Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!
In this post, I thought I would share with you the four goals that I have. I guess you can call them milestones or "working towards goals". Four points that will be my building bricks as I every day from now on will do something that will change my life for the better. 

🐻 Eating and living based on veganism

🐚 Minimalistic thinking and approach a zero waste lifestyle

🐬Activily work for change in animal rights, environmental questions and more

🍀Self-sufficiency and homesteading

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Hello everyone and welcome to my first post on this blog!
For a start, I just thought of telling you about what you can expect here and on my other linked social media.

Once again have I gotten tired of the number of things I have around me. Unnecessary things that clutter my environment or chemical things that I definitely don't need. About a year ago I was fully focused on eating a vegan diet and changing my life for the better. Think before I purchase, only use what I need and make choices that help me, the environment and everyone around me. Unfortunately, mixed with being extremely school tired and having everyone around me commenting what I ate and my choices I could not keep going and I gave up. Now when I live with my wonderful partner who supports me in everything, I am not as tired and I am pregnant I feel like I am so ready to do this chance. To become a natural person who enjoys and feel fulfillment by doing and seeing instead of having and taking. For some people, a chance like this might be easy. Just like a paper turn. But for me, and probably a lot more, it's a hard chance with ups and downs, fallbacks and getting back up.

In this blog, you will follow me through every step of this journey alongside my personal life. My days, my thoughts, my feelings, my ups and my downs. My pregnancy and how to be a mom (if the little stays inside my belly) and so much more.

If you think this can be interesting to read or if you also what to take this step and change your life you can follow me here, on my blog but also on Instagram, Pinterest, and soon youtube.



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