Since I came home from Sweden last monday, life has been a bit difficult. I caught the flu whilst I was there and let's just say that flying is not recommended when you're having a cold. I got to Bradford and felt like I needed a day to just rest it off. What I thought was one day turned into four days. On Saturday I went to work for 9 hours, and it went very well actually. Yesterday was a busy and really fun day at church, so now I feel well enough to come to college finally!

at least I got a lot of time for my assignments haha!

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Yes I went to Sweden over the past weekend! What an amazing four days I got to spend with my family. It was truly incredible. Bummed I missed the conference YA Movement here, but I would never trade it for the trip I got to make! Sweden, I will forever love you.

The reason I travelled to Sweden for only four days was my brother Linus' wedding. It was a wedding with 50 guests, and it was so beautiful. To be able to be a part of such a special day made me cry so many times. No one can understand how proud I am over my brother. He might be 11 years older than me, but I am still so proud over him. He is such a good guy with the biggest heart, and he has surely married the perfect match for him. They couldn't be better for each other. Here's some pictures!


Waiting for the bride and groom

Cutest wedding date ever.

Lisa and Oskar wanted to take pictures but we stopped them to...

...take another beautiful *hrrrm* portrait.

Sister and brother in law

My beautiful, beautiful mother.

For those of you who weren't at the party, I'm gonna have to explain this. This is me and my sisters dancing and singing to a song we re-wrote. I laughed my whole way through. It was awesome.



Halfterm is over, weeks has passed and I feel like I'm a different human.

Being on college, experiencing everything and seeing myself develop really proves to me that people change all the time. When I look back on January, I see a different Nellie back then to what I am now. It is crazy how much one can change and see God move in ones life during such short period of time. It is a true blessing to be in an environment like this with people leading me and drawing out the best in me in so many different ways. Having friends who supports me, drops God-chosen words into your life and helps you become a better person is just such an enormous blessing. I am truly growing everyday in my leadership, walk with God, strengthening my strengths and learning so much about myself.

God is good.

And a more detailed post about half term will be uploaded in a short while, so keep your eyes open!



In my application of being creative, I came up with this idea! It's so simple: an empty glassjar (you've probably thrown out 100s of these, literally all food in England are stored in these) and fairy lights stuffed into it! Really cute, and really easy!



What I am writing in this post is three miracles to me. What has happened the past week has not happened by coincidence, but by God's amazing grace and blessing!

Living in another country and studying is obviously not free. Everything has to be paid in time and sometimes that has been a struggle to me. I saved up a lot of money by working this summer, and that kept me going through all of last term. I was working on the side while being on college, 6 hours a week as a cleaner at a daycare., Financially I was getting on well really well last term. But as we were coming to a this term I found myself wanting to do something completely different from what I was doing. After all, it was my third cleaning job and I found myself not enjoying it at all. I wanted something else, something that would challenge me, something to grow in and that actually could provide for me through the rest of college. I had my last cleaning shift at the end of January and I still didn’t have another job, even though I quit my cleaning job. I had spread my CV’s in the town’s mall and I was praying for God to provide a job for me. Not only a job that would pay the bills, but a job I enjoyed, a job that gave me energy instead of draining me. I knew He would provide for me, it was just a matter of timing. Earlier during the term I heard about a fund that supported Christian people who went to bible college and did stuff for Christ, and my friend had gotten 2 000 pounds from them, so I filed in for an application. It couldn’t hurt right?

Very soon the fund contacted my referees, but after that I didn’t hear anything from anywhere in three weeks. I kept strong in God’s promise that he was going to provide for me. If He wanted me to stay in college and if He wanted me to stay in England, He better make sure I can make it financially. I am just following Him where He wants me, and if I have done what I can by putting in an application and handing out CV’s, it’s all up to him to decide whether or not it’s right for me to get a job or not.

Last Friday, I got a call in the middle of class. I declined it since I was in a lecture, it rang again and I turned it down. As soon as we finished I called them back and it was the manager of the company ”The Works”, a bookstore at Broadway. They asked me if I was able to come in for an interview that Monday (yesterday) and since we have Mondays off, I was there. Same afternoon one of my leaders texted me and asked if I could babysit her 9year old daughter. I didn’t expect anything for it, but as I had been watching a film and danced to the game ”just dance” a couple of times, they handed me good money for it, and it was just a big blessing for me. God was telling me twice that day that he would provide for me. The day after, I got a mail from the fund, and they wrote me that they were going to give me the 2,000 pounds I had requested! I was literally jumping with joy! What an amazing blessing! This would not only pay for college for the rest of the year, but also all of my rent! Not having to worry about any of that made me so relieved. God truly showed me that he had my back!

