Second day of Moscow-life is over, which was also the last day here. It's been a good day. We started off by going to the Lenin-mausoleum which is a combined cemetery for presidents or important Russian people and grave for Lenin. You might think Lenin is a part of the cemetery but he actually has an entire stone building and a fancy tomb to show off his preserved body. It was free of charge and even though we got to see him for like 20 short seconds it was actually pretty cool. Lenin was about 165cm of height, he looked very tiny laying there in peace. I must say, he looked pretty artificial but I guess that's what happens to a body that's been laying in a glass tomb open for the public to see for almost 100 years.

After the Lenin visit we discovered an underground mall. It was kinda fascinating, three floors of fancy stores underground. We had lunch in there and Elin found here long longed for Boston Kreme at Dunkin Donuts.

Spent the rest of the day strolling around Moscow, looking at people and taking pictures with the Christmas lights. Such fun day! A weird thing though, they were playing Jingle Bells all over a square??? Aren't we supposed to kill Christmas music the day AFTER Christmas???

Btw! Not sure when we will be able to update next:) we're boarding the train that will take us to Irkutsk tomorrow. It will take about 4 days for us to get there so maybe we won't update until January 19. Just so you know!

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Hi guys!

We just got back to the hotel after a long day on our feet. Moscow took us by storm, what a city! The buildings here are amazing!! They still have a lot of Christmas and New Years stuff like lights, ornaments, trees etc all around the city. We didn't have a plan when we walked out the door this morning but we ended up seeing the Red Square, many Cathedrals and a lot of amazing buildings. The buildings here are amazing in general, you could stare yourself blind on the details.

Summary of today is that we really like Moscow and even though most people living here look mad 90% of the time when we ask them confused touristy things, they are actually pretty sweet. But, and this is a big but, they don't speek any English, like ANY English whatsoever. Or maybe we didn't meet any of the English-speaking Russians.

Here's a big bunch of pictures from today. Enjoy!



Hola amigos!

As they probably don't say in Russia. Truth is, we don't really know much Russian. We know "spatsiva" if that's even the way to pronounce it.

We woke up at 5.20 this morning. Or actually, I woke up at 5.20 while Isse still wasn't done packing so she actually never slept at all.

Plan was for our wheels to start turning at 06.00. When do you think we left my house? 06.16. Well, it was a good try, wasn't it?

Our plane is delayed until 14.00. How do you entertain yourself at an airport? There are many ways. For example you can watch how stupid people act, use up all your phone battery only to discover there is no place to charge because the terminal is "under construction" or just stare at each other. The last mentioned is what we do. Or was it the first?



Hey peeps!

So this day as the last few days have been a lot of running back and forth. Today's mission was to go get some Malaria pills but as always it's not that easy, so after have been at three different pharmacy's i actually have two packages, Elin we maybe will survive this 👍
Otherwise packing is not going that great, i will tell you guys something really exciting.
Even tho me and Elin do a lot of stuff together we are actually very very different. In a situation where you need to pack for an example, Elin will calculate how much stuff she needs (and not a piece more) and how much space her stuff needs, then she carefully chose out what bag she needs and what makeup and stuff she wants to bring, and then maybe 20 minutes later she's at the door screaming Isse i'm done. You guys see how normal easy and helpful Elins brain is to her.

WEEEEEELLLL while all this happened to Elin, Isse is in her room crying and 25 minutes later comes out with 3 maybe 4 big bags with ALL her stuff because why put yourself in a hard position and chose out you stuff you need when you can take all.

SO packing in one backpack to a trip that maybe will last two weeks or maybe 5 month it's HARD. But enough with sad stores. In one day we will be on out way and actually i'm getting some travelfever (it's a Swedish expression i think) i have a hard time falling asleep there are tooooooo many thoughts in my head, but who needs to sleep right?!

This Sunday it's my birthday so we had an early birthday tonight.🎈🎉 My mum cooked an amazing dinner and a really Delicious dessert :D And my dad cooked some Dutch traditional dish that we normally have to New years eve but i really wanted them! they are called oliebollen so if you ever are in the Netherlands or passing by my house make sure to ask for them because they are soooooooo AWESOME!

Last i want to say that i hope you guys will follow us on this journey and that i'm not the best speller so if you see something that's looks or sounds weird, it's probably gonna happen again..

