole thing may be too exaggerated and
it is not a must for everyone.
You can do it as you want.


For years my unbeaten favorite app!
In my opinion VSCO got simply the most beautiful filter (or does someone knows a better one?).
Until some time ago I have always used the "F2" filter, which I now strangely do not like.
Now I take mostly M3 and mix it sometimes with
G3, M5 and in between I use A6.
The strength of each filter can be fortunately regulated and even better: one can copy the processing of a photo and place it directly over a next photo.
Absolutely time-saving and provides a single look!
With VSCO you can also edit brightness, contrast, sharpness etc but I use the app almost exclusively because of the filters.

I’m using this app since last month.
The app was especially useful for the holiday photos, because you can make a really good part processing - especially if you are terribly perfectionist.
I'll show you an example later.
You can also change the whole game with brightness, contrast etc., cut and filter but as I said I use 98% only to edit the subspaces.

The One and Only!
Where else can you share his pictures better?
I totally loved the Valencia filter but today I’m not using any filter of Instagram.
What I use there, is the editing such as Lux (balanced brightness & contrast), structure and color.
You can see all my used functions in the examples, which hopefully make you a little more understandable.

Arrived at Snapseed I select the brush in the tools HERE you can simply "paint" the area to be edited.
All in all you can choose between brightness, exposure, temperature and saturation.
The first step here was the temperature.
I have the entire front rock front with the paintbrush (the strength can be adjusted by the way as needed).
Since the whole of the color is still too much "lit", I have in the area, also with the brush, the saturation down,
so that it looks more natural.


I'm more a fan of cloudy sky because I don‘t like shadows on my photos.

Unified profile by filter
I mostly follow accounts that have a lot of different photos but still have a single look.
Just like my profile (I hope at least!).
This is great if you use the same or similar filters over and over again.
Of course you could also be quite meticulous and also look at similar colors in the photos.

I hope this post could help you a little bit and gave you more insight into my photos.
Please leave me a feedback in the comments and if you are interested in posts of this kind, please let me know with a suggestion.



Hello guys,
I wanted to write an article
for quite some time but I never really knew a topic to write about,until now.
Today I am going to be talking about SELF LOVE
and the importance of it.

The world we live in can be a pretty nasty and cruel place. Hating yourself is pretty easy to do, but no matter how you look like, whether you're fat, skinny, pudgy, thick.
You are beautiful, and sure it’s easy for me to say because I’m not you and I'm not aware of what you're going through.

There are young boys and girls growing up believing they have to look a certain way to be beautiful.
But it‘s not true and it never will be.
You are so beautiful and it‘s hard to believe I know, but promise me you'll keep on trying to love yourself.

And if you look in the mirror and see anything but absolute perfection, buy a new mirror.
You’re stunning and I will be damned if you let a few ignorant people tell you otherwise.
SELF LOVE is a long journey and it will take some time, but it‘s worth it.

You need to love yourself, it’s important.
Sometimes it seems impossible but you are amazing and no one else needs to believe it but you.

There comes a point in your life where 
people have said things about ourselves that we didn't even consider about ourselves.

Don't believe them.
You are who you think you are.
All those people who say bad
things about you just do it to make themselves feel better.
Believe in yourself.
You just have one life.
Make the most of it.
You are the person you think you are.
Don't let other people define what type of person you are.

And at last, ...more the less the first.
The one who supports you, may it be good, may it be rough.
The one you can talk about everything, whose
opinion sometimes may hurt but heals too.
You really need someone who knows you better than you know yourself.

Someone who has your heart fully.
Of course your family.
After all they are your net if you fall down.
They may be strange,
strict,emberessing or maybe too old fashioned.
But they raised you, they loved you everyday of your days.
Your family is important.

Maybe it will help you get trough
the day, trough to yourself.



Welcome to my Autumn
Blog Post

Today I am showing you pictures and a short clip from my Autumn look. 🎬
Im so in love with:
My - XL swether from H&M
My - skirt from Pimkie
My - shoes from Pimkie

My - watch from Rosefield
My - accessories from

Trak : One Time - Marian Hill • Sway



My name is Nicole and welcome to my first Blog!

I am really excited about sharing all that I know about my passion, food, styles and inspirations. I have a wealth of experience behind me.

Since I finally have time, i thought about creating my own little blog. Actually, I do not take the whole thing too serious. I‘m just doing it out of fun. It's just about showing you my personal style and having a bit of fun. I’m pretty excited about any feedback!

Fashion is my passion! 

Have fun here 👋🏻