So this Monday I went to the interview. I had prayed about a thousand times that whatever the outcome of that interview was, it would be for the right thing. And, I got the job! After an interview of maybe 45 minutes of a sheet filled in and some questions asked, I am now coming to training on Thursday already, which I am thrilled about!

To conclude all this, I really just want to encourage you to keep trusting God. It’s easy to say that we are all trusting Him, but to really do it is another thing. To give in wholeheartedly without knowing all the answers and keep believing in His promises even though we have no idea how, that’s when He will shower us with blessings. So if you’re in a sticky situation at the moment, keep going, keep giving to church, keep on doing the awesome job you do - God’s got your back! And if you ever need someone to cheer you on or just talk to - I’m always just a phone call away.

All praise to the Lord, He is our provider!

Jeremiah 29:11-13

"For I know the plans I have for you," declared the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart."



The past week God has spoken to me a lot about being creative. Sometime it's difficult to see all the talents He has put in us, simply because we believe we don't have them. For example, I've always wished I was good at art, drawing stuff. I've always loved creating something, but as soon as I try to paint or sketch something on my own, I've always been disappointed at the result and quit, thinking that it's simply not one of my talents. But God spoke to me about that there's a reason why I think it's so much fun. There's a reason why I love to create. I am created in His image, the creative God created me to create! How can I not do stuff and create even more things?

It is so important to not become consumers. Some things are great to consume. Like food for example. But it's important to find your drive in life, your mission and your passion. What do YOU love? What do YOU want to create? What is YOUR next big thing? Don't say that you are not a very creative person, because believe me - we all are. In one way or another, we all like to build something, to create. We are made in God's image, so we all do.

Stretch your wings and fly!

Creative things to do:

Songwriting, pärla, building with lego, painting a room, drawings, design clothes, write a novel, design a website, edit a film, takes photographs, decorate your house, cook food, invent new stuff, make up, hair styling, create an event, baking, party planning, sowing new things, ... the list goes on and on, and there is always something for you!

About a week ago I took some pictures of a very dear friend of mine. Since I still don't know how to edit, they are all unedited, but I hope you enjoy anyways haha!


"Oh my gosh you have to caption this 'Album coming soon'"

Endless times walking down Wapping Road.

We're positive it's Lydia.

too pretty, no one can handle

"Pretend you're in an emo-band"

"I can't get down"

well hello there

She was dancing to the sound of.... well. Bradford.

Welcome to beau... Bradford.

Just casually sassy as a last pic



Why are you not doing college?

It's an honest question to all of my readers. Yes, you may have other responsibilities, and yes you might have a job, but what is stopping you from giving your all to God?

Doing college has changed me completely. Learning how to cope with myself moving to another country, getting to know new people and just learning so much about Jesus and leadership has changed me majorly. There is no way anyone can finish a year of College without being completely transformed. I want to encourage you to do college, because honestly - why not?

Financially it might seem impossible. Paying rent for a room for 12 months, paying for college, food, phone and everything - it's a lot of money when you count it up for a year. The great thing about college is that you can work alongside it. You only have to be in college between the hours of 9:30-1PM every day + your serving hours which can be suited around your work hours. There is every opportunity to get a job in Bradford. If you save up during the summer (if you're not already working and saving) you have every chance to manage financially. And, it says in God's promises that He will provide for you, so why not take a step in faith and see what it really does to you. I tried it. I am still alive!

If you are interested in doing college, please visit the website ( ) come to the open day on 2nd March or 2nd April 2017, or get in contact with me! I would more than love to chat to you about college and answer any questions you may have. Don't hesitate to make an investment in your relationship with God. James 4:8 speaks about that if we draw closer to God, he will draw closer to us. That is a promise!

Step out in faith and I will see you in our September or January intake!



Nope, this is no commercial. I just want to share how my love for this app during the past week has grown. I tried it out about three years ago, but didn't fully understand how to use it, so I deleted it (yeah, that's how I used to handle my problems. Delete them) but this Tuesday I got it again and I really like it!

