Hahah I am so embarrassed because I looked how every post have been started with : I am so sorry that I haven't been blogging for a while . Its just a lot going on but NOW ! I am going to be better.

It hasn't really become better haha . Only worse . But after been published in Bazaar Magazine ( september 2015 ) I got so many things in the modeling world . And also dancing ! and then I need to all the school work too . So you probably think : well you could blog from your phone between dance an modeling gigs . My answer is that : I do math every time I sit still

But instead of giving you a lot of excuses right now I am going to promise you that I blog at least 1 time a week . I realized I shouldn't promise to blog every day because I know the small amount of time I am free from school , modeling or dancing is when I am resting my head on the pillow . But once a week is something I can pull off . And if I do it more its a "clap on the shoulder " for me .

So what have I been busy with ? wow a lot . You know when you doing so much that you barley realize that the days pass you by . That's my life right now . I can't even believe its october . I just realized when people started to say : it's your birthday month!!!

I been doing a lot in school but besides that I have done a lot of modeling ! I have modeling for a extensions company that got me booked for 3 other things this upcoming week .Or one of them is on sunday that I am super excited about , but I wont tell you that until I done it .so follow my socials media

Instagram : Nathaliefust if you want some previews of what going on .

The extensions shoot I did was with an amazing photographer from New York . I can't wait to see the pictures . I only have a few videos behind the scenes . When the pictures comes I will more than scream . He showed me some from the camera and I was like : is that me ?

Have you ever got that feeling . I remember when I was hiding every time someone mentioned the word camera . Because I didn't think I was pretty enough or could get a good picture . I finally realise that modeling is not about being pretty . Its creating a picture that stands out . Often the models isn't the prettiest girls . They often have something unique about their face that create a interesting picture .

The seconf thing is that I walked for a clothing brand from London . It is called www.utterly.com

So around all the tall models I was walking around like a midget . Hahah . I loved the clothing I had on and apparently I showed them off pretty good because I got booked for a fashion show that is coming up october 22and . Even if I was the shortest model that may not be the perfect fit for a runway . I was the one who got booked . So I had to ask the designer why me around all of these tall gorgeous models . And she said : you stood out . You have something in your look that is eye catching . And you have a awesome personality .

And there was also a couple of artist on the event . And the group newgravity started to talk to be and wanted to take picture of me . And they also wanted to book me for their upcoming music video .

People I got my game on this day ! And of course I asked him too why they only talked to me and wanted to book me . He said : Besides your beauty you show that you have fun and love what you do . And you are not afraid of standing out .

I also have another big . Or let me say that again BIG news . One of my biggest dream have come true . I always wanted to be the face of a brand that stands for what I stand for . That your body is your art and you need to take care of it in every single way you can .

I cam happily announce that I am the face of underlash.com !!!! Its a new active/fitness clothing brand that stands for health , strength , fashion , fitness ... I can't believe I am a part of it . I am so glad that they chose me to be the face of it . I love the clothing ! They are actually the best sportswear I ever tried . I will tell you more when the collection is coming out so you can buy it

And yesterday I had the honor to modeling for a fantastic makeup artist that is planing to start her own line . And she told me I am absolutely the face of it .

Well things are going great ! Now I need to run to a fitting for upcoming things and then it photoshoot time . I love this . I love life !


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Dont ask me where my week went because I have no idea . I woke up today and realized its already weekend . That just explains how busy I been with school , modeling , meetings , castings etc. But I am not writing this post to tell you how busy I have been. I want to tell you about a really exciting thing . I think it was yesterday I woke up and as any other person , the first thing I do is to look at my phone . And my phone had explode during the night . explode with congratulations . I had no idea why until I saw this picture

Its my first published picture in a big magazine . Its from the shoot I did with chilibangbang fashion . This pictures have been at fashion week in Berlin and now in this big magazine ! Hard work pays off! One of by dreams become reality : to be published in a big magazine .

I also wanted to share that I just got booked for a fashion show . Even if I am not the typical runway model ( I am not 5'7 and up ) I still booked it . I appreciate all the people who is following me and give all the congrats when I accomplished something . It means a lot .

But now I need to run to rehearsal for the fashion show . I will write more tonight or tomorrow night . And please follow my instagram so you can get a vision of what is happening in my life .I have so many things coming up .



Something amazing happened to be yesterday . It may sound like nothing for you all who is reading this . But it was a cool moment I got to experience . According to statistic 8 of 10 Americans is stressed in their daily life . Thats a lot of stress running round on the street . And as we all know stress will not help you at all .

