Woop woop! New season ahead!

Summer is almost gone and about a weeks time I will be moving back to England, Bradford. The weeks has absolutely flown away this summer, but at the same time it was ages ago I was driven to Manchester to catch my flight back to Sweden. A new season is coming and I am thrilled.

New challenges, new people, new adventures.

New housemates, new house, new start.

I am so glad to know what’s next, to actually get a good start with good habits. Last year was truly a challenge as I had no idea what was ahead of me. I did not know what I was getting myself into, but this year I have a different strategy. I will go into this year determined to do my absolutely best, to see the best in everything and be intentional with work, rest and college. It’s going to be amazing!

Be intentional with your next season. Whatever you’re going through, whatever coming next, make sure you know where you’re going with it. What your intentions are, what you want from it - but especially what you’re giving into it. Be prepared, and think through what you can do for other people around you in your next season.

Be happy, know you’re loved, and stay awesome.

This season is going be amazing!

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No, not Solomon from the bible, although he was very wise indeed. But, this guy, is amazing as well.

He makes preaching sound like having a simple conversations. Amazing words, very wise, especially on staying the topic of staying single or having a healthy Godly relationship. Have a listen, check his youtube channel. I have only listened to a few videos so far, but what I've heard has really blown my mind.

If you're in doubt or if you're really interested HAVE A LISTEN!

The videos I've watched so far. Amazing.



Tonight I’m writing about a issue I know a lot of my friends, including me, have been struggling with. The presence of Jesus. It might sound weird, but please give it a read.

When we are first saved, first met by the Holy Spirit and touched by Jesus’ love, we are very often surrounded by other Christians. This is of course, not every case, but a lot of them. Maybe some great worship is played live, someone is speaking out promises of God and everything just seems to be at peace. Nothing seems cold, not storm is hindering you, distracting you - right at that moment it’s you and Jesus. It might be like that for an entire camp, or an entire conference. It’s amazing, God is doing so many things in you, and everyone around you is just as in inspired. Jesus is good, He’s going to change the world, He saved you all! But suddenly the last day of conference hits and everyone is sad to go, but as well excited to tell everyone at home what has been happening the past few days.

But once you get home, it’s not the same. You tell your family what’s been happening, all the jokes, the surprises, the people, but mostly about what God has done inside of you. They listen, they nodd, and say: ”that’s amazing. What’s for dinner later tonight?”. Something breaks in your heart, because you realize, just because something changed in you, doesn’t mean something changed at home, and in everyone else. Everything around you is the same as when you left, but You are different. A leak is forming in your heart, something shifts, and all of a sudden you’re not as inspired. What did really happen over conference? Sure, someone was healed from a bad back. Yeah, someone felt God’s love for the first time. But what else? Maybe it was just a feeling 1000 people were riding on. Maybe it wasn’t as great as you thought it was.

At conference, you made a decision to take your God-time to a daily basis. To seek His face, to read His word and to pray. At conference, every speaker made the word come alive, the worship was so powerful you simply had to put your hands up and everything was at peace. It’s scheduled, it all has it’s time. Jesus was speaking to you, time after time, encouraging you to become a better you. But it’s wasn’t quite the same when you got home. Suddenly, you’re left alone with your bible. Trying to find a book you enjoy reading and understanding. Trying to form a prayer into words, but it’s not the same. Conference/camp was different and you look back and you wonder why. Why is it so different now? Is it simply because now you’re all alone, and God doesn’t bother to show up when you’re alone? No.

Here’s something:

It’s easy to pray when you feel God’s presence.

It’s easy to believe in Him when you see miracles happening.

It’s easy to read God’s word when it’s all about love and how precious we are.

But it gets tougher when it feels like we’re sat there, talking to ourselves.

It’s harder to believe when a family member is diagnosed with cancer.

It’s difficult to believe in a good God when you read that He killed an entire city.

I’m going to break it out for you - being a Christian doesn’t make your life easy. The circumstances around you are the same, they won’t change. What changes is that Jesus lives within you. He’s always been for you, He has always loved you - but when you invite Him to your heart, something shifts and a new power fills you. You circumstances stays - but you change.