It is not like other social media, where you waste your time, dying on the inside, because it doesn't really give you anything. Seeing other people's selfies and posts are great, but does it really give you anything? This app makes me dream. Visualize my dreams. It gives me inspiration to try new stuff and empowers me with great ideas!

I highly recommend this app, and I hope you enjoy it. If you choose to download it, follow me as @nelliestiberg and I'll follow you back!



Last night I introduced Melodifestivalen (translation: Festival of Melodies) to my dear English friend Lydia. Basically it's a 6 week tour with 30 artists/bands competing to represent Sweden in Eurovision Song Contest.

And how a 19 year old christian English girl would sum it up?

"This is what I imagine being on drugs is like"

If you wanna know more about Melodifestivalen just call me or google is your best friend!



It is finally done! After procrastinating for weeks, this years (or last years, depending on how you see it) decemberfilm is finally done! Instead of me telling and writing about my christmas and holidays, just simply take a look at this video. Hope you enjoy!



Yesterday we took a couple of pictures for RockNations new t-shirts and wests!


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Today, we had a special speaker with us. His name is Thomas Christensen, and he brought an amazing word for us. He is originally from Denmark and travels all around the world, preaching about Jesus, praying for healing and what he spoke about really made me jump to the edge of my seat.

Because the thing is, you can really tell when someone is passionate about Jesus. You can totally tell. It’s not always about the way they preach, or what they’re saying, but it’s just in the way they are. The way the shine and the look in their eyes. You can easily tell the difference, and one thing is for sure - Thomas is truly passionate about Jesus. The first 20-minute session we had with him, he preached about being on FIRE. Not literally of course (even though he did give an example of when his pants were on fire in his backgarden), but on fire for Jesus. Because, if we are not on fire for God, the people who is building church, then who are?

He took the example of fire, what it needs to burn. Oxygen, fuel and heat. He put flames on the disciples heads when they received the Holy Spirit to show them that they were on fire. Literally? I don’t know. For Jesus? For sure.

Just like fire needs three things to be able to stay alive, we also need three things to stay spiritually alive.

  1. Oxygen. He did not only give the disciples or us the Holy Spirit, but he breathed it into us. We need the Holy Spirit to stay spiritually alive.
  2. Fuel. We need to continuously refuel ourselves with strength and power from Jesus. Because when we go and serve, we are using our fuel and it’s so important to go back to the source and get more fuel from the only one who can give it to us.
  3. Heat. We need to surround ourselves with other people who are on fire. We need the heat in our lives, we need to be around other people who are just as passionate if not more about Jesus. We need to be in church. It is so important.

And these things are really basic, but somehow they just come alive again. When we are reminded of these little things in life we get encouraged to do what God has called us to do. Sometimes we just need to get out of our comfortable seats and show the world what that we have the answer! Jesus Christ is the answer.

The two other sessions was really amazing as well. They were about communicating the word and to trust God in the journey that is ahead. It was really a fantastic morning and I really enjoyed every bit of it. God is so good, and I love to see and hear how He is still doing miracle after miracle. It didn’t only happen in the bible people, it happens all the time, all over the world. He is faithful, faithful till the end.

Have an awesome night everyone!



This Christmas, I made a decision. I made a decision I have never done in my life before, and now I am hoping that I can influence more people to do the same. I decided that I will not go shopping for clothes for another year.


1. I don’t need more clothes

As much as I don’t want to admit it, it’s very clear that I don’t need more clothes. At the moment I have a big bag full of clothes that I don’t usually wear because those kind of clothes just won’t fit in my wardrobe without it falling apart (literally). I have many choices of clothing every day, so why would I go out shopping for more?

2. The only reason for going shopping is only to look more fashionable

Sure, keeping up with trends is awesome, and looking good is very cool, but at the moment I am trying to look beyond that. I’d rather save on this earth’s resources, and not let anything go to waste.

3. Most clothes are not made with a fair trade

It’s really awesome when you can buy a shirt for 4 pounds, yes, but when you start to dig into how the shirt was made, or where it’s from, it’s all of a sudden not that great anymore. A lot of our clothes are made from children, being slaves in factories. I don’t want to be a part of something that encourages that to keep going on.