Only 37 percent say they are actually doing an excellent or very good job at managing stress.

Only 35 percent say they are actually doing an excellent or very good job at eating healthy.

Only 33 percent say they are actually doing an excellent or very good job at being physically active.

Stress becomes negative when a person faces continuous challenges without relief or relaxation between challenges. As a result, the person becomes overworked and stress-related tension builds.

Since I moved here I have experience a lot of stress . Money stress , life goals stress etc. I have even got more sick her because I been stressing a lot . I think its because you come to LA with so many plans and so many goals to achieve , and you want it to happen right away , so you overload yourself with work etc. and never take a time to sit down and look what you accomplished so fare.

So now I am going to come to what happened yesterday . I was studying with my friend Anna and both of us fell a little bit stressed out because of different reasons . So I took her to a yoga studio and took a bikram yoga class . In the class i released so much stress. It felt like I fell asleep but was awake. And after class it felt amazing in every part of my body . All the thought I had in my head was still there but i saw them on a different way . I didnt got upset about them I just accepted them . I accepted my life situation and released that is no idea to stress over them . Because nothing solves itself my stressing and have a negative mindset. But here comes the most cool moment .

I turned on my phone and got a text from someone who have been a part of the reasons I been stressed. I started of saying : ahhh .. and then I got into the mindset that is not going to solve itself because I get mad and all stressed about it . And when that mindset came to me and I took a deep breath it felt like a heavy stone dropped from my chest . That feeling was something special . For a few months I know I wouldn't be able to do that . For a past months that have gone by so fast I would be all stressed up again after the text . This experience showed me how much I grown as a person . I am able to not over stress myself who was the main thing in my life for 1 year ago . It shows how much a mature as a person . I am glad I grown as a person and finally can control my own body and mindset when something not so good happens .

So if there are any of you that is not handling stress good . Go and take a yoga class . It may take some time to be able to experience what I just experience but when you do you going to appreciate so much more in life .

I probably sound like a hippie right now but all this that I am telling you , I am saying all this because I want to help people who are like me . A very dedicated person of my passion and are so focused on it that I blame myself for not coming as close as I want to be to achieve my life goals . I want to help you guys to stress down and appreciate the things you actually have accomplished already . Like the quote : the important part is not the goal its the journey there . Because it's in the journey we grow as people .

So If you recognize yourself in what I am writing . I really recommend to throw all the negative mindset in the closest garbage bag you can see and start think about all the positive things in your life and feed your soul with it to be able to keep going . And also try different ways to get rid of stress that works for you . Maybe Yoga , maybe taking a day trip etc



Yesterday I had one of my biggest photoshoots I have done so far . I had the opportunity so being a model for Redfoo's and 138waters billboard campaigne . Thats pretty big . It was an experience I always will remember . The people at the photoshoot was great , the atmosphere was awesome and everyone had a really good time . The photoshoot was meant to be from 1.38 -4 . I ended being home at 10 pm . I stayed a little bit longer to be social with the people I shoot with . I am really appreciating my life here . It have made me go out from my comfort zone and doing stuff I never thought I would be doing . I can't even explain how fun I had at the photoshoot . So i made a little video of it. Nothing high tech but just a video for showing how hard work pays off in the end . If you believe it you can achieve it . I didnt get anything of the opportunities I experience for free . I been working hard , stayed dedicated and focused to been able to get where I a, today .

​Thanks for all the support I get from you . Keep supporting and follow me on instagram @nathaliefust



My workouts have been coming on my second to do list this week . I am a very active person so I am still moving every week like walking and dance classes . But the kind of workout I am talking about is the one I do in the gym . And I notice it directly in my body if I haven't been doing it. Its just a lot of water being collect in my body because I am bad at drinking water when I am not working out . So time to bring it back into my life .

