Going straight from graduation to work was fun, however a vacation in between would had been nice in order to relax some before starting a new chapter in life. So this mini vacation was exactly what I needed!

I had nothing special planned that I wanted to do these days, which at times ends up the best. Just wanted to see my friend A, hang out at some pubs and maybe do some shopping. And I got to do that and some more. I sure got to shop, more then I expected. Gosh, carrying the bags home one of the days was harder than a Thai boxing session it felt like. People smiled at me on the streets while I was trying to pass by people with all my bags. What can I say, when I start... it's hard to stop.

Right picture is a line of guys standing outside of Victoria secret, probably waiting for their girls to be done with shopping in a four floor store with tons of goodies.

Friday night in London happened to be St. Patrick's day. It's an Irish holiday, but still celebrated here as well. We started of at around 6 pm and ending at around 4 am. It's started quite chill, but then at the second bar A's friend started to bring in the carbombs. And after a while we headed to this Irish place, the Swan. A quite shitty place, far from being a fancy place. But once you ignored the unfriendly staff in the door, whom
just trough-out my chewing-gum pack on the street while searching my bag and saying No gums!, the overpacked place and people just jumping in to you, spilling on you... it was a blast!

Rule back home: Wine followed with water. This night: Carbomb followed with Heineken. It was a crazy green night that needed some alternations to stay on track. And I can't remember when I last had such a fun time. People were so cheerful, happy and crazy. And I definitely danced like no on was watching!

Eating is one of the best things about traveling, so I tried to have some typical English dishes, but the best place was of course at an Italian place.
All and all I can say that this I has been an successful trip and I'm coming home with so many nice things! And of course it was wonderful to see one of my oldest and dearest friends.

But was I looking forward to get on the plane after last trip... hell no! I sure was nervous and my heart was beating arriving at the airport. However, it started well this time. I was getting some whiskey for my dad at the tax free shop and decided to get myself a bottle of Laphroaig. And I had this highly friendly seller helping me finding the bottle. He also introduced me to other brands, shared some whiskey history and gave a whiskey tasting. It all ended up with me getting Laphroaig tho.

After that I headed to the lounge to have food and wine & prosecco. I was not about to shed a tear on this trip... so there was only one way to save the situation... Cheers ;)

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Didn't think I would be writing a post so soon into my vacation. What could possibly have happened in just a few hours. But being me, everything can happen it seems. So I just have to get this of my cheast before landing in London...

Step one towards tears... Checking in and all went smoothly. But at the lounge the first hiccup accord... nothing major but the thing is... I do panic some due to flying. And it's not about being afraid of flying, but I do get claustrophobic, it's hard to sit still for a long time and I don't like not being in control of the situation. So, obviously flying isn't the ideal situation for me. Yet I love to travel. But in regards for me to handle the situation, everything has to go smoothly and I need to feel comfortable. But in the lounge, when getting some wine from the tap (you get it yourself) the tap is almost empty and the very last of it makes this extra spark (which happens sometimes). And so much wine just splashes all over me! And the personnel reacts very poorly! They should just run over and hand my towels. But no, I need to beg for napkins and cleanex. Also, I have to take me sweater of to rinse part of it. Yup, that's how much wine I got over me. This incident might not be much for the ordinary person, but for me that already is having a calming therapeutic session in my head about the flying situation, kinnda is a tad enjoying.

Step two... One of the passengers is in a wheelchair. Somehow their booking had some hiccups and the seats she and her co-travelers had wasn't suitable. So they would have been ordered to get of the plain, unless they got my seat and the peoples next to me. We had booked SAS-plus and we hade booked the front line that had extra space. I kinda needed that place, it sure does help me with the claustrophobic situation. But certainly the three of us moved so they as well could travel to London.

Step three... Get me right here... gladly I offered my place to this girl. It was the right thing to do!
But having control of the situation helps me to keep calm. And being seated in a smaller seat and just having things being shift around makes me nervous. I tried to listen to music, reading... yaddi yaddi. I tried all the things, that so far throughout all my travels have worked, but it didn't today. I had to go to the flight attendants and ask if they had closed the door, I needed air! Space! But it was closed! Could they help me, they asked. I just said no and turned around back to my seat.

Step four... Flight attendant comes and offers me a seat back in the plus area, also a seat next to the lane. Thankfully I accept, grab my things and goes over there. While seating, next to and old lady and her man, the man asks me why I'm getting seated here and that I can't sit here. And he does it with quite an attitude. I reply the reason why and explains that the attendant told me to move here. Still he argues, and I say that he should not have an attitude with me, he can take it with the attendants. I start to cry, you know that way when you snores and can hardy breathe. And then a passenger in the line in front of me involves and says. "Haven't you seen what has happen? She moved already because of the wheelchair situation!" The rest he said is just a blur... I just stood up and went to the attendants. I couldn't breath and the tears just streamed like a waterfall...