When you continuously pray without sensing God’s presence, when you keep going with your bible reading even though you get an hours less sleep every night, things starts to happen inside of you. Faith starts to rise up.

Faith is not believing God when you see His face and when you for sure knows that He’s real.

Faith is not believing God because your parents believe in Him.

Faith is praying in the darkest nights, when you feel all alone, but still trusting there’s a good God out there who hears your prayer.

Faith is giving all your money to church, even though you can’t afford it, believing God will be your source for everything.

Faith is speaking against the spirit of sickness over your family even though you’re scared what the next week might involve for your family at the hospital.

Faith is believing without hearing, feeling or seeing.

Just because you can’t feel God’s presence every time you pray doesn’t mean He isn’t listening for every whisper, every thought.

Just because you don’t always understand what you read in your bible, doesn’t mean it doesn’t change something in your heart.

Just because you’ve done something wrong, and feel bad for years, doesn’t mean God hasn’t forgiven you. You are free.

A lot of times, I feel like I’ve lost Jesus. Somehow I dropped Him on the way home from the subway. "Oh, I’ve must’ve forgotten Him at church, because now, all of a sudden, when I pray, it’s like He isn’t there." He doesn’t speak to me the same way, He doesn’t show up like He very often does. But every time I pray, ”Lord, why did you leave me?” He always answers ”I never left you, I've always been right here”.

He never left me, He’s always here, guiding me and protecting my heart. Even though I can’t see him. Even though I at times ignore Him. He’s always there, trying to get a hold of me and you. Reach out.

But you got to have faith.

Stay strong, stay beautiful. Thanks for reading this massive post. You are all amazing.



​I found myself looking for something to post about, and a question popped out: ”Why do you blog?” It’s a very simply question with many answers. Let me tell you a few.

1. Keep friends up to date

Since I’ve moved to England a lot is happening all the time. I don’t mind telling everyone about it, but sometimes it’s just easier writing it all down and having everyone read it. In that way I don’t have to tell the same story multiple times and another perk: I can add photos to it!

2. Keep my writing going

I absolutely love to write, but somehow life keeps coming in the way for me to do it. Sad. But by keeping a blog and people sneakingly reminding me (thanks for doing this btw) that I haven’t posted in a while, keeps my fingers on the keyboard. I need something to keep me typing and someone to remind me all the time. It’s great practice.

3. Share my heart

In case you haven’t notice, I tend to post not only about my life and current events, but also words and books I love. Something God spoke to me about, or simply something we’ve been talking a lot about in college. There is so much I want to share, and I believe my blog is the perfect source for this.


Also, I want to encourage you with something in this post. I am now speaking about my ’why’ behind my blogging. That helps me blog even more, as I know why I’m doing it. If you are sick and tired of your job or what you do, I’d like to encourage you to write down some reasons why you do it. It will help you get through what you do a lot easier. Well, that is if you have a good why. If your job simply is for money, maybe you should rethink that why. You get what I mean. When you get tired and weary - get back to your why and get the job done. You’re awesome.



So it’s final, my first year of college is over. My dream,came true and now we’re all settled with that year. But what now? What happens next term? Next year?

Every time I came to visit home I have changed my mind about this question. I love family, Sweden and I really want to keep them as close as I can, but something is calling me back to England. Therefore, I will be doing a second year of college!

Over christmas 2016 I was extremely sure I wasn’t staying another year, I would finish in June and be going back home, Sweden, that was it, I didn’t want anything else. I didn’t like England at the time, I felt alone and I just wanted to get out of there. Then I spent a night with a friend at the countryside (Halifax is crazy-beautiful btw) and God dropped a dream while I was snoozing my alarm during the morning. The dream was about a plane, lifting from England, with me in it. But as it lifted, my seat stayed on the ground. I stayed, in England. I didn’t think much of it, it was a bit of a weird dream. I told my friend about it and she said that it might mean something. That maybe I should ask God about it. As she said that, I silently asked God in my heart if it did. He answered very clearly: ’It means I want you to stay in England.’

