My dad was coming home from his business trip to Denmark, so i decided to make one of his favorite pastas! He loves chili, mushrooms and steak so i always include that in his pastas. The rest is up to me, he will love it either way :))) (Such a daddy's girl hahahah)


- Balsamic pasta

- Fresh chili

- Steak

- Ginger

- Garlic

- Timjan

- Red wine

- Organic olive oil (I never use anything else)

- Parmesan

- Oregano

- Cream (Asså grädde)

What to doooo:

First i make a pan really hot and I have some olive on on it. Then i put on my steak but only for a short time so it still remains juice and and a bit undercooked. I pour some red whine and add timjan. (again not for so long). I remove the meat and leave the juice from the wine and meat for the ginger, garlic, chili and mushrooms. I let is cook for 5 mins and add the cream and a liiiiiitle bit wine again. When all the flavors have been mixed and cooked I add the undercooked meat and let it finish. When it's all done i add my cooked pasta into the mix and let is simmer for 3 mins. And then you are reaaaady to serve!!

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Dating and finding the 'one' seems like a never-ending search that drains us from energy and the lust to even continue. I'm laying in my bed at home and exploring the internet, and while I'm doing so, I fall over John Gray's 5 steps dating guidelines. He wrote 'Men are from mars, women are from Venus’ 20 years ago and his book ’Mars and Venus on a date’ is still very accurate.

1. Attraction

This is the first step when you meet someone for the first time. We find ourselves being attracted and hoping that the feelings in this step are mutual. We are attracted to the first impression and the physical of our potential partner. 

2. Uncertainty

At this stage the thoughts of being uncertain about our feelings towards our partner are replacing our feelings of being attracted to the person. You will question your partner by questioning if this is the right person for you, does he even live up to the person I picture myself be with? Does he even want to be with me? At this stage is becomes easy for the man to jump from partner to partner, and the women to invest more into the relationship than what he is willing to invest. Will the grass be greener on the other side?

3. Exclusivity

At this stage both partners have taken the decision of continuing the relationship and to commit. This creates a mutually loving and romantic relationship between the two and a sense of security. 

4. Intimacy

At this point real intimacy is being explored and we put our guards down. The partners will start to explore each others sexuality and intimacy.

5. Engagement

The last step is the last stage of the relationship were you have committed to your partner and a lifelong relationship can be built. 

Today the relationship often starts at step 1, jumps to step 4, back to step 2 and step 3 is at this point completely out of the picture. John Gray stated that every step has to go naturally and not rushed, in order the build a strong foundation and lasting relationship. How many times has it not happened that you meet someone and then took an intimate step, looked back and regretting the action, since the action has taken away the exclusivity, leaving the relationship with a shitty vibe that actually could have become something much bigger. I personally find Gray’s 5 steps so accurate. It is so important to get to know your partner before taking the step of becoming intimate. In my opinion you cant give the entire map of how you work and your body at once, but small hits and leads will make the relationship interesting and not so rushed. Furthermore, when reaching the intimacy step, the attraction and eager to ’have’ you will be much more, because your partner has developed genuine feelings towards you. And so have to you. 

Hahaha while writing this i started to laugh to myself. I think that it is sort of ironic that i have all these opinions but still, i have not been taken out on a date date. I often hear that going on dates are still happen, but here hahaha dates never really happen. It is so sad.



I love food and when I travel to Copenhagen I already now what I want to eat under my stay there hahaha. They have so many nice places and unfortunately I am there way too rarely than what I would want to. One place I absolutely have to go is sticks n sushi. It is actually a chain restaurant but they have the best sushi if you are not going to spend 700 on a course for one person haha. I went there with my cousin and her husband since I was staying at their place under my time there. I forgot to take a picture of the sushi since we all were hungry and started digging in the second we got served haha. The sticks there are super good! So are the drinks :-)



I went to Denmark under my sportlov to look at some universities. I will write more about my university trips in another post. I went to Copenhagen Wednesday and was supposed to go visit an old friend Friday to Sunday, but rebooked my ticket so I was staying till Sunday and went to London for three days instead with my mom and sister. The purpose of the trip was to spend some quality time with my mom since she has been working a loooot lately, and since I had another university visit the following Thursday and didn't feel like spending one and a half week in Copenhagen.

The last time I went to london was many years ago so it was fun to go again now that I'm a bit older. You see things differently and learn to appreciate and take in every bit of any experience.

I arrived half a day earlier than my mom and sister, so i decided to take a look around the city myself. It was very rainy and the weather was literally shit. It was actually a really bad day haha. My styling iron broke the morning right before my flight, my umbrella got turned upside down 1000 times, I got lost and when I asked people about the busses they just walked by, it literally took me 3 hours to find somewhere nice to eat (I was staying around mayfair, soho area so I thought it would be easy). I gave up at the end and went into the biggest and nicest restaurant on my way and I was craaaaaaaving a NICE and GOOD caesar sallad. Ofcouse that did not go as I wanted it to, and I got a quite nice decorated but disgusting sallad with non-fresh chicken, disgusting slimy seaweed, no greens or anything and no parmesan WHATSOEVER. Nothing, not on top of the sallad, not in the caesar, nothing. I was pissed and payed 25 pounds and walk away. On my way back to the hotel I fell asleep on the buss so I had an hour travel by buss back to the hotel on top of the already 25 min of travel from the restaurant. When I got back to the hotel I fell asleep instantly.

The next day was spent with my mom and sister. The weather was great and sunny and we did a lot of shopping! NICE! We went on an afternoon tea which was a little bit stressed since we only had one day for shopping.

On the last day we had an appointment at Omega since I am looking at a nice watch I want. So we were there for some tea and I had to take the train to the airport directly after to go back to Copenhagen.

It was a really nice trip overall and I LOVED the city despited my bad first day. I could definitely see myself living there at some point in my life! I didn't take a lot of pictures since my battery in my phone wasn't working as it should so it got turned off constantly. And also, I was so focused on seeing the city so I basically didn't even thought about taking pictures :-) hehe



Beyonces performances are known for their perfect execution and the feeling of God preaching life haha. There is nothing more I want to, than go to her concert! Her performance at the Grammys yesterday was AMAZING and even with her being preggy and more calm as usually, she hypnotized the crowd at the Grammys and people on the other side of the screen with her empowering words towards women and young girls. She is glorious, she is every single females spiritual supporter, she is Beyonce.

Baptize me ... now that reconciliation is possible. If we're gonna heal, let it be glorious. 1,000 girls raise their arms. Do you remember being born? Are you thankful for the hips that cracked? The deep velvet of your mother and her mother and her mother? There is a curse that will be broken.

You look nothing like your mother,

You look everything like your mother.



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