Luckily I had flight attendants from heaven... literally. They took me in and got me seated in their chair, behind the curtains, so I could cry in peace. They asked me what happened and they gave support. And wine, as soon as they heard that wine calmed me down with my situation, didn't even have to ask. One of them stood with me talking for quite a while as she calmed me down. But she did advised me to tell attendants that I have this issue with flying, but I said... "So far I've handled it.... but it kinda gets worse". She replied... "It often does, but just tell us. So we can help". From now on I will, hopefully, unless my proudness is getting in the way. But this flight it was already blown out the window...
They even offered me to stay seated there, to have my meal there. But I said I could go back, as long as they talked to the old man before I seated. And they did. However... he didn't say a word to me again... maybe an apology would've be in place...

I did said thanks to the man who stood up for me and he and his wife was so understanding and supporting and asked how I was doing now. With that, I want to say: Stand up for each other! When you hear or see something that's not correct... freaking make a stand! Even a stranger can need a strangers support when no one else is around!



Education , Personal

Time... such an interesting concept. It kind of feels like it was just the other day when I sat in the classroom, but a whole month has pasted since graduation. That means that also, I've been working at my new job for a whole month. I love my new job, it gives me the opportunity to challenge myself, develop new skills and practice all I've learned these past four years. Looking back at the time at the university and what I have accomplished, I must say that I'm extremely proud over myself. There've been laughter, tears, name it... but what a development. I've learned tremendously, met so many interesting people and experienced so many interesting things as well as travelled to China. My education has changed me in so many levels and I'm blessed for it all and especially to those who has been with me all the way, every single one of you.

Sitting here reflecting over time pasted, it both fels like I've been a student forever, but also in the end it all went in super rapid motions.... and I had my Bachelor. I started studying a bit late in my life, cause I never really had a clear aim on where I was going. Sure, there where dreams and goals, but never before have my goals been as clear and fulfilling as they are now. I wouldn't say that I have everything figured out, however, I am on the path where I wanna be. And I'm not done here... the journey continues. Where my final destination will be, I do not know neither do I wish to. All I know is that I will continue to be educated, travel the world and try my very best to make a change.

As a final word, I want to say to those who wonder if to study or not and if it might be too late... Just go for it! It´s not to late to change direction. And nothing is as fulfilling as to make the change which your heart desires.



My paintings

~ Fergie ~ Life goes on ~

Every day when I wake up
Tryna read my fortune on the bottom of my coffee cup
But it seems like I never finish
It's always half full, or is it half empty?
Maybe it's my own superstition
Or a kind of self protection
If it all looks bad, why would I wanna look ahead?
Still sittin' here
Just watching the sun go down...

Life goes on with or without you
It's up to you what you're gonna do
You could go or you could stay
Who cares anyway?

Every conversation gets me high on motivation
Gets me craving of your own familiar situation
Reach the unreachable, achieve the unbelievable
In the midst of all the madness... remember life's beautiful
Still I'm feeling restless
Thinking I should rest less
Work more, play hard, ready for the encore
Is this the kinda life I really wanna live for?
In my heart I know, less is more

Life goes on with or without you
Damn it baby, what you're gonna do?
You could go or you could stay
But who cares anyway?



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~ Katy Perry - Rise ~

Oh, ye of so little faith
Don't doubt it
Victory is in my veins
I know it
And I will not negotiate
I'll fight it
I will transform

When the fire's at my feet again
And the vultures all start circling
They're whispering, "You're out of time,"
But still I rise

This is no mistake, no accident
When you think the final nail is in
Think again
Don't be surprised
I will still rise

I must stay conscious
Through the madness and chaos
So I call on my angels
They say

Oh, ye of so little faith
Don't doubt it
Victory is in your veins
You know it
And you will not negotiate
Just fight it
And be transformed



Heal the world

Hej hej allihopa!

Sverige ses ofta som ett föregångsland när det gäller barns rättig­heter. Men trots att vi var bland de första att skriva under barn­konven­tionen har barn i Sverige inte full­ständiga rättig­­heter. Barn i Sverige har idag ingen möjlighet att få upprättelse om deras rättig­heter kränks – ett viktigt tillägg till barn­konven­tionen som Sverige valt att inte anta.