4. Instead of buying new clothes, I’m totally up for change for change

Growing up as the youngest sister of four, most of what’s in my wardrobe is from my sisters. Very, very nice and handy if you ask me. It is another way to get ”new clothes”, without it costing you anything and without any of the worlds resources taken. It’s basically recycling.

But if you don’t have any sisters, don’t lose hope. You can do this with anyone. Get together with your girls, ask everyone to bring the clothes that are whole and clean, but that they just don’t wear anymore and change clothes! It’s an awesome thing that two of my close friends inspired me to do. Because you only lose things you don’t wear and you get something new whilst blessing someone else. It’s ultimate.

Just to clarify, sometime during this year I am probably going to break this decision. For example, when my brother and sister is getting married, and I want to wear something a little bit nicer than what I have in my wardrobe. But if we save it to those fine opportunities, it’s a whole lot better than buying from everywhere once in a while.

And finally, the source from my idea:



Yes I am back in Bradford again!

After having 13 wonderful days in Sweden with family and friends I am ready for another term of college with a lot of fun and great challenges.

I was suppose to surprise my family when I got back to Sweden, coming home one day earlier than planned, but they surprised me back. I thought they had no idea that I was coming on the Monday, but my sister betrayed me and told the fam I was coming and they surprised me back in return. But honestly, that was the best way around. Almost everyone was there and it was a great laugh!

Joakim was also there, he drove me from the airport to my home, meeting me with seven white roses in his hand. So amazingly thankful for him. He is the dream.

Throughout December I've been filming a lot on my phone, and I am making a decemberfilm out of it, I did the same thing last year! It is not fully complete yet, but when it is, it will be uploaded here. Here's last year's though!

happy new years everyone! xxx

Tillbaka i England igen!

Efter att ha haft knappa två veckor i Sverige med mycket familj och vänner så är jag nu tillbaka i England, redo för en ny termin med mycket roligt och många utmaningar.

Tanken var när jag kom tillbaka till Sverige den 19e december att jag skulle överraska min familj. De hade nämligen fått informationen att jag skulle komma den 20e. Men jag skulle inte komma förrän sent på kvällen och eftersom jag visste att pappa skulle upp och jobba tidigt dagen efter så behövde jag någon som kunde hålla dom vakna. Zara, min syster, kunde ju vara bra för det tänkte jag. Men icke, hon berättade det för hela familjen, och så bestämde de sig för att överraska mig tillbaka. Det var en otroligt fin överraskning och det gladde mig mycket i hjärtat. På så sätt var också min syster Ida där och det var himla trevligt att se dem allihop igen. Så glad jag var.

Joakim var ju såklart också där. han kom och mötte mig på flygplatsen, sju vita rosor i hand, och körde mig sedan hem till osby. Jag är så fantastiskt tacksam för den killen, han är helt fantastisk.

Och! Genom hela december så har jag filmat lite extra med min telefon, vilket jag kommer att klippa ihop till en Decemberfilm. Jag gjorde samma sak förra året, och det klippet ligger här ovanför! den för 2016 är inte helt klar ännu, men den kommer så småningom!

God jul och ett riktigt gott nytt år på er alla!



Skrolla ner för svenska

Some of you who read my blog, maybe most of you who aren't christians, wonder why I'm doing college.

Why on earth would I leave my safe home, going somewhere I don't know a single person? Why would I leave all the people I love to get to know a place I don't even know if it's going to? Why leave a great country like Sweden? Why put all time, money and effort into something that I don't even know a thing about?

The answer is that I am called to Bradford. I am called to do college here. I don't know if I'm only called to do one year, two years or stay here, but for now, I know that God wants me here. So if that means that I have to leave everything that is home, and safe for me, I'll do it. There is nothing else I'd rather do, than to walk in His will for my life. I know that home is great and that there is a lot for me there, but I'm also aware of that I have so much to learn here. I have so much to grow in, so much to see. Just to become independent and being on my own in a new country has taught me so much. This is something I am going to carry with me all of my life, things I'll learn here will be things that I will give into other people later on. God works in mysterious ways and I trust Him. If He wants me here now, I will be here now.

The song "I will follow" by Chris Tomlin came to my mind now (a great song btw haha), link at the bottom!

Where you go I'll go

Where you stay I'll stay

When you move I'll move

I will follow you

Who you love I'll love

How you serve I'll serve

If this life I lose,

I will follow

Vissa av er som har läst min blogg, särskilt ni som kanske inte tror på Jesus, undrar varför jag gör College.