🐮/ Isse



It is February 2016, the sun is pretty warm to be this early in the year. We're sitting on the couch watching a bad movie in Isse's living room trying not to feel bad for being inside on such fine day.
"Hey, where do you have those photo albums you were talking about before?"

Isse's parents were traveling a lot when they were younger. Her dad took many photos and did something a lot of us dream of doing but almost never go through with - he printed the pictures and put them into his own designed photo albums.

There are several albums in the collection, but there is a specifik one I like better than the others. It is marked "Trans-Mongolian Railway, 1991". While I look through her parents backpacking/railway ride through Russia, Mongolia and China I start feeling a spark light fire within me. Even if I have heard the story before, the dream of one day board that train myself didn't actually settle until now.


Many of you might be thinking we went to Norway to work at the airport for the experience and to get away from our usual, boring everyday life. Even if that is a part of it, it isn't the entire story. Ever since that day in February we've been dreaming about The Trans-Mongolian Railway. And guys, I got the tickets in the mail two days ago. How crazy right?

So what's the plan? We are flying out to Moscow, Russia on Thursday, January 12. Spending 3 days there with sightseeing and hardcore, all in touristing. January 15, which is also Isse's birthday, will be the day our dream come true. We will finally board that train taking us, firstly, from Moscow to Irkutsk. The final destination of the Railway is Beijing, China. Between Moscow and Beijing we've planned 6 stops, including Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia.

Arriving in Beijing 14 days after departure our plan isn't as clear. We want to backpack through Asia until we're broke enough to only afford the cheapest ticket home.

Regarding our blog, we will from now on only blog in English. It's hard to know exactly how much we will be able to blog, but we will do our best. Starting tomorrow you can follow everything we have to do before leaving to Russiaaaaaa.

Here's a low quality picture of the three Railways going through Russia.



Hej på er!

Vi tänkte mest bara säga att bloggen är EJ DÖD. Vi har bara tagit en REJÄL paus hahaha. Vi ska försöka blogga så mycket som möjligt i framtiden. Bara inte just nu. Oklart ellerhur? Vi återkommer med mer information i januari! Så länge får ni gärna kolla in dessa 4 videos från Norgeeeee :D




Hey everyone who still are with us on our journey!

I Know it has been a really long time since you've heard from us, but where are still alive.

A little update: we are still in Norway and we still work at the airport.

Some new things: we've moved in to a collective living with four other people just 15 minutes away from the airport. It's a cute (actually kinda ugly) house in a neighborhood that looks a lot like Rättvik, our hometown.

Talking about Rättvik, we went there a while ago for a week just to hang out with friends and family. We had a great time, many fun things happened and it was very needed. We got another flat tire (second time in less than a month), it was the SAME tire?! Isn't that like a new level of bad luck?

We are doing great at work, I don't want to brag but we are literally killing it! It's a lot of fun and we are learning so much. We've seen a couple of local celebraties like Kristofer Hivju, Björn Gustafsson, Robin Paulsson and Maria Montazami.

Food update: We have been eating a lot A Lot and A LOT of Tacos (just because we can).

Last but not least we flew to Sweden from Oslo (obviously) to see fucking BEYONCE QUEEN B at Friends Arena in Stockholm. I am speechless, I actually don't know what to say for you to understand how crazily amazingly awesomely good she was.

Here are some photos from the last few weeks.

Putte i Parken, Leksand

One of the very many tacos we've consumed since we moved here

Photo session at a golden field

Elin's family came out to Oslo for a weekend

Home spa.

4 random pics of Elin.

Beyoncé in Friends Arena

A week back home.

​Randoms from the past week.



Hej på er,

Vi är tillbaka i Norge och har jobbat intensivt dom senaste tre dagarna. Jag blir bara mer och mer fascinerad för varje dag som går vad som händer med människor när dom ska resa. Dom blir en blandning mellan stress, paranoid, spänd, förvirrad och glad. Det är nästan sjukligt roligt att uppleva. Vana resenärer frågar frågor vid in-checks disken som till exempel; "Vart ska jag gå nu?"

En annan sak jag noterat är vad människor tar med sig från Norge. Hittills har jag checkat in; två plastpåsar med oanvända blöjor, ett våffeljärn, en oljetank, TV-skärmar, spelkonsoler.. Listan är lång kära vänner.

Det roliga är hur passagerare agerar som att det skulle vara fullt normalt. För mig som bara jobbat på flygplatsen i en dryg månad, är det väldigt annorlunda och konstigt att köpa ett våffeljärn på resan och ta med tillbaka till Dubai??