Costa Rica är ett av de länder som har antagit det tredje tilläggs­proto­kollet och sett till att barn kan utkräva sina rättig­heter om de kränks. Det är dags att Sverige vaknar upp och inför en fulls­tändig barn­konven­tion. Nu tar vi hjälp och inspiration av barn i Costa Rica och uppmanar svenska folket: #wakeupsuecos! Barn i Sverige har rätt till en fullständig barnkonvention, precis som barnen i Costa Rica.

Ta ställning för barnen och skriv under för att en fullständig barnkonvention ska införas:

Läs och titta gärna på följande för mer insikt: 

Artikel: "Barn i Sverige måste kunna få upprättelse:

Vad menar vi med en fullständig konvention?:

Tillsammans kan vi få fler att skriva under för att barn i Sverige ska få fullständiga rättigheter. Tack för att du är med! 

Hälsningar från barn:



Heal the world

Varje dag, året om kränks och utnyttjas barn medan omvärlden tittar på – eller bort. Så skulle det inte behöva vara. Alla har vi ett val. Antingen gör du ingenting – eller så gör du någonting. Tillsammans kan vi förändra förutsättningarna för miljontals barn världen över.

Det går att skydda barn mot våld, övergrepp och exploatering. Det går att ge dem trygghet, utbildning och mat för dagen. Och det går att befria barn från ett liv som soldat, gatubarn eller prostituerad.

UNICEF, världens ledande barnrättsorganisation, finns på plats i regeringskorridorer, slumområden, flyktingläger och avlägsna byar och arbetar dygnet runt för att ALLA barn ska få den barndom som de har rätt till. Det handlar om så självklara saker som till exempel rent vatten, vaccin mot dödliga sjukdomar, bra hälsovård, skola och skydd mot våld, övergrepp och diskriminering.

På kan du vara med och kämpa för varenda unge, eller sprid budskapet du också genom att blogga, twittra eller "facebooka" om barns rättigheter.

Vi kanske inte kan förändra världen idag, men allt stort börjar med något litet.

Du kan göra större skillnad än du tror.

Kämpa för varenda unge!

Smutsigt vatten dödar fler barn än krig.
Photo: UNICEF/Georgina Cranston

Många barn i Etiopien har förlorat en eller båda sina föräldrar.
Photo: UNICEF/Kate Holt

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Nature, Personal

For the third time I got to go to what I call my Winterland, which is up in the Swedish mountain. I had a five day trip which was the perfect amount of time for me to relax, clear my head, reload and go for long hikes. I must say that I have underestimated the Swedish landscape and will from now on try to explore my country some more.

Theses days have mostly been spent out in the nature, pushing my self to get up some steep mountains and just walking around taking pictures. As well as eating good food accompanied with great talks.The best day was on Sunday, when I left home at 1 pm and returned at 10 pm same day. I walked the entire day with only some short food breaks AND a bath on the top of the mountain! I had such warm and fantastic weather, so when I saw the water spots upon the top when feeling hot and thirsty I just needed to jump in. And with no people in sight for miles, I stripped down to my underwear and did so. It was not deep at all, but so refreshing. I felt alive and so happy that day, especially at that moment. And it was a moment well needed for me. Because since coming back home to Sweden it was at first a high tempo, seeing friends and family and then working. But a few days in the vacation, I felt so restless and didn't feel at home. So in the spare of the moment, I headed to Winterland which I know brings magic to my soul. And so it did!

A lot of things has happened since I got back to Sweden, some great some less good. However, this long weekend reminded me of how strong I am and that all will be well in the end. And that life is wonderful in its own twisted little way. The entire weekend just gave me goosebumps and butterflies in my stomach. Not because of anyone or anything particular, but because I'm here alive and I'm standing in the sun smiling and feeling hopeful. I know that some doesn't get me and my emotions about being on the top of a mountain and all the reflection I do up there, but just try it yourself. You'll see what it's all about. Up there, all the small daily issues just seems so petty and I realize what truly matters. And that is to be happy, stay positive and take life by force. Because at the end of the day, all I want to do is to stand in sun and smile... to whatever life brings me.



My paintings

~ Alma - Karma ~

Now you're breaking hearts in the dark.
You play your games with your cards.
You will taste your poison in the end.
You should've let me go, cause now I'ma let you know.
For every night, you let me here on my own.
For every reason I believed in, every lie that you told.
For every fight, you let me here on my own
For every reason...

I bring the karma.
You better run run run yeah, it's coming your way.
I bring the karma.
You better run run yeah, that bitch don't play.
I bring the karma to your game,
you better run run run...




