Yes!!! Happy Valentines Day!

In Brazil, this holiday is not celebrated in February, but today! I always think it's fun that we (hubby and I) have an exchange of culture even being for something so silly like this. Shouldn't Valentine's Day be everyday tho? To treat each other with respect, to be partners in crime, to share life together, to share responsibilities, to not go to bed angry at each other, and to always remember why we fell in love at first place??!?

Also, I noticed that Valentine's Day in the United States is to be celebrated with everyone we love - mom, dad, sister, best friends, co-workers, classmates, and your PUPPIES !!!!!!! In brazil you would only celebrate it if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend. ( Booorinnnggg)


How's Valentine's Day where you live?

Don't forget to always tell I LOVE YOU to whom you cannot live without it!


Me :*



Hello Blogging World!

With not much to say ( for now lol ), I'm just writing to say Hello to this crazy World of blogging. Don't ask me why I decided to start blogging, but It came on my mind, and BAM!! I created one.

For now, while I try to figure it out what I want to write about it, I'll drop a little presentation about myself:

Brazilian, 26 years old and a heck load of white hair (I know, what the heck?!?) , Living in Michigan, married, have two crazy dogs called Mojo and Lucy, starting nursing school soon, very short, temporarily chubby, don't have too many friends, but the few I have are Gold. Biggest fear of Dentist, love to cook, love eating, love dogs, love photography, love fashion but don't have too much money to keep up with all the temptation out there. Love to travel, love to be surprised, love my husband, love simple things in life. Not so sharp english skills (perhaps try speaking or writing Portuguese, and if it's too hard we are even :D ), love movies, love homeland, love bachelor/bachelorette. Would love to travel the word. Don't have twitter, Don't really follow all the social media thing. Own an Instagram account and a VSCO account for random photos I take whenever I see something fun.

I think that's all for now.