Bethan, 18, is a fashion student at Winchester.

Why did you pick this outfit today?

"The trousers' I purposely picked, I didn't really think about what they looked like I just put them on. It was cold out so I just put a polo and scarf on"

Where do you normally shop?

"My favourite shop is Zara, because its cheap but also really good quality"

Where would you say you get your style inspiration?

"I like to look at blogs like the little magpie and street vibe, I'm mainly based online"

Abbie, 18, is studying Drama and education.

What inspires your daily style?

"I read a lot of magazine's such as Cosmo or Glamour and take inspiration from them"

What shops do you normally shop in?

"I normally shop in New Look, Topshop or Urban Outfitters. Their affordable and fashionable"

Morgan, 24, is a film production student.

​"I like to shop in vintage shops, I don't have a specific ​place to buy clothes, I just find a good piece and go from there" 

"I used to follow trends, I tend to now look at what celebrities are wearing or chose my outfit around a specific item."

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Updated portrait of model Ben Dahlhaus, finally getting the hang of hair. Could be a lot better in some places but I'm slowly improving!



Drawing in process of model Ben Dahlhaus, I've got a lot to learn when doing portraits but I'm getting there!



Currently in the Saatchi gallery, London there is the Chanel exhibition. Exploring the early life of Gabrielle Bonheur ''Coco'' Chanel and how through the years the brand itself has changed. The overall presentation of the exhibition is truly beautiful, every little detail has been thoroughly planned out, though I do recommend you book early to avoid the queues. After seeing the exhibition I personally see Chanel in a different light, it has made me aware of the brand and how its progressed over the years, its touching to see how Gabrielle took such care of her work and company, even into her old age, every little bit had been strategically planned out and had a personal touch to it. There's so much more that meets the eye, especially learning the history behind each piece. I really do recommend that you try and find the time to see it as words cant capture it!




I have recently noticed the rise in polaroid pictures, these cute white outlined photos that look great on walls, scrapbooks and even make the perfect unique gift. However,when browsing online and on apps I realised how expensive it is to get polaroids made. I thought, is it really that hard to make it yourself. The answer is No! It is surprisingly simple and doesn't take that long at all. This is a quick tutorial on how I found the best ways to make them, also being cost effective. 

What you need: 
Photo card/Glossy paper 
Craft knife 

Step 1: Pick photos on your laptop or computer. Edit them or keep them natural. I found when picking out photos, the best polaroids were the ones that were edited. My favourite photo editor is VSCO cam or afterlight.

Step 2: Use Microsoft Word and and paste your photos. Now it depends  how big or small you want your polaroids to be. I decided to use this template below. I found this gave me enough proportion of white card to photo, and looked like a polaroid!

Step 3: Using the template or your own sizings, print off your photos. Now, once printed, use a craft knife to carefully cut round the template, make sure you use a ruler and you might want to put an old book or some cardboard as the knife can cut your surface your working at. Place the ruler on the line of the template and cut carefully with the knife (please hold the paper carefully watching your fingers!).

Step 4: Sometimes you will find the knife doesn't cut all the way through so make sure you do possibly three cuts making sure the line is smooth and straight - this is vital for a professional looking polaroid.

Step 5: Now continue taking care and precision. You could also try other coloured glossy papers and even write using a marker underneath the photo, this is really personal touch.



This blog will follow us and the journeys we have,
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There's going to be a lot, hopefully you'll stick around to see as we try to figure it all out!