My heart dropped. Tears came to my eyes just the very thought of staying another year. I stayed silent during the car ride to college, but during the worship I cried out to God. Why? Why was He doing this? 

I didn’t have peace about it, it was nagging my heart all day. As I was working (cleaning for three hours gets you a lot of thinking time) I got even more confused about it. But as I got home, exhausted after a long week and a tiring day, I knelt down on my knees and played the song from the film ’Joseph - King of Dreams’, the animated story about Joseph from the bible. Lyrics from the song is:

”For You know better than I

You know the way

I’ve let go, the need to know why

Cause You know better than I”

(Absolutely amazing soundtrack, but honestly, I like the Swedish version a lot more)

But I just fed the thought that God knows what He’s doing. If He wants me here another year, then I’ll go. My little mind can’t compare, can’t understand what He has planned out. I know it’s going to be extremely difficult, leaving Joacim and living with a long distance relationship another year, not seeing my family, but if it’s this year I need to take, to grow to focus on myself - I will do it. It’s going to be worth it in the end. Family is still here when I come back. It’s all going to be good.

I’m really looking forward to the next season. New challenges, new adventures, new people. I really can’t wait even though a gut feeling of craziness is spreading. I’m moving into a new house with my bestie you’ve probably seen all over social media, Lydia Rowland. I can’t wait to share next year with her. I can actually cry of happiness when I think about how awesome it’s going to be. I can’t believe I got such an amazing friend.

Which also brings me to say - this blog continues all of next year! I might write about some of the posts on Facebook, but definitely not all of them. Keep your eyes open! I love to hear replies and about people following my journey. It makes my heart smile, so thank you if you’re on of them. You mean the world to me.

Please keep my close in your prayers as I will be flying across the ocean and facing a lot of new challenges. To stay healthy all year and to always have the right focus and attitude. Thank you all for your prayers!



Three snapshots from my parents garden. Hope you enjoy, more to come.




About a month ago I graduated from Life Church College. How insane is that? I finished the biggest dream I've ever had. I made it - I did it! I flew to England, lived with people I didn't know, learned a heck of a lot about myself and finished strong. I was weaker than ever during periods, but I finished strong and that's what matter most. I've gained friends stronger than child hood ones, even though I know I might not see them again. I have learned so much about myself and hearing God's voice, I'll never doubt it again. I've laughed so much, I can't even understand how much. And even though I left family, a new amazing boyfriend and two great jobs, I will never regret moving to Bradford and joining Life Church College.

I know I’ve said it about million times, but I will never stop talking about how good College is for someone who wants to grow their leadership or character. College truly pulls something out of you that you just can’t get at home. The environment change, the way the church speaks about people, God’s heart - it beats everything. There are plenty of good bible colleges and I know that Bradford isn’t for everyone - but I also know it’s for many more than what it currently is. only I know about 20 people who would rock college. Moving abroad, starting something new on your own is amazing and you will absolutely grow to another level.

Here is some pictures from graduation. Some of them have grown to be my best friends. Not seeing them hurts my heart, but knowing we all are walking in God’s will is comforting. LIFE CHURCH COLLEGE 16-17 YOU ARE MY FAVORITE

Me, diploma and bible

Me and Jess who came to visit me during grad-week

Joel won first year student of the year

then we all walked across the stage. This is beautiful Emelie. My true swedish friend.






Arran. Can you guess where he's from


Then we partied all night long (and went to mcdonalds down the road)



Today was an amazing day at college! I've been looking forward to this day for months, and it finally came. Today, all of college, all January intake, 2nd years and 1st years went to the beach in Scarborough and it was absolutely stunning. When we left Bradford we also left the cloudy skies, and met the beautiful sunny beach. I was convinced I wouldn't even go in the water, but about 50% did actually go all under, including me (yes I am very proud of that fact). We all got sunburned, and it was just an amazing day. We got to do a lot of frisbee, volleyball, eating fish&chips, laughing, tanning and just hanging. It was absolutely gorgeous there. Might not be the best pictures, but hey, at least they represent a beautiful day.

