jag har varit på en strikt diet nu i en vecka. Har fått i mej en viss mängd kolhydrater, fett, protein per dag. Ungefär samma mängd per dag. Känns som om jag äter ihjäl mej ärligt talat och jag bara kollar på maten jag äter så vill jag spy. Men min motivation är att bli i form, bli av med de fett jag samlat på mej och må bra helt enkelt. Man får göra uppoffringarenkelt är det. 1 vecka sedan vägde jag 65.7. och nu väger jag 65.5. kanske det är för mycket jag har gått ner men ändå känns det bra att jag gjort nytta. Han som har hjälpt mej och stöttat mej är ptnannes (instagram) Han är otroligt hjälpsam och vill verkligen hjälpa människor då ett hälsosammare liv. Han vet verkligen vad han gör och jag litar på honom helt 100 procent. Ta en titt på hans IG och ta kontakt med honom om ni vill ha en ändring i livet gällande kost och träning.


Nu på promenad i solskenet och njuta av naturen.

Alla bilder på min blogg är tagen av mej.
Ha en trevlig vecka

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I bought my baby boy new slippers from mannakylässä. Puputossut. He loves them as much as I do. They are made of recycled leather. I like that since I care about the nature. Recycle is saving our planet ♡

Köpte de här tofflorna från mannakylässä. Kanintofflor. Han älskar dem lika mycket som jag gör.♡ De är gjorda av återanvända läder. Jag gillar detta eftersom jag bryr mej om naturen. Återanvändning sparar på våran planet.

♡Aren't they adorable
I'm inlove




Thanks to my friend who is a personal trainer https://www.instagram.com/ptnannes/ I have started some serious hardcore training. He help me with everything about training. Do i have questions he is always there to answer. He help me with my diet. How to have good balance in what you eat. etcetc. He is great.

I have trained so good this whole week. Yes i know. After lazying round so long time i accidentally went up 1-1.7 kilos (☉_☉) yes i know. hehe. I know. Candies and ice cream is SO GOOD. Grrr but bad for your figure

This looks a lot? yes. BUT IF YOU TRAIN ITS OK TO EAT A LOT! I never ate so much in my life. I love eating so this new/old lifestyle I can get used to (again). Win win. I get my body back. Healthier living. I can eat as a horse without any danger. (and get those new cellulite away) *whisper so nobody hears* Hardest thing about this is probably NO CANDY AND ICE CREAM!

TRAIN LIKE A BEAST, LOOK LIKE A (BEAUTY) ---> ok, might take a while ✿乂◕‿◕乂 BUT I WILL IN TIME



I seriously love my new lifestyle. Its refreshing. Though i can confess, I have a friend, he inspire me so much. He is wise, calm, smart and he is a professional when its about nutrition, health and training. He has helped me so much with training planes and how i should eat.

💛THANK YOU ptnannes in instagram💛

I always wanted a change after pregnancy. Yes i know. It makes lots of damage in your body but there is only one way and its UP FORWARD! End of story and no one can stop me. I am like this.

Once i have decided something, i will do it, i will make it no matter what.

Before i got pregnant i was very active person. Ate like an elephant and trained like Hulk. Than everything changed. Well its life, no can do and life goes on.

This few days has been a big change for me. My body is craving for FAT, KCAL, and my ex best friend, SUGAR. GOODBYE eating cakes cookies and ice cream everyday. Yesterday i was cranky, tired, had a strange headache NAME IT. After i ate i felt still hungry. Seriously i wanted to eat everything that came in my way. Felt like my belly will eat itself. TBH it was horrible and day 3 will be today. Now it feels a bit easier actually. I am so damn motivated! Specially when i saw that i have gone up 1-1.7 kilos. Yummy! PURE MUSCLE! Ehum, maybe in my sweetest dreams haha.


That i ate yesterday evening. Its far away than what i usually eat! This actually works for me. Impossible to get bored about cuz you can just change the spices whenever your bored about the taste.

You can guess what it is

Look at this. My new beautiful hobby. I have always wanted an own garden. Since i live in an apartment atm its impossible for me to have an own small garden. So i made some research and TADA, this is what i found. I just live this. I will tell you a secret, ITS harder to make than what it looks. Took me some time to get this like a wanted and this is my second time i make one of this. Soon my whole house will have hanging terrariums all around. Okay, joking but anyways..

Have you ever seen this kind of plants? They are actually easy to take care of and since plants LOVES ME, She will be just fine here at home (♥‿♥)



Isnt life great sometimes?

There has been no sun for many months. Today is a perfect day to be outside.

First walk with a friend of course like usually in the weekends. It was so refreshing, relaxing and this time we talked a lot about our happy moments in our childhood. Also about that children see things so much bigger then they are in adult age. Well off course. If you sit on the floor and watch around you, everything looks much bigger. Anyways, was such a good walk as usually. Wow nothing beats a nice walk. Right?

Than its food time. Recipe for this.

  • Chickpeas 2 packages
  • Tunafish 1 tin
  • Diced tomatoes/cucumber and whatever you want to put inside
  • Seeds in Swedish you call them groddar
  • Cream fresh or Turkish yogurt
  • Put spices however you like
  • Put all in a bowl together and mix
  • This was so delicious i could eat this all day. Its so fresh. My older son ate 3 bowls, haha.