Varför skulle jag lämna fina Osby, och åka någonstans som jag inte känner en enda människa? Varför skulle jag lämna hemma där jag har hela min familj, pojkvän, åka någonstans och inte ens veta om det kommer sluta bra där? Varför lämna bekväma, säkra, Sverige? Varför lägga ner all min tid, alla mina pengar och kraft i någonting som jag knappt vet någonting om?

Svaret på den här frågan är att jag är kallad till Bradford. Jag är kallad till att gå college detta året. Jag vet inte om Gud vill att jag ska göra ett år, två år eller om jag ska stanna i Bradford, men just nu, så vet jag att Gud vill ha mig här. Så om det betyder att jag måste lämna allting som är hemma, säkert, tryggt och innanför min comfortzone, så vill jag göra det. Det finns ingenting som jag hellre skulle vilja göra än att gå i Guds vilja för mitt liv. Jag vet att hemma är jättetrevligt, och helt ärligt så har jag aldrig längtat så mycket efter julen som jag gör nu, men jag måste vara här om det är det jag ska göra. Jag har så mycket att lära mig, så mycket att se och så mycket att växa i. Bara att åka till ett helt nytt land och lära känna så många nya människor har lärt mig så mycket. Detta är något som jag kommer att bära med mig i resten av mitt liv, något som ger mig lärdom för livet. Jag vet att Gud har gav mig att flytta utomlands som en dröm redan när jag var liten för en anledning, och jag tog den drömmen och förverkligade den med Honom. Är det här Han vill att jag ska vara, så finns det ingenstans jag hellre vill vara.




Waow, long time no see. Or writing, depending on how you want to put it.

A LOT has happened since I last wrote anything here and instead of sharing everything in one massive post, I will split it up in different posts. Starting with the love of my life, Joakim.

Joakim Vinnardag has been my boyfriend since 30th August, and we became an official couple about three weeks ago. It was a big relief to finally tell people and to share it with everyone, but I still feel like it was good for us to keep it our little secret for a while. All of our family knew of course, but we kept it out of the public.

So... yeah. He's my boyfriend now. Even though we have been together for 2,5 months now, I'm still not used to the fact what we are actually a couple. We have a little crazy story as to how we got together as well.

Since May it was officially decided that I would move to England in September. I would move away for a year, coming home for Christmas, but otherwise I would be in Bradford all year. During this year I was not allowed to start a relationship. My college year was supposed to be about discipleship, leadership and being full time focused on God and what He wanted for my life. I was so sure that I and Joakim wouldn't get together because of this. We spent all summer together, saying that it will have to wait until I come back home.

But then we met up two days before I was leaving, for a last get-together, a last goodbye. We started to discuss the issue and came to a conclusion that if we don't make anything out of the thing we have right now, it's probably going to die out during the year. What is not fedd, dies. So we decided to go full on. Boyfriend and girlfriend and just try to make this relationship work even though we will spend so much time away from each other.

And it has worked. We are both committed to each other. We Skype when we can, but still stay focused where we are. He came to visit me here in October, and we had a wonderful week in Bradford. The day after he left we went to Gran Canaria (will post pictures in another post) together with his whole family. It was an amazing week.

So yeah. This is us. We love each other very dearly, and I am so happy that I get to call him mine.