I was a lot happier than I look on this picture. Lydia is just as cool though, even though she's not really in focus.

this was just right next to the beach! Scarborough is definitely recommended if you want to go on vacation in the UK.

beach beach beach beach beach all day

I couldn't get a proper shot of it (because I'm short) but we found this in the sand. Someone had written "Happy 70th Birthday to me". What a guy. The art work on the left was madly impressive as well.



Do you really understand that you are one of the chosen ones?

Do you really understand what power there is in your words?

Do you really understand God’s calling upon your life?

Lately God has been speaking to me a lot about the future. What He has in store and what He expects of me. Not in a burdening way, but in an encouraging way. There is so much in store for us in the future, but the truth is - some of us might not experience it.

As a young person we all have dreams, visions and passions we desire to come to pass, to see happening, to achieve. All of those are from God. It is not a coincidence that the gifts He has put in us line up with our future. He wouldn’t call you to be a musician if you can’t even get your mind around a chord system. He wouldn’t call you to be an artist if you didn’t understand one bit about art. He would never put a vision in your mind that you weren’t able to achieve. Sure, there’s a lot of growing to do before you’re there; and sure there’s a lot of difficult times ahead to reach it, but that’s all a part of the process. God has placed amazing things in you because you need to use it.

It can be something silly like this: I love planning. Writing down what’s up ahead, organizing, spread sheets - you name it, I love it. I can spend a whole day on my computer, organizing things and feeling so good about myself. There’s a reason God has put that in me. I have no idea for what reason, but I know that there’s something in it He wants to use. So what do I do with it for now? Wait until He asks me to use it in my big calling? No, for now I develop it, see it flourish, challenge myself in it and try to make myself even better.

See your strong sides and be confident in them. Tell other people and ask them what of their strong sides they can develop to be even stronger. Don’t look away from something you’re awesome at and say you’re ”alright”. One of Sweden’s ever best hockey player spoke about the highlights of his career saying ”yeah it went pretty well for a while”. Don’t be like that. Don’t have pride, but know who you are and what Christ have put in you. Stay humble, but know that you’re a child of God. Now that is something to brag about.

Stay strong. Stay humble. Stay you and develop your strong qualities.

You know He wants you.

pictures from pinterest



This weekend was mad.

I came home from another visit of Sweden Monday 29th, and from there it was all prep for Life Church's biggest and greatest conference. C H E R I S H. It was one of the most wonder- and powerful weekends I've ever experienced. 7000 women gathered together in Leeds Arena to worship God, to learn more from his word and just gathering as ONE (this year's theme). Standing in an arena full of women hungry for more of God was beyond beautiful. The hair on my arms stood up as I scanned the crowd, every hand raised to the highest King. "This is why I do what I do" I thought to myself standing among so many other women.

So what did I do during the conference? Where did I serve this time? Same as every time of course - guest relations!

It was an absolute privilege to be serving in guest relations, to serve our guest speakers and pastors. Even though it's mainly making sure everything looks good, running for coffees, making sure nothing stinks, prepping food and whatnot, I am very sure I had the best time I could have. Meeting Darlene Zschech, Alex Seeley and Martin Smith is not what everyone gets to do everyday. Just to have a quick word whether they wanted coffee or tea might not matter, but it did to me.

It's actually really interesting to meet them when they're behind the scenes. Everyone gets to see them once they're up on stage, but I actually got to see them once they come of, when they don't need their smile plastered on their face anymore. It could either show an ugly side of them, that they are just holding up a facade and that nothing really is as it seems, but having them behind the scenes makes me look up to them even more. Not a lot of people knew that during the last day of Cherish, Alex was sick, she threw up a couple of times in the morning, but she still decided to show up on the evening service to preach for 45 minutes. The way they treat each other, the way they sacrifice time with families or even just being wise with their health doesn't stop them from serving God's kingdom. Which is absolutely and utterly amazing. Power-houses. All of them.

To sum it up, it's been a hectic week and I've been loving it! Looking forward to next year, make sure to buy tickets once they're down in price!



Some of you may roll your eyes when you see this title. ’That stupid boyband’ is what you think. What you see is five boys who has taken so many teenage girls’ hearts and you think it’s all ridiculous. Well, let me tell you a story.

