Buying or selling a business is apparently not a simple matter because it should involve meticulous thinking to avoid a fiasco. Wallace Associates understands the challenge included in this endeavor and in order to help individuals and businesses in making the right decision, they provided some important pointers in the following paragraphs.

You can develop your own strategy. Even though entering a new venture includes risks, you can still do well if you have good experience and knowledge. There's danger involved in not having enough expertise, and that is your business might close within a year or two. By using the available technology these days, small businesses could thrive in their endeavor. If you desire to open a small business, it is enough to build your own plan where you can also take into account the suggestions of your business friends.

Finding a business similar to your own also helps. If you currently own a small grocery store and you want to enter franchising, you may be able to handle it properly since buying a franchise of a popular fast-food restaurant, for example, requires good experience in doing business. You can also ask the help of individuals who already have a great background in that business to avoid fraud. Good location, potential market and the right source of materials and manpower are crucial in making franchises work. Once you place in the money, the franchise can run itself for you despite having minimal supervision. If you have a booming business, then you can open new branches or outlets of it in different areas.

Once you have a partner that has trustworthy experience in the business, then you can have the advantage because one of the safest and surest options considered by many business people is entering a partnership. You can obtain further details on this by contacting Wallace Associates.

Hiring a consultant is also preferred by many business owners. With their guidance, you can minimize the errors and chances of failure because of their capability in handling the planning, along with the accounting and tax concerns of your business. Consultants can also perform proper audits or research for you. It is usually considered a wise investment to trust an expert in doing such complicated tasks. Hiring a consultant that has a good expertise in the specific industry you want to enter and has the right network could lead you to success.

Selling your business is a different story because you should have ample knowledge in running a successful business to determine if your business will get a high price in the market in case you want to sell it. Whether you decide to sell your business or buy one, Wallace Associates can guide you in anything you need. Your accounting and tax requirements are in safe hands with their consultants.

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A good lawyerhas great qualities that can be beneficial for clients. Wallace &Associates has been giving their clients exceptional service for many years nowand has been receiving good reviews and little to no complaints from them. Thefirm will list some important qualities of a credible lawyer below:

Analytical skills

Both thestudy and practice of law involves a thorough understanding of large amounts ofinformation, and being able to extract those data into something logical is oneof the effective qualities of a good lawyer.

Research skills

Identifyingthe client's needs is not enough because a good lawyer should also be able to researchquickly and efficiently in order to arrange legal strategies. Good researchskills are needed to create manageable and useful techniques.

People skills

In order toevaluate juror's reactions and honesty of witnesses, a good lawyer must havethe ability to read others and be personable and persuasive at the same time.Choosing the best approach to take on a given situation can be done properlywith good people skills according to Wallace and Associates in Singapore

Communication skills

Creatingdifferent types of legal documents requires good written communication skillswherein the lawyer should also be orally articulate. In order to argueconvincingly in a courtroom and analyze every testimony, a good lawyer mustalso have a good public speaking and listening skills.


Agood lawyer should also be creative in solving problems in order to outsmarthis or her challenger. Wallace & Associates considers the ability ofthinking outside the box as a useful trait for a lawyer.


Lawyershad been through a lot during their studies and being committed andstrong-minded run through their veins. Indeed, one must be determined whenworking on a case.

Good judgment

Producing sensibleand logical conclusions or assumptions from limited information is a greatfeature of a good lawyer. By earnestly considering those judgments, you canpredict possible areas of weaknesses in your argument then find ways tostrengthen them.



We assist employers with their HR practices andstrategies to organisational values in order to drive business growth andproductivity.

We can assist with HRstrategies from design and implementation,through to post implementation reviews.

Our services include:        

·        Writing positiondescriptions

·        Induction and on-boardingprocedures

·        Staff performanceimprovement plans

·        Exit procedures

·        Recruitment andselection processes

Outsourced Human Resources Service

Wallace & Associates canprovide on-going HR services specifically for your businessand let us manage all your HR requirements.