Waow. Längsen jag skrev nu! M Y C K E T har hänt sen senast, men jag tänker att jag tar det lite i taget. Vill inte dra allt i ett megainlägg, utan vi tar det lite som det kommer. Den första nyheten är väl han på bilderna där uppe, ingen annan än Joakim Vinnardag.
Joakim och jag har varit tillsammans sen den 30 augusti, men vi var väl inte helt officiella förrän ungefär tre veckor sen. Det var så skönt att äntligen kunna berätta det för folk, även om det var bra att vi höll det vår hemlighet ett bra tag. Självklart så visste våra familjer redan från början, men annars har det varit hemligt. Och, det var inte riktigt helt självklart att vi skulle bli tillsammans heller, särskilt inte med tanke på att jag numera bor här, i England. Vi sa hela sommaren att vi skulle vänta tills jag kom hem igen och sen se vad som händer, men det blev inte riktigt så. Två dagar innan jag skulle åka så träffades vi en sista gång. Bara han och jag. För att säga hejdå och för att bara umgås. Vi började snacka om hela grejen och insåg väl att om jag flyttar iväg så kommer allt det vi har förmodligen att försvinna. Det kommer inte vara samma sak när jag kommer hem sen igen. Så vid sista tillfället vi hade kom vi fram till att ja - vi får nog köra på. Så vi bestämde att nu kör vi, nu är vi tillsammans. Direkt efter det så skjutsade han mig till tåget och efter det så trodde vi att vi inte skulle träffa varandra på ungefär 3 månader och 20 dagar.
Men så blev inte fallet. I Oktober så flög han hit och spenderade nästan en hel vecka med mig. En väldigt fin höst-vecka fick vi tillsammans. Dagen efter så flög vi ner till Gran Canaria och hade 5 extra dagar tillsammans med hela hans familj. En superfin vecka med vacker natur, massa bad och väldigt fina människor.
Såå.. ja. Det är så det blev. Han och jag. Jag och han. Himla trevligt.





This Sunday was a really good day for me. It was a great day because I really found victory over something that I have been struggling with for a while. This Sunday, I was baptized. It was one of the most awesome experiences I have ever experienced. But yeah, there really was a struggle through this. When I woke up on the Sunday morning I wasn't that sure that I would be able to get baptized, since I was still sick. I was not feeling well. And my Saturday was also quite the adventure.

Saturday morning I started to cough a lot, just like I had done the past couple of days. But this cough really made me panic, because each time I coughed I felt a stabbing pain in my right side, just under my ribs. I freaked out, and called my mom, because I knew that she was with me sister who is a nurse. My sister told me to go and have a doctor take a look on it. So I texted Jessica, asked her if she wanted to come with me since I really didn't want to go alone. We called 111 and they advised us to go and look it up as well. So at 2PM we went to the walk in clinic and signed in our forms. And then we waited. And waited, and waited. I hadn't had anything to eat that day except for three biscuits. In total, we waited 4 hours. Without any food, that is a long long time to wait. I was also struggling with my cough during this time. We were the last ones in the waiting room and when we finally were seen, it took us (for both Jessicas and I's appointment) 7 minutes. No more. She listened to my lungs, said that I have a chest infection and gave me antibiotics for it. Then we went to tescos to buy food and then we went home to see a movie. It was a really difficult day for me emotionally, I was really struggling a lot through the four hours of waiting. So it wasn't that obvious for me if I was getting baptized or not.

As much as I knew that I should stay home and rest because of medical reasons, I also knew that there was a reason I became sick just these couple of days. I knew that there was someone who didn't want me to get baptized, and did everything he could to stop me. But even though I got a chest infection, I didn't let the enemy stop me from getting baptized. As soon as I came to church I knew that I did the right thing coming in. Heaven was throwing a party for me. Victory!

Some of you also know that I was baptized once before. When I was 8 (maybe even younger), I was baptized in my church in Sweden. Why I wanted to do it all over again, is because I never felt like I made that decision. I might have gone under water, and I have always loved Jesus, it's just that I want it to be MY decision to make. And now it was, and it was one of the most awesome feelings ever. It was really awesome.

A BIG shoutout to Jessica Pregon, who stayed with me all of my sick days, waited for 4 hours with me, cooked food for me, laughed with me, cheered me up and just took care of me. She's true gold.

Another shoutout to my amazing family. They have been absolutely amazing this week. Especially my mom, always sending me encouraging messages, and always believing in me. She's the absolute best. So blessed to be surrounded with so many amazing people.

And lastly all my college-friends. All of you guys who held my towel, bringing me my clothes, cheering me on, asking how I'm feeling, praying for me. You mean the world to me. You are the best. I love you guys so much.

Thank you all for making my baptism happening.


I söndags så var det verkligen en bra dag för mig. Det var en bra dag för jag fick verkligen seger över något som jag hade kämpat med ett bra tag. I söndags, så döpte jag mig. Det var så fantastiskt, och det var så roligt, och det var så underbart. Men, som sagt, det var en riktig strid. När jag vaknade upp på söndagsmorgonen så var det inte helt självklart att jag skulle döpa mig senare på dagen. Jag var sjuk och jag mådde inte alls bra. Och lördagen innan var ett helt äventyr.