I was 14. I was girl who was confident. I loved being with my family, I loved playing the piano, swam at least twice every week if not more, and enjoyed life to the fullest. I was a girl, a simple girl, who loved God and I was living in His freedom. Time passed by and I started 9th grade. I didn’t in particular enjoy school anymore. Suddenly nothing seemed exciting anymore. Something happened, something shifted and life turned from being awesome (you know like life is when you’re 14) to being something I was just getting through day after day. I started to spend more time on my phone. When I say more time, I mean hours and hours. My life consisted of waking up at 6, being on my phone until 6:50, getting dressed, ate something quick to leave the house at 7:10. Then I was at school, pushing through the day, just getting on, to then get home, eat something, then quickly go before anyone else was done so I didn’t have to help washing up and then spent more time on my phone for the rest of the night. The nights when I had swim practice was extra tough. Because I actually had to leave the house, go somewhere and exercise. So I decided to give it up, no more swimming. Who cared? It costed tons of money and I didn’t enjoy it anymore. Now I could spend even more time on my phone. Great, just great.

But what did I do so many hours on my phone? What could possibly be taking me so many hours? Here’s the answer, take a look at the title again. Yes that’s right - One Direction. The band stole my 14-year old heart and I was locked inside it. I read fanfics about them, I looked at their music videos, I knew every song they recorded, I knew every dance move they did, I saw every meme of them and I even wrote stories about them. It was a gift God had given me, to write - so of course that was the right thing to do. I had one Instagram account for my personal photos and one ”fan account” for all One Direction- stuff. I loved it so much. Everything about them. The way the came together as a group, their characters and how brilliantly their voices worked together. I stuck through this one year. Sure, I was growing more than ever in my gift of writing. Sure, I was having loads of fun, but at the same time, I never saw my family anymore. We lived in the same house, but I couldn’t find the energy to see them or actually talk to them at times. It had gone to the point when I came down one night and they all looked at me like they were surprised to see me. ”Are you coming to sit with us tonight?!”

Thinking about it now breaks my heart. Because at the time I was just an innocent girl. But as all this was going on, I started to loose sight of myself. I never spent time with God anymore. My family who loved me rarely saw me because I had given up ridiculously many hours on my phone to something that didn’t even matter. This changed me. I wasn’t as confident anymore. I got influenced with all the other girls who were in the same seat as me. I was not eating, because now all of a sudden I was ”fat”. I didn’t find my worth in God, I found it in how many likes I had gotten on my latest Instagram post. (and if it was up to 20 it was a lit one I tell you). I knew something was wrong, and at times I tried to do something about it. During Christmas my grandmother kept asking me if I was sad or tired, and it absolutely made me wanna burst into tears because no, I had just turned into a really really sad person. I wasn’t happy Nellie anymore. One night I decided to change, so I gave my sister my phone, she was going to be away for the night and come back around 10, and she went away with my phone in her bag. But as she had it I didn’t know what to do with myself. I played a couple of songs on the piano, but then I sat in a chair, staring at the floor and I remember crying. Crying because I didn’t know what to do with myself. It was awful. It was like my existence was in a little machine that somehow had managed to take over my life. I tried to convince myself and people around me that I kept it at a healthy level, but I knew well that it wasn’t healthy. Not only my mental life got affected, but my body as well. I got head aches, I was constantly tired and rarely spoke to people. I lost weight, by wrists and hand hurt, especially my right one from holding my phone too much. My neck was sore and going from a swimmers body to siting still all day really took it’s toll.