Förresten! En skön snubbe vi jobbar med bor tillsammans med en kille som jobbar på Extra. Därför fick vi en "present" idag som innehöll 36 paket tuggummi. Haha. Fett kul. Nu behöver vi inte köpa tuggummi på i alla fall en vecka ;)


Hey guys!

We're back in Norway again. I've been working for the last three days and it's been intense. Everyday I become more and more fascinated by what people turn into at the airport. It's a mix between stressed, paranoid, excited, confused and happy. It's very very interesting. Frequent travelers ask questions at the check-in desk similar to; "Where do I go now?"

Another thing I've noticed is what people decide to bring back from Norway. So far I've checked in; two plastic bags filled with diapers (unused yes), a waffle iron, an oil can, TV-screens, gaming consoles..... yeah the list is long.

The funny thing is how normal people act like it is. To me, who's only been working at the airport for about a month, it's a bit odd that people actually buy waffle irons here and bring them back to Dubai??

BTW! One of our awesome coworkers lives together with this guy who works at Extra. He brought us a "little gift" today containing 36 packages of gum.......... hell to the yeah.



Hej på er.

Mitt liv har varit väldigt rörigt på sistone. Jag har åkt mellan Sverige och Norge alldeles för många gånger. En nära släkting dog nyligen så jag spenderade hela förra veckan med min familj hemma i Sverige. Jag måste ändå säga att trots att vecka var väldigt tråkig, var det ändå skönt att få spendera så mycket tid med min familj.

Dom senaste veckorna har tagit hårt på mig. Nytt jobb, boende, miljoner intryck varje dag på flygplatsen och en släkting som dör... Jag vet inte hur jag orkar faktiskt.

Jag orkar inte prata mer om veckan som varit så här kommer några bilder.

Tack alla ni som stöttat mig, det betyder så mycket


Hey guys.

My life has been a mess lately. I've gone back and forth, Norway to Sweden too many times the last month. A close relative to me passed away recently, so I had to spend the entire last week in Sweden with my family. Even though it was one hell of a week, it was great spending so much time together with la familia.

Last couple of weeks have been tough on me. A new job, new living situation, millions of impressions everyday at the airport and a relative dying on me.... I don't even know how I'm still functioning.

Well, here are some pictures from last week, I don't feel like talking about this more than I have already.

Thanks to everyone that support me, I love you all ❤



Hej på er!

Förra helgen åkte vi till Karlstad. Vädret var på topp vilket sög eftersom vi fick lov att sitta i bilen i 3 timmar.. Men glada var vi ändå! Mötte upp Isses mamma och moster hemma hos hennes moster över ett glas rosé innan vi gjorde oss i ordning för kvällen. Vi gick i typ 30 minuter i den gassande kvällssolen till en Mongolisk restaurang där vi åt en supergod buffé innan vi gick vidare till CCC, som är Karlstads största och fräschaste teater. Isses mamma hade lyckats få tag i biljetter till Dödsdansen av August Strindberg. Teatern spelades av tre personer och det var inga små namn på listan direkt. Mikael Persbrandt, Lena Endre och Thomas Hanzon. Det var sjukt intressant och spännande att se skådespelare man normalt ser i Bäck spela en så djup och gammal historia. 

På vägen hem till Norge stannade vi vid en sjö vi spanat in dagen innan för att ta ett svalkande bad. Problemet var bara att vi hade glömt badkläderna hemma så vi skrämde bort hela stranden när vi bestämde oss för att yoloa och springa näck ner i sjön. LOL


Hey guys!

Last weekend Isse and I drove down to Karlstad to meet up with Isses mom and aunt. The weather was on freaking point and it sucked having to drive for 3 hours a day like that. We had a glass of rosé before we started getting ready for the night. We took a walk in the burning sun to this Mongolian restaurant and had their buffet (which btw was deliciouussss) before we continued our burning walk to CCC, which is the biggest and newest theatre of Karlstad. Isses mom got her hands on tickets to this play called "Dödsdansen" ("Dance of death" by August Strindberg). It starred only three actors, three very big names actually. Mikael Persbrandt, Lena Endre and Thomas Hanzon. It was really interesting and fun to see actors you normally see on TV do such deep and tender play.

On our way back to Norway we stopped to take a cooling swim in this lake by the road. Problem was we didn't bring swimwear so it ended with us scaring all the people away with attacking the lake naked, lmao.