När jag vaknade på lördagsmorgonen så hostade jag rätt mycket. Som vanligt egentligen, bara det att denna gången så fick jag rejält ont under mina revben på min höger sida varje gång jag hostade. Det var riktigt obehagligt, och det gjorde riktigt ont. Så jag ringde till mamma eftersom jag visste att hon var tillsammans med Ida, min sjuksköterska-syster. Hon rådde mig till att gå och kolla upp det, ifall det var något. Så jag skrev till Jessica och frågade om hon kunde följa med mig, och kl 2 så gick vi in mot en vårdcentral. Det var bara det att vi inte trodde att det skulle ta 4 timmar för oss att bli undersökta. Vi satt och väntade från klockan två till klockan 6 innan vi fick träffa någon. Vi hade inte tagit med oss någon mat alls, så vi var rejält hungriga. Det var en riktigt jobbig dag, jag hade en enorm hemlängtan, och allt verkade bara gå utför. Men när vi äntligen fick träffa en läkare så tog det inte längre än 5 minuter innan hon hade kommit fram till att jag hade en "chest infection", (vilket är en lätt version av lunginflammation antar jag?) och hade gett mig antibiotika. Efter det åkte vi till tesco och köpte en massa mat och sedan åkte vi hem, såg en film, medicinerade oss och åt mat. Efter en sådan lång och jobbig dag rent känslosamt så var det inte helt självklart att jag ville döpa mig framför hela kyrkan dagen efter. Skulle jag ens kunna göra det när jag var så sjuk?

Men även om jag kanske borde ha stannat hemma och vilat upp mig, så valde jag att åka in till kyrkan och döpa mig. Jag valde att göra det som jag så länge hade velat göra, och ingenting stoppade mig. Inte ens en liten lunginflammation. Så fort jag kom till kyrkan så visste jag att jag hade gjort det rätta valet. Att döpa mig var förmodligen det bästa beslutet någonsin. För jag vet att det fanns en anledning till varför jag blev sjuk just de här dagarna, dagarna innan jag skulle döpa mig. Att jag fick lunginflammation dagen innan. Det fanns någon som inte ville att jag skulle döpa mig, och fienden gjorde allt för att stoppa mig, men han lyckades inte. Därför var igår en riktig seger-dag!

Vissa av er vet kanske att jag redan har döpt mig en gång innan, och jag vet, man ska inte döpa sig två gånger. Har man gjort det en gång, så har man gjort det. Men, när jag döpte mig hemma i Sverige så var jag runt 8 år gammal tror jag, kanske yngre. Jag älskade Jesus då, och jag älskar Jesus nu. Men när jag var åtta år så kände jag aldrig att det var mitt val att följa Jesus. jag gjorde det för att alla andra gjorde det, och det är inte så jag vill att mitt dop ska vara. Så därför valde jag att göra det en gång till. En gång när det var mitt val att följa Jesus i resten av mitt liv.

Ett megastort shoutout till jessica som har tagit hand om mig alla dessa dagarna. Hon har hållit mig sällskap, lagat mat, köpt mat, muntrat upp mig och så väntade hon i hela fyra timmar med mig. helt fantastisk har hon varit. gold.

samma sak gäller för min familj. dom har skrivit en massa med mig och facetimat och uppmuntrat mig och alltid hållit mig glad. så välsignad att vara omringad av så många fina människor.

och inte får jag glömma alla på college. alla ni som höll min handduk, som filmade och fotade, facetimade med mina föräldrar när jag väl döpte mig, gav mig kort, höll om mig även fast jag kanske smittade, bad för mig och som bara frågade hur jag mår. ni är guld värda, även om ni inte förstår något av det här.

så för att avsluta, så var det en riktig tuff period som avslutades i rejäl seger!

Allt gott.




For the first time in English! Yay!

I've been writing my posts only in Swedish, but there was some requests for a translation as well, so here we go. English. I might go back and translate my past posts, not sure yet, so won't promise anything.