But then summer came. It had gone 10 months, nearly a year. During the summer I went to a camp. The camp was so far out in the forest which meant internet couldn’t reach the spot. I could barely get a signal. This meant I go to spend 5 full days without any internet, with my best friends and in God’s presence. Let me tell you if God had things planned. I can’t remember any special worship night where it all just changed, but I do remember lying in my bed and deleting all the 650/1000 pictures of 1D I had. I remember coming home from the camp with only me, my sister and cousin in the room, and tearing off the posters I had inside my closet. I was done. They had taken so much life from me and I was not okay with that anymore. I got on my Fan account and changed the password to something like this ”hfjdsöahb488” and then logged out former. I was done. During the camp I had realized what actually had happened to me. Instead of worshiping God, who is worthy of all praise, who loves me more than I could ever understand or imagine, I had started to worship something else. Instead of spending time, reading my bible and saying yes to God’s promises, I read books about One Direction and said yes into accepting them to my life. I spent money on buying CD’s and what else I could get my hands on, but I never once gave my money to church. They had taken the place God was supposed to have in my life, and I knew in my heart that it had gone bad. After they had released their music video I had hyped for a month, I felt a hole in my heart. Like a big hole I knew shouldn’t be there. A hole I deeply knew only God could heal. That was a turning point for me.

What I want to say with this massive post is that, God’s first commandment may seem really easy. Don’t have any God’s next to Him and love Him with all of your heart. Yes Lord, I don’t believe in buddha or any other gods, it’s only you! But I’m only going to check Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Netflix and youtube first before (and I’ll see if I got time left over, you know have to go to bed early tonight!) I can spend time with you. But this guy is really cute, and he might ask me out so I can’t really turn my phone off, because what if he calls me?

What I’m trying to say is that it may not seem like other Gods, but what you spend your time on is what you worship. Worship is not necessarily only lifting your hands and singing a song. Worship is spending time on something. Be careful what you spend your time on. Don’t lose a whole year like I did. Go back to the source, read the word and worship GOD because He is worthy of all praise!

Thank you so much for reading this, this is one of the closest stories I have to my heart and during the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some more stories. Recently I’ve just realized how important it is to tell your story, what you’ve been through. Because God is working all the time, and maybe your story can help someone else massively. Maybe your story can change someone else’s.

Be strong, courageous and stay true! Jesus loves you.

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nope, can't hold it, have to have at least one smile in there



Yes, this is me, I won't post one single post in a month and then bomb with three in one day. Don't judge alright.

About two months ago I was supposed to make this post, but I couldn't put words on it in the way I wanted to, but I will give it another go.

We had a session with one of the main leaders in church. He was teaching us about the Holy Spirit, who He is, what He does and all about that. It was a great session and it really inspired me. We talked about how we can ask the Holy Spirit anything. He spoke about some other stuff and then he said that we were going to get practical. I always get nervous when people say that. He wanted us to simply ask the Holy Spirit what animal we would be. Not as in, if I was born in a different age I would be a anything else but human, but as in what animal we could identify ourselves with. While everyone was nervously laughing, some closed their eyes, other kept theirs open and we all asked the Holy Spirit what animal we would be. It seemed silly at the time, but when I immediately got an answer, it shook me. I didn’t even finish the sentence before the word ”an Elephant” echoed in my mind. ”Geez thanks, funny God, Nellie the elephant. Big, fat, hairy and clumsy, great!” was me immediate response. Funny thing is, in that moment I actually insulted God by saying that was He identified me with, but like always God has a different perspective than us. Our lecturer then told us to ask a following question, why we should identify ourselves with this animal. A couple of words immediately came to my mind. ”Steadfast, strong, mighty and big”.

In a few seconds I realized how amazing elephants are. Yes we can see them as big and clumsy, but what about the power they have? The authority as the biggest animal on land? An elephant knows where he is going, each step has a determined setting, and there’s something mighty about them. If I was stood in front of an elephant I would slowly back away in amazement of how huge they actually are. God explained to me in four words what He saw me like. I’ve been viewing myself as the small girl all my life. The youngest of five siblings, the youngest in our class, tiny, I might spread some smiles, but God isn’t really going to use me more than that. Imagine the lies we can believe in! It’s so clear what lies that enemy had planted in my life! I am meant to do great things for God’s Kingdom! Even though I might be small physically, I am strong in mind. Even though I might be small, I have a big personality. I know where I am going, I know my steps and I know who I am bringing with me. I know who’s on my side and who I need to pray for. I am steadfast in what I am doing, and I am steadfast in my faith. I am, Nellie the Elephant. The great, great, Elephant.