乂❤‿❤乂Than its time for outside activities乂❤‿❤乂

We went to the park, played and had fun. Only not so funny thing is the younger one tripped and fell on his nose. Well no harm done, he didnt even cry but obviously with this cloth its hard to move. Well this day was so beautiful. I am so happy.

After we where done playing we went to the waterfalls. The ducks where following us but i didnt take any picture of them. Well hakuna matata people. Peace out.




Was walking with a friend today. I totally forgot its Saturday to be honest. When you are in mother leave the days feels like its the same. For me it could be Monday every day. Well anyways, my friend sent me a message in facebook and we left.

I was very unmotivated, tired, feeling weak but decided to go out anyways. So much things going on in my mind.

First steps where heavy but it got easier and easier the longer i walk. We meet usually outside her place and YES we are kind of neighbours. Started our walk around in the woods over many bridges. Watched 3 small rivers along our road.

The view is so beautiful. Fresh air. Feeling so happy and free. Just getting more and more good hormones filling my mind and body. Getting my energy back.

We laugh, we talk, we enjoyed

Listening to the footsteps while walking on the sand. Feeling the wind blowing in your face. Listening to the birds singing. (yes the birds are confused since winter didnt even start yet, haha) Enjoying the views around you. Hear the river pouring, close your eyes, just be here and now.

Taking deep breaths to fill your lounges with some fresh air and just exist. Recharge your batteries. Fill it with freshness, relaxation, happiness, memories. Fill your heart with positive thought.




Finally i got the books i ordered. This was one of my new year promises. Read more books. To be honest i dont like to read. I read a lot as child and teenager but as i became older i totally stop reading. I don´t like to read books about nothing. I need teaching books with fact and something you can learn so I can develop as a person 👍

I hope this will open my mind and hunger for more knowledge. I have been most of my life hungry for answers, analyzing, observing, feeling, helping and find solutions. I hope this books will help me on this road of mine and wish i can share my knowledge with my kids, family, friends and other people around me. I want to be an inspiration for myself but also for people i care for.

So today is the first chapter of this year, I will go hand in hand with knowledge and have an open mind, On my new beautiful road i have created and slowly walking towards a fantastic future where my goals, dreams and achievements will meet me with a smile.




Thinking about watching netflix. I like this serial Frontier. Its about old times, violence, romance, drama, survival instinct. I like it a lot. Sad its only 2 seasons for now! Grr.. Drinking some tea, anti stress tea, and trying to get my mind together. Sometimes i get so overwhelmed with things i need to sit down and think about things one by one. I am breathing in, trying to relax my mind, think positive things and breath out all bad thoughts from my head.

Sometimes you get so stuck in your bad thoughts you forget all the good things around you and in life. Sometimes you forget to focus the positive things But sometimes you get stuck and you see nothing but black. You tried 20 different ways but each way seem half good and half not. You get more and more tired, more and more frustrated, more and more desperate for finding the right road. You have tried all you can and see a dead end in every new road you are trying to create. This dead end scares you so much and your world is falling apart over and over again because this wall hits your face so hard you cant breathe. Everything is so black. No matter how much you wanna open your eyes you see nothing. Hurt and crying you are trying to find the light even you cant barely move anymore. You are screaming for help but no one can hear you, only the echo is talking to you back. Screaming in pain tell me what to do but the echo only answer you back. Suddenly you hear a voice whispering: i don´t know... I have to think.. You wait and wait and wait until you feel your fading away in this darkness. You give up. No one will answer you back anymore. So you finally close your eyes, laying on the cold floor, taking your last breathe and just let go. Finally, you will get your peace.

Picture taken by me in Latvia summer 2017



We decided one day to go out to buy ice cream. What happen? First we play on the swing. We laugh a lot and had so fun. Than we where playing in the snow and having some fun. Running together and off course he trip on his nose, watched me like what am i doing to him. Told him the snow is cold and gave him a hug and continued our adventure. We just love snow in this house :)

In the store we tried something new. He wanted so sit in the basket. People where watching us but many also smiled. So did we. We had fun and got the ice cream. It took 1 hour to go to the store. Usually it takes 15 mins. :D

Isn´t life just great sometimes? :)



This view i see from my balcony very often. Makes me wonder if the sky is on fire. This picture was taken on the day of the new year. I knew than the next year is going to be awesome and full of adventures, new challenges, new memories and a new chapter in life. I started the new year with buying some books for my youngest son. He is 1 years old. I bought realistic and teaching books about the daily routine, potty training, emotions, bathing and diapers. I dont like buying books about "nothing" I bought 3 books to myself also. A book to teach kids to have good self esteem, less stress and live now and the best books of the all: SURROUNDED BY IDIOTS and how you can understand them :D haha.. Made a long list to my older son things he is goo at and things he need to work with. Good things list is 20 meter long and to work with is ONE thing. GJ. Cleaned whole house from "top to toe" and new year promise is: READ MORE BOOKS, EAT LESS CANDY, ELIMINATE BAD PEOPLE FROM MY LIFE and GET HIGHEST SCORES AT SCHOOL. Isn´t LIFE GREAT? xoxo