Either way, the past days have been a bit of a struggle to me. This Tuesday afternoon I was starting to feel a major headache coming over me, so after church I went home and just relaxed all evening. I didn't feel any better though. My throat began to feel sore, and even though I hadn't moved in hours, my heart was beating really quickly. So, this Wednesday I stayed in, hoping I'd come back on Thursday. Unfortunately not, I stayed in on Thursday as well. Wonderful Jessica held me company throughout the day (no worries, we think it was from her I got the flu in the first place) and now here I am, on Friday, still not feeling well. It's nice to have a lot of rest, because at times we just need to turn everything off and just calm ourselves down. But I'm really bummed to miss out on so much of College, so much of church and so much of friends. All I really want now is to get all healthy and go to church. That's what means the most, really. But at the same time, I try to treasure being home, and get some devotional time with God, and just enjoying being all alone with Him.

So please, keep me in your prayers, and I wish you an awesome weekend!

Markus 6:31

"Kom med mig bort till en öde plats, så att vi får vara ensamma och du får vila dig lite"

Mark 6:31

"Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest."

Så, nu är bloggen även på engelska! Innan har jag, som ni redan vet, alltid bara skrivit på svenska, men eftersom några önskade att jag skulle skriva på både svenska och engelska så tänker jag göra det. Möjligtvis att jag går tillbaka och översätter de redan publicerade inläggen, men det är inget jag lovar. Kanske.

De senaste dagarna har varit tuffa för mig. I tisdagseftermiddag så började jag känna en enorm huvudvärk, så jag valde att gå hem och vila. Tog ett bad, och stannade sedan i sängen hela kvällen. Men även om jag hade legat stilla och vilat jättelänge så kunde jag ändå känna hur mitt hjärta bultade som om jag precis hade sprungit uppför trapporna, och jag var helt utmattad i hela kroppen. Dagen efter så hade vi en konferens i kyrkan som jag jättegärna ville åka och hjälpa till på, men jag kände mig inte tillräckligt bra för att kunna åka in, så jag valde att stanna hemma. Jag trodde att jag skulle kunna klara mig på att vara hemma en dag bara, men nej, jag stannade hemma både igår och idag också. Igår så kom Jessica hit och höll mig sällskap, vilket var enormt uppskattat. Hon var inte heller riktigt kry, så vi höll varandra sällskap. Så idag är det tredje dagen jag stannar hemma och jag vill så gärna in tillbaka till college och till kyrkan. Jag behöver verkligen vila, men man missar så mycket när man är sjuk. Det är riktigt tråkigt, men det är sånt som händer, inte så mycket att göra åt egentligen. Inte mer än att vila och ta hand om sig själv.

Jag har försökt att göra det bästa av situationen och verkligen spendera mycket tid med Gud nu när jag är själv. Det är sånt som lätt kan glömmas bort när man är överallt och ingenstans i vanliga fall. Det har verkligen varit något som jag har kämpat med ett tag och som jag nu verkligen ser en chans att bli bättre på. Att bara ta tid med Gud och vara ensam med honom. Mark 6:31

Ni får jättegärna be för mig, både för min förkylning och för mitt återstående collegeår!

Allt gott.



På bild ser vi mina två fantastiska roomates, Beth & Naomi

För precis en vecka sedan så fyllde min roomate Naomi (blått hår i vänster bild och stora brillor i högra bilden) 21 år! Det firade vi i lördags med en fest för henne! Mycket trevligt folk med lite dans, spel och mycket mat. Fantastiskt roligt när vi spelade Alias och den lite äldre personen i laget skulle förklara ordet "forehead" och pekade på sin panna, och någon ropade ut orden "wrinkles!". vi skrattade högt och länge (vi få som hörde det tack å lov). Med andra ord, trevlig fest, väldigt god tårta, och väldigt fina människor.

Något som har blivit till en absolut favoritsak att göra är att bjuda folk på svenskt godis. Folk som inte har smakat svenskt godis innan tror att man är jättesnäll och bjuder på godis, samtidigt som dom andra som redan har fått smaka på en bit sitter redo för att smygfilma reaktionen. Väldigt underhållande har det hela varit. Jag har ännu inte mött någon som har tyckt om en djungelvråls-bit. Kommentarer har varit i stil med "how can you possibly enjoy that?" "if the devil would give you a sweet, it would be this"

Annars flyter college-livet på! Jag har nu också sökt några jobb, så jag hoppas och ber att jag får ett utöver det jag redan har fått. Det jag har nu är att jag städar på dagiset som ligger intill kyrkan. Lite extra jobb och inkomster är aldrig fel! So otroligt tacksam och välsignad är jag. Verkligen.

Allt gott!