Now I challenge you. What animal would the Holy Spirit like you to identify you with? We had all sorts in our class. Eagles, tigers, lions, polar bears… the list goes on. It was amazing. If you ask Him, don’t forget to ask Him why, because that’s the main reason to ask Him. I pray you will find some really cool sides of yourself you haven’t seen before.

and hey, they're pretty funny too.



About a month ago I published a post about dreams, how important it is to have dreams, small or big ones and how it affects us in various ways (hopefully good). Today I'd like to address practical ways to make you find what you dream of. If you're not really sure what you want to do or achieve, how can you dream? Here are 3 steps that may help you.

1. Create a pinterest account.

Sounds silly I know, what can some internet do right (a lot to be fair)? But as I shared in a previous post, I can't help but to love pinterest. Because even though it makes me stare at my screen for an hour or so, it inspires my heart. I've never gone away from the app thinking, "gosh now I have no ideas what to do". I always find something new, something inspiring. It could be whatever! I find loads of advice on writing, home decorating, clothes - yes about anything! Start scrolling and you might find that perfect new recipe you've been wanting for years. Start looking for what makes you happy and do more of that!

2. Visualize your dream.

Dreams are great when you're far away from them. To tell people "one day I will be doing that", or "I'll move there". But what I'd like to challenge you to do is starting to see yourself in the position. Don't only see it as a dream, but as a vision. Because when you start to see yourself somewhere, that's when you think it is possible. That's when things start to shift in you and you finally start to sense that God actually wants to take you where your heart desires.

When I write 'visualize', I mean literally seeing yourself. If you dream about being singer, close your eyes and imagine being one in the audience, looking and listening to yourself at the stage. If you want to be a architect, imagine being one of your clients, and seeing yourself showing them the room you just designed. It's scary to do, but it is so good to get down to practical ways. If you struggle to see yourself in the position you desire to be in, remember you can only go as far as you let yourself! Get confident!

3. Get a dream book

When I was in Stockholm last year with my sister we were strolling through the stores and when we were in Urban Outfitters I found a book that I absolutely fell in love with. It is called "The Bucket List book". What it allows you to do, is write down your dream on the left page and fill in the right page when the dream is achieved. It's an truly inspiring book ! I got it for Christmas which I was super thankful for. Because when I write it down in an actual book, it becomes like a promise to myself, that one day I will do this, I will create it. What is important though with these kind of books is not to fill up our lives with "exciting things" to feel like we've accomplished something, but to go for the dreams that makes us smile, the desires God has put in our heart. Don't go for experiences to make yourself look cool or good, but do what makes you smile and only search for God's confirmation, but not others.

So go for it! Put a vision, any dream and work towards that. God wants to work with you and trust me, He will if you let Him! ❤



Lately we've been speaking about reading and listning to a lot of podcasts on college. There is so much wisdom out there, so why wouldn't we draw out the most of it? I realize that life gets crazy busy, and that we often find that we don't have time to read or listen. But it is all about priorities. Listen while you are driving, listen when you are cleaning, read as a cool down before you fall asleep, wake up 30 minutes earlier to start the day with a good word.

It's easy to do, but it is also easy not to do.

Anyways, for you who really want to get started in filling yourselves with great words and new creative ideas, here are a few recommendations!


This is a great podcast by one of my pastors, Charlotte Gambill. Nearly every time she speaks I find it hitting my heart, and this one has especially changed my heart. Even though I don't have any children to raise just yet, it speaks about life in general. It is definitely worth the listen! Unfortunately I can only find it on Life Church's website, but still great!



I agree, it does look like a very boring book. A book no one would get through the 317 pages if my memory is correct. But trust me, this book is oh so good. Every one who desires to be in church in any kind of way should have read this magnificent piece. He writes about how we should create and form church into a place where unchurched people feel like they belong. Stanley opened my eyes completely and this is probably the book I would tell everyone to read - especially if you desire to lead church. read, read read!



Often when dreams are on the topic, we address the big ones. What are your dream work? Dream house? Or even better, who is your dream spouse?