Two weeks have past since I got back home. And I most say it feels better then expected. Before coming home I felt a bit nervous, nervous about how I would feel about being home, about meeting certain people and about how much I would miss China. Because even if I was longing to come home, there was certain things Sweden can't provide. But all together I'm happy to be back and the nervousness cooled down after a week, thanks to spending time with people I love and treasure. And these weeks have been intense, in a good way though, so there wasn't any room for anything but joy.

I started of with taking care of practical stuff, which weirdly got to be things that made me smile. Like going to the supermarket or making calls just made me feel so excited, because it wasn't a hassle anymore. That people could understand me and I them, or having a fridge to fill or a toilet that wouldn't clog just made me so happy and grateful. Never will I take those little things for granted again.

But the very best part of being home have been to see my family and friends. It started of with chill time with the family and a three day party weekend, since there was a summer festival gong on in my city. Happy people everywhere, music, summer weather and meeting new people. It was the perfect start for coming back home. And spending time with my close friends, made me realize how much they matter and that those who I matter to will always be there. And that is also something I learned in China, that no matter the distance, a good friend will not let that be a factor that comes between you.

Another thing that I've been wanting to do, is to work. I've already accomplished one full work week and it have been so much fun. I'm lucky to be working at a summer day camp for children and it barely feel like working. I'm having such a great time since I get to play with children, being out in the sun, bathing and going to museum, Karlsgatan. The children are all so adorable in their own special ways. And even though they are young the are caring and so much fun to be around. One day when being out on an island, I got to have a spa moment by covering myself with blue mud that they brought up from the bottom of the sea. Really something to recommend if going to Östra holmen, Västerås.

And not forget about food, which is an important part of traveling and coming back home. I have had some big cravings while in China for Swedish food and other dishes that couldn't been found there. Funny though, once back here I've been cooking my favorite Chinese's dish several times. But I'm gonna be here for a while, so I've got pleanty of time to eat. However, my major cravings for kebab, tacos and chicken Caesar sallad have been satisfied. And I got to try octopus tentacle for the first time when having dinner with miss I. The appearance of tentacles has always been repulsive to me, but I gave it a go to discover that's it's pretty tasty.

And then came the weekend with a BBQ to celebrate my dad that turned 70 years old on Wednesday. It was just a simple gathering with a typical Swedish BBQ and it was delicious. Haven't felt this full in a long time. I sure have missed eating meat, since I didn't dare to eat much meat in China since it always was bony and unchewable. And the overall hygienic in some restaurants or food places just made me loose my appetite which made me not want to eat meat and at times made not eat at all. But step by step I'm geting my appetite and hunger back, which is needed so I can get the strength back in my muscles after months of slacking.

The BBQ wasn't about the food though, its was about one of the most important men in my life, my father and my safeness. Throughout the years we have become closer and I don't know where I would have been without his support. He is there for me and I can always count on him to help me reach my goals. I wish I could have given him so much more, but my father is a man of simplicity so I believe that he was pleased. Can't wait for us to go on the whiskey tasting that we gave him, to have a father and daughter day when we can enjoy a common interested ♡

After the BBQ I got to spend some time with my energy soldiers, my niece and nephew. These kiddos sure knows how to make e smile and forget about the world for a while. And the little mister gave me the biggest laugh I've had in a long time, while playing a Swedish game called "kubb". I almost got hit by one of the blocks, but I managed to jump back. And I said: Lucky me that I saw that one coming, otherwise you would have hit me. Little mister: Yes; then then you would have got it on your fanny. Me: Fanny!?! Little mister: Yes, pussy. Me: Pussy!? Him again: Yes, that's the fanny. Three years old and already having knowledge about this, and also thinking he is teaching me about the different synonyms just cracks me up. Children can be so forward and open, which can be adorable at times.

And then came the weekend we been waiting for, Power Big Meet. A big car event taking place each year in my city and people all over from Sweden and from other countries comes. One of the best; Miss S and I was supposed to look at the cruising cars, maybe ride along with some friends and just stay up all night like last year. However, the weather was boring and rainy and none of us was really in a party mood. Maybe the previously weekend had gave me what I needed for a while. And none of the people we knew came this year, so we got some great quality time instead. So many details to catch up on and still we probably didn't went through everything that has happened since I've been away. But luckily... we have all the time in the world.

These two weeks have been fantastic and I'm more then happy to be home. To have friends and family close by and to have the comfort I am used to is great. And everything I've learned and experienced in China, which have changed my point of view on certain things and also changed me, have stayed consistent. The serenity I found in China is still with me ♡