Even if I missed my workouts doesnt mean I have been lazy . I been modeling a lot and also had a big exam in school . But I guess modeling is more fun to hear about . I have been modeling 3 times this week . And all of my shoots have been a collab with AprilLovepromakeupaxademy. One day I was an avatar and one day I was Marilyn Monroe . My favorite was Marilyn Monroe . Who doesnt want to look like her ? And the makeup artist alexamuartistry did more than a fantastic work . I actually looked like Marilyn Monroe at the pictures we saw from the photographer . I wished I had a camera sitting on my shirt all the time so I can share my experience right away with my family and friends . Because I am not the person who remembers to take videos of my days that I have been asked to do from you guys . It just is my bad memory who doesnt want to remember it . But I actually was better than usually yesterday . I got a lot of snapchats videos that i can edit together to a " this is what I did today " video . But I am going to do it later today . Because now I need to run to Hollywood . Or not all the way . But run to the train to met up with my friend Manda . We going to Santa Monica for some adventures . Or actually more errands than adventures . But it sound so much more exciting when you say adventures . So I will edit a video for you guys to watch later today hen I am at the gym getting my body in shape again .

But time to run now .



Feels like the september month is just running away . Yesterday was my rest day from the gym and the dance studio . Still had to go up very early to take me to a modeling gig . It was for a makeup school who needed a model for doing extreme makeup and have a photoshoot with it. It was so fun not getting the natural , sexy , sweet look ,that models often get . The look I had yesterday reminds me of an avatar . it was a really fun makeup shoot that showed a lot of creativity from the makeup artist .

For those who doesn't understand that modeling is art . People say that being a model has nothing with talent to do and we were born with a pretty face and that we are lucky that we got that. Models just stand there looking pretty . If I only could count on my fingers how many times I have heard that .

Modeling is art . Or let me put it this way . Some of the modeling is art . There is people calling themselves models because they posting half naked pictures and that's the only thing they do . They don;t know how to use there beauty in a creative way and create art . Modeling is about creating a picture or a video that promote a brand or the photographer . You need to know how to get the best out of your look into a pictures . To create something that is standing out and not just a girl standing and poes for a camera . The right kind of modeling is art . Have you ever seen the pictures that the big brand : Michael Kors , Adidas , Gucci , Ralph Lauren is creating . That's art ! So please don't tell me that modeling is nothing to do with art . It has . Its a model , a make up artist , a brand , a hairstylist , a stylist and a photographer that is creating art together .

Sorry just needed to get that out . Because people think its the easiest thing to model . I am always nervous before I go to a shoot . I need to prepare myself mentally to not be one of those models who need the photographer to tell them how to stand or how to sit .

After my photoshoot yesterday I went home to get a shower. That blue color was not the easiest to get away . Thanks for facial scrub . . After that i went out with some friends to Santa Monica Pier. I started to realize that I dont go out that often . I am always working on the next thing . That is kind of good I guess . But sometimes I might need to just drop everything and do something different to get more inspiration and motivation . I had a really good time yesterday and felt full of energy this morning to go to the Gym .

After the Gym I have been reading 103 emails and answered them . Crazy right ! The last few weeks have made my Instagram exploding . And I am thankful for the new followers that want to follow me and my life . It means a lot . And thanks to that I have gotten a lot of emails about collaborations .



Tuesday :I had my first jazz class in a while . My technique was not near to be find but still it felt really good . I am not the strongest technique dancer. I have it but I am not at the point where you can say I have an amazing technique . I would say my strength is when I am doing choreography and how I translate them , so it works for my body . Because even if the choreographer give you his version of the choreography it dosent mean you can personals it . For example when I do hiphop . I am not the girl who can look the heaviest or be very boyish . If you know what I mean . Because I am aware of that I start thinking of what quality's from me that I like , and put it into the choreography , without changing the steps .

After talking that class I woke up the next morning pretty sore. My body needs to getting use to it again . It will not be to hard because the muscles already know how to do it . So its pure muscles memory . I just need to wake it up again

Wednesday : I went to an casting . It always exciting to go too casting . You never know what to expect . Yesterday I thought I was just going to take some pictures because I thought it was a photoshoot I audition for . But it was a commercial . So it was time to give acting a chance again . It feels like the universe is telling me that I should act . The last castings I have done have been acting.

At the evening I took a class at Ida Hollywood Dance studios for G Madison . I felt really good in class yesterday . I even challenge myself to go out and dance when he ask for dancers who wants to do it on there own , in a duo or in a smaller group . It was a big steps for me . Its not that I am afraid to do it . Its more like I always give the spot to others because I dont want to take to much space. But recently I asked myself . Why should I take space in life . Why should I hide when I will be given opportunity to grow and become better. So I finally did it yesterday . And its not going to be the last time . I even filmed myself and that's a big thing too . For some reason I hate to film myself even if I know the choreography . But its time to start loving it , because then I can learn by watching myself If you want to see a short video of the class . Go to my instagram Nathaliefust ( click on my name and you will get there .)