We always talk about them in such great manner, that we rarely see that they once actually might be a reality. Or at least a close reality. We think we'll get the perfect house when we are 45, good job and have good money for it. We think about that great job we really want, and we are trying to go for it, and all of that is amazing. We should be doing all of those things. Going for our dreams.

But, let me ask you one question. What could you do today, to take one step closer to the dream you want to have as an reality later on in life? Might not be saving up all of the money at once but what small step do you want to take to make that dream your reality?

Maybe you can't save all your money for it, but maybe some! Do you want to write a book? Start working on a plot. Do you want to draw a picture? Start saving up for the material you need. Do you want to work as a police officer? Start studying what they do, start applying for some education!

Often we see dreams as something that will happen overnight. One day I will be there, one day I will be happy, then I'll be living my life. But truth is, all of these big dreams requires hard work and a lot of perseverance. A big beautiful house might come in your hands, and your dream is fulfilled, but you still have to sell your old house, you still have to move all of your stuff into it. All dreams requires hard work. But do you know what? It's worth it.

Moving away from the big dreams, I want to encourage anyone who is reading this to have smaller dreams as well. What about those small thoughts you have, that you think "One day I'll do that" not as in, "I'll have that job" but "I'll treat myself with that". It is so important to keep doing things you love. See small dreams as great success! For example, four years ago, I had a dream of having really long hair. So I decided to grow my hair. And it got really long! Just about a week ago I had a dream I have never had before. I wanted to plant a seed and watch it grow from something small to something big and beautiful. So simple, but still a dream! So this Monday I went to the store and bought some seeds, and then I put them in a jar of dirt, yes Jack Sparrow, my jar of dirt. And today i could see the first results! It might not have changed the world or my life, but it surely made me smile!

So what are you dreaming about? Small or big? What can you do to make it happen? Send a text message? Make a call? Buy something? Be creative!

Be Y O U.



Since I came home from Sweden last monday, life has been a bit difficult. I caught the flu whilst I was there and let's just say that flying is not recommended when you're having a cold. I got to Bradford and felt like I needed a day to just rest it off. What I thought was one day turned into four days. On Saturday I went to work for 9 hours, and it went very well actually. Yesterday was a busy and really fun day at church, so now I feel well enough to come to college finally!

at least I got a lot of time for my assignments haha!



Yes I went to Sweden over the past weekend! What an amazing four days I got to spend with my family. It was truly incredible. Bummed I missed the conference YA Movement here, but I would never trade it for the trip I got to make! Sweden, I will forever love you.

The reason I travelled to Sweden for only four days was my brother Linus' wedding. It was a wedding with 50 guests, and it was so beautiful. To be able to be a part of such a special day made me cry so many times. No one can understand how proud I am over my brother. He might be 11 years older than me, but I am still so proud over him. He is such a good guy with the biggest heart, and he has surely married the perfect match for him. They couldn't be better for each other. Here's some pictures!


Waiting for the bride and groom

Cutest wedding date ever.

Lisa and Oskar wanted to take pictures but we stopped them to...

...take another beautiful *hrrrm* portrait.

Sister and brother in law

My beautiful, beautiful mother.

For those of you who weren't at the party, I'm gonna have to explain this. This is me and my sisters dancing and singing to a song we re-wrote. I laughed my whole way through. It was awesome.



Halfterm is over, weeks has passed and I feel like I'm a different human.

Being on college, experiencing everything and seeing myself develop really proves to me that people change all the time. When I look back on January, I see a different Nellie back then to what I am now. It is crazy how much one can change and see God move in ones life during such short period of time. It is a true blessing to be in an environment like this with people leading me and drawing out the best in me in so many different ways. Having friends who supports me, drops God-chosen words into your life and helps you become a better person is just such an enormous blessing. I am truly growing everyday in my leadership, walk with God, strengthening my strengths and learning so much about myself.

God is good.

And a more detailed post about half term will be uploaded in a short while, so keep your eyes open!



In my application of being creative, I came up with this idea! It's so simple: an empty glassjar (you've probably thrown out 100s of these, literally all food in England are stored in these) and fairy lights stuffed into it! Really cute, and really easy!