Hey blog.

I become bored extremely quickly and need to change something. Normally I will just dye my hair dark brown BUT today was different. I bought red hair dye and tried to be BOLD

After the first attempt, you could definitely see my hair was more red and no longer brown. It wasn't bright enough in my opinion so I went out and bought another red dye box but the next morning, it looked the exact same or a bit darker. Even though it did not turn out as planned, I am still decently happy with it. Next time I will buy the brightest box I can find and hopefully, that will work best!

I uploaded the video process of it on YouTube so check it out:

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Hey blog.

WOW I can't believe I've finally managed to start my somewhat kinda not really cool blog, haha

Who I am

My name is Nicole and I am 19 years old ('97 baby) from Canada. I currently spend my days at university (hell), I'm not much of a book person, and drinking lots of coffee - black. I become bored extremely fast and often find myself day-dreaming. My mind is constantly all over the place thinking of things I want to do and need to do. I have all these ideas and projects I want to accomplish but I'M SO LAZY (hints to why this blog has taken me 3 years to create) however, even though I'm only 19 years old, I actually feel more like 40 years. I don't want to waste my life doing nothing, especially "my young years". I WANT TO DO EPIC SHIT

On this blog

I'm going to keep it real as fuck. I hate when people sugar coat things. I like facts and getting straight to the point. Here, I will be extremely honest with whatever I post. My YT subbers who have seen my cry videos on the internet can vouch for me on this.

I want to post my daily life, my struggles, my successes, the places I travel, the clothes I wear, everything.... if I can help someone, inspire them or bring joy someone's day then I have succeeded. And that's I all want in life.

hope ya stick around :)