Today : Its time to hit the gym and do some cardio and weights before breakfast . Then I am heading to school for a class . And after that I am going back to Hollywood for taking dance class . I am so in the mood to grow and become an even stronger dancer . I think I feel like this because I got the scholarship when I can finally afford to take some classes .

This is one of my favorite songs right now . I love FKA twigs because she is so special and an unique character .

BTW I also got offer to be in a music video today . But I couldn't say yes to it because I have school . And school comes first . But I have some other music videos coming up that I filmed last year and one earlier this year ,.



My Labor day started with a 5,6 miles run in the gym and some core workout . Labor day here in america means that you are free from work /school . They have them a couple of times during the year. Labor day =a public holiday or day of festivities held in honor of working people, in the US.

So no school today , not that I have school on Mondays normally but still .

I am soon heading to runyon canyon to master the biggest hill there with my friend Anna . As you might have notice I have stepped up my training even more . I am soon going to be back in the shape I was last year . I havent been able to maintain that shape because I was sick a lot and also moved around a lot . So that took a lot of my time and I could spend less time on training . But I am back .  and I will show my progress next week with some after and before pics . 

I better hurry to the train so I wont be late to my hike date. Have an nice Labor day and follow my Instagram for more updated photos etc. Nathaliefust instagram



This is a good day , THIS IS AN AMAZING DAY ! even if I went 2 h on a bus to school and then realize that the school is closed because labor day . Even if I miss some people from home .. THIS IS AN ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC, BEAUTIFUL DAY !

I just found out that I got awarded a scholarship from Sweden . This will solve so much in my life . Its been very hard on the economic side of my life since I moved here . And when you get support from your home country because they think you deserv it and have the talent for being rewarded ,it feels more than amazing . I want to say thank you SWEDEN for supporting my dance /model life here .

After talking the buss for nothing I headed back to Hollywood , still happy because nothing can ruin this day . I met up with my friend Anna . She is a swedish girl I met here. She is an adorable person and just as me like to work hard and believe in her dreams . It's so nice to be surrendered with people who believe in themselves . Because that makes me motivated to believe in myself too . We hiked in Runyon Canyon and I got a nice sunburn on my shoulders . I dont even wanna know how my sunburn looks when I take of my sports bra . Please don't be terrible Because I have some upcoming photo shoots and videos. And I dont want to make them work some extra minutes ( or hours ) in photoshop .

Now I am eating some before I am hitting the gym . I am doing some strength tonight . I need to stat tone my body again . I am not in the shape I want to . I know I am in a pretty good shape now and it has nothing with to lose weight . I jsut need to tone up and get more tones ( muscles toned ) Because right now I feel a little bit sloppy . And I guess sloppy is not an excisting word . But Its like when you feel you are in shape but your muscles is relaxed LOL

This is one of my newest pictures that I did with the photographer StefanSchaalPhotography Facebook page



Just finish cleaning and all my laundry ! Its so hot in the apartment that I am melting . Maybe because I been running like a crazy women cleaning and folding clothes . And before that I went for a hike in Runyon Canyon with my old roommate . It was fun to catch up with her and she how it is going for her in life .

Now I am sitting and studying math. Its way to easy so it gets me bored . I finished the whole homework in 10 min then I sat for 1 h and skyped with Frida . For those who dosent know who frida is . Frida is one of my best friends in Sweden . I met her when I was going to Carlforska dance education . We were like twins and spend so much time you could spend with another human being that is not your family member . She actually was like a family member to me . After been talking to her now I realize how much I miss her . I havent seen her in 2,5 years . Witch is crazy ! I miss her so much . We have so much memories together . Crazy memories that will make me laugh til I cry . she was and is my sister. One of the people I always will have in my life . She always supported me and was there for me when I had a hard time in life . Shit ! I love that girl . and I can't wait until I get to met her again . I don't know when that will be but I know it will happen .

Now I need to do some lunch before I heading to a dance studio to watch my friends rehearsal .

BTW . I want to say thanks for all the support that you shown in the last couple of days . My Instagram follower has been blowing up . In just 3 days I got around 500 new followers . It means a lot that people like what I am doing . And I also seen some new support here on my blog . I got 100 new visitors last night . Might not sound a lot if you compare to all the bloggers who has millions of readers . But i am so happy for every single person who is spending time supporting me in one or another way .

Is there anything you want to know about me . Feel free to ask ! I would love to respond all the questions you have for me .