I have been thinking about chopping off my hair for MONTHS and MONTHS

September has been one of the shittiest months of my life. I really needed a change so I finally decided to do it and get my hair cut. Quite a few people including my mother told me that I should not do it and that I will hate it, however, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.

I was really scared at the hair salon. The hairdresser was extremely friendly and throughout the whole appointment, she would ask me what I thought. When I got home and looked in the mirror, I was really unsure how I felt. This morning I woke up and I am totally in love with my fringe! I have received such positive feedback from friends and family. I am so glad I did it.

If you want to get bangs, I HIGHLY recommend getting a professional to do it. I have seen so many people cut their own hair/bangs and then regretted it. Leave it to the people who went to school for hair and know exactly what they are doing!

Tell me what your opinion on bangs in the comments!
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Love always,

Nicole xo

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hello friends,

sad post but I need to vent.

friday september 8th, 2017 I received the worst text message someone could receive. It was from my friend's father letting me know that my friend had suddenly passed away. I'm not going to go into the details of her death because that is not why I am writing this post. I am writing this post because in these past 5 days I have never seen so many fake people come out.

You know when a celebrity dies and then all of a sudden people act like they were that celebrity's biggest fan? That is kind of what is happening to my friend and it is fucking pissing me off. These people were not her friends. These people did not hang out with her. These people do not even know her fucking birthday.

Post after post of saying "RIP" and "I miss you so much. You were such a great girl" are making me so angry because they are not genuine. WHERE WERE YOU ALL WHEN SHE WAS HERE?! Just because you went to high school together, saw each other a few times at a party or the bar is not grounds for calling someone your friend. It is disrespectful to all her loved ones that actually gave two shits about her to say these things. AND along with the "RIP" posts, they add photos from years ago when they hung out drunk. Someone even made their Facebook profile picture about her but used pictures from 4 YEARS AGO at a high school party, LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! It makes me so frustrated because they are literally milking her death to get sympathy that they don't deserve.

I have known this girl since preschool. We did ballet and swimming lessons together. We were partners for class projects. We graduated together. We experimented together. We dealt with breakups together. We've dealt with shitty people. We laughed all the time together. Our sisters did baton together. Our mom's talk to each other every time they run into each other. She was like my fucking family. I grew up with her. She is the longest relationship I have with someone that I am not related to.

I know anger is part of grieving but I feel a lot of anger when I see people have her initials in their Instagram bios or make posts saying "I wish I had known you better". It just doesn't seem right. They knew of her, but they didn't know her.

Maybe I am wrong for saying this but it is just how I feel.



Hey blog.

I become bored extremely quickly and need to change something. Normally I will just dye my hair dark brown BUT today was different. I bought red hair dye and tried to be BOLD

After the first attempt, you could definitely see my hair was more red and no longer brown. It wasn't bright enough in my opinion so I went out and bought another red dye box but the next morning, it looked the exact same or a bit darker. Even though it did not turn out as planned, I am still decently happy with it. Next time I will buy the brightest box I can find and hopefully, that will work best!

I uploaded the video process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afZqU1hjMgs



Hey blog.

WOW I can't believe I've finally managed to start my somewhat kinda not really cool blog, haha

Who I am

My name is Nicole and I am 19 years old ('97 baby) from Canada. I currently spend my days at university (hell), I'm not much of a book person, and drinking lots of coffee - black. I become bored extremely fast and often find myself day-dreaming. My mind is constantly all over the place thinking of things I want to do and need to do. I have all these ideas and projects I want to accomplish but I'M SO LAZY (hints to why this blog has taken me 3 years to create) however, even though I'm only 19 years old, I actually feel more like 40 years. I don't want to waste my life doing nothing, especially "my young years". I WANT TO DO EPIC SHIT

On this blog

I'm going to keep it real as fuck. I hate when people sugar coat things. I like facts and getting straight to the point. Here, I will be extremely honest with whatever I post. My YT subbers who have seen my cry videos on the internet can vouch for me on this.

I want to post my daily life, my struggles, my successes, the places I travel, the clothes I wear, everything.... if I can help someone, inspire them or bring joy someone's day then I have succeeded. And that's I all want in life.

hope ya stick around :)