Today became a quiet day, but will also be my last day here in Nevada before I'll go to the next state.

I started the day with nbreakfast, and after that I went to The Strip to buy some memories of Nevada. I'm so happy to be one of the 550,000 residents who are in Las Vegas, and one of the 2,000,000 people who are in Nevada!

I like Nevada beacuse I'm a big fan of deserts, and Nevada are an big desert. I love the heat, and the warm sand. I wish I had time to see a part of the Mojave desert, but I have to take it the next time I travel to the United States.

Now, I'll travel to the next state, but Nevada will always be one of my favorites.

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The goal of this trip os to experience as much as possible of Nevada and Las Vegas. That's why I started the day by going downstairs to the restaurant. I ordered pancakes, eggs with bacon and coffee.

After the breakfast I went outside to wait for a limousine that will take me to the pre-booked helicopter trip. For only anbout 3000-4000:- I'll get to ride a limousine to the helicopter, see the whole city from above, see Grand Canyon and much more!

When I'm sitting inside the limosuine in the backseat with at bottle of champange, watching Las Vegas streets. I've started to feel a little bit like Elvis for a second.

I arrived at the helicopter place and jumped inside the red-colored helicopter and we slowly began to fly upwards. Once in the helicopter the pilot told me how this trip is going to be like and things like that. 

We flew to Grand Canyon, and passed among the Hoverdam and Las Vegas lake. After the helicopter went down between the rocks to the platform, I've went outside and saw tables and chairs with people drinking champange. 

On the way back we went on the west side of the Las Vegas Strip, a 6.8km long street where the most famous hotels and casinos are located.

After this amazing helicopter trip, a limousine took me back to the hotel where I later was preparing to eat dinner, and later in the evning play on casino.

For dinner, I ate chicken with fried potatoes, and a glass of wine. After that I went down to the casino where I played the famous blackjack, poker and slots (one-arm bandit). Las Vegas is known for their casinos, and the city's income is just gamblibg and tourism.

I played at the casino far into the night, and after that I went to bed.



I'm sitting in the plane that soon will be landing in McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. I see the sun slowly go down the red-purple sky that was lighten up by all casinos , hotels and other iconic buildings , The feeling that I will soon be one of them 550 000 inhabitants, feels Unbelievable! 

The plane has landed and I'm on the way with a taxi to the hotel I'll live in couple of days,

The MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas is the second largest hotel !I came to the entrance and saw a big lion, and it's MGM's symbol, The hotel has 30 floors , 5034 rooms, and a large casino .I didn't do so much this evening when I mostly unpacked my chlothes and eaten classical Americans food, Hamburgers With strips.