Site clearance and other ground works activities have potentialenvironmental impacts which must be addressed even before any engineeringplanning is done. Evaluation of the overall ecological effects of clearing andremoving vegetation or disturbing other natural features, such as creeks,springs or waterfalls, for the purpose of putting up structures requiresthorough study and research to avoid fraud. Furthermore, even if detailedinvestigation is done, steps must also be taken to minimize any possible environmentalimpacts of the project on the locality and the general area where it islocated.

Here are some of the potential ecological andenvironmental impacts which must be considered:

1. Surface and groundworkcontamination during construction

The release of such substances as oil, methane and other toxicchemicals used in any construction activity may affect the pH or the overallquality of the water and the soil of the immediate site as well as neighboringareas.

2. Potential increase in water run-off into surroundingareas

Ground works and other clearing operations may divert or affectexisting waterways such that more run-off might be diverted toward criticalareas where residences may be affected or even result in such potentialdangers, such as landslides or mudslides.

3. Loss of habitats and flora ormigration of fauna from the area

Noise during construction may disturb the feeding and sleepingpatterns of fauna and clearing operations might directly lead to destruction ofhabitats for plants and insects and other animals, particularly mammals andbirds. The worst result would be the complete loss of all plant and animal lifebecause of lack of concern for environmental preservation, as most people didin the past.

4. Pollution from surface waterrunoff during construction

Surface water runoff during construction may also pollutewaterways as a result of clearing and construction activities. Rivers, streamsand strings may carry loosened topsoil and even chemicals used in operatingconstruction equipment, as well as debris from wastes or materials used duringthe construction, especially when proper disposal of such chemicals and wastesare not observed.

Concern for the environment requires meticulous study so as toconserve the benefits we derive from having a balanced ecology within humandwelling areas. Frank Owens Contractors has the experienceand expertise needed to provide utility services, assuring landowners thatsufficient care for the environment is achieved for the sake of futuregenerations.