She's back at it again with those outfit posts. Funny since I know absolutely nothing about fashion - haha, but recently seem to be enjoying it a bit more than usual. No harm in that I guess, just means you guys get more posts like these mixed in with whatever else seems to be ending up on this blog!

This is another series from the shoot on Thursday with Gloria & Moon .
Thank you Brighton for all of your dreamy photo taking spots!

The skirt was a sale find, which is why I got it. It's a bit more on the riskaaay side for me being pleather and all so I probably wouldn't dare buy it at full price in case I chickened out and never actually dared to wear it. I've worn it twice now so I guess we're good.
Confidence thing ya know. Silly. You rock that pleather skirt girl *speaks to self*

Coat: TopShop / Skrirt: Bershka / Top: Bershka

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! My friend has been here all weekend visiting which was lovely. Tonight Chris and I are cooking a roast because, what else does one do with their Sunday?

Love Natalie x

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I love working from cafés. It's just the right amount of company and distraction but still not too much to loose your focus. One of my favourites here in Brighton is The Trading Post on Ship Street. It's big, its cosy, there's plugs and the food and coffee is very yummy. All around win - especially if you get a window seat upstairs!

I went on a breakfast / work date here with "The Curly Spirit" yesterday morning. I love going alone, but sometimes having a friend there is great too - you can motivate each other. I had porridge made with coconut milk and chia seeds served with fruit and nuts on top. Natalie was in food heaven haha.

A tip to all of you students or people working from home in the Brighton area - this is a great place to come and do some 'laptoping'. Actually, a tip to anyone in the Brighton area really, this cafe is probably in my top 5 Brighton Cafes and is definitely worth a visit regardless of if you have work to do or not.

Love Natalie x



Hey guys!

I met up with two girls called India and Pia yesterday to shoot together. They're both instagramers/bloggers here in Brighton and they run a photography business together as well. It was a lovely morning with two lovely humans and it was really fun to get to be creative together (even though being in front of a camera makes me pretty darn nervous, haha!).

Trousers: H&M HERE / Top: TopShop: HERE / Bag: TopShop - Sold Out (SIMILAR HERE )

I bought these suit pants the other day and I haven't stopped wearing them since! I think I'm in love with a pair of trousers. Is that possible? They are from H&M and were purchased with the excuse: "I need a pair of girl boss pants" - grown up clothing. Seeing as I'll be graduating soon and most likely will be working in an office and not from home anymore within the near future, I thought maybe it was time to update the wardrobe a little bit. Can't wear dungarees every day.

I've also, if I am honest, been feeling a bit like a girl boss lately. There's been so much going on and it's made me so excited and I feel so lucky. My YouTube reached over 100 subscribers, which is insane. Thank you so much! I've battled all the social anxieties and met with so many new people this week - thanks to blogging, which is amazing. I landed a job interview for a really exciting job and I've simply just felt quite proud of myself to be honest and that is a very nice way to start up the new year let me tell you. Hard work pays off friends!
I couldn't of managed without all the lovely and inspiring people that I'm fortunate to be surrounded by though, so thank you friends. You're the best.

Go be a boss today. If I can feel like one, you definitely can too!

Love Natalie x



Hello hello! I'm so happy that so many of you seem to be finding my little corner of the internet at the moment. It's making me very excited!

Once again I asked you all on twitter if this was something you'd like me to write about and the response was even bigger than the last time - so once again: your wish is my command. Haha!

I have worked with digital marketing for a while now and my lovely boyfriend Chris also happens to work in marketing for a tech company that specialises in SEO and therefore I have been lucky enough to learn some of this through work and an awful lot about it from him. Handy those boyfriends aren't they! Thank you Chris brain for sponsoring todays blog post.

What on earth is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is a marketing technique which focuses on how to grow your sites search engine visibility organically - i.e. ranking higher up on for example Google without paying for it.

SEO has a few different elements to it which include improving your rankings, driving traffic to your site and increasing the awareness of it in search engines. SEO is quite complex with a lot of different aspects to it and therefore today, I am just going to focus on some simple main parts that may come in handy if you are trying to improve your blog SEO!

Why does my blog need SEO?

If you run a blog, you'll probably want to drive as much traffic as possible to your site, am I right? Although sharing your site on social media is a great way to gain exposure and traffic to your blog, the majority of web traffic is driven by major search engines, such as Google. If a search engine can't find your site, you could be missing out on a whole load of traffic and therefore working on your blog SEO is a great way to ensure you are making your site as search engine friendly as possible. Using SEO the right way can help you generate more traffic to your site, but making the wrong moves could bury you deep deep down into the dark wholes of the web where your visibility is minimal.


Let's start off with keywords. To be able to optimise your site, you need to figure out what your target audience are searching for. Are you a fashion blogger? Do you share vegan recipes? Are you a mental health blog? Whatever it may be, you need to identify this and through that figure out what search terms your target audience would use in a search engine such as Google. Once you've figured this out, it's time to make sure your content is full of these keywords. There are some great tools out there to help you plan which keywords to use, the keyword planner by Google on Google Adwords is my personal favourite (and it is free!). There you can enter in the topic you plan to write content about and it will give you a list of suitable keywords and search phrases that you then can incorporate into your blog post.

Here's an example: you're writing a blog post on how to improve mental health. I've put "mental health tips" into the keyword planner and its given me the following results:

The keyword planner will give you keyword suggestions as well as inform you on what the competition is like (how many other sites you are competing against within that topic) as well as how many monthly google searches the keywords get. You can target the keywords to a specific region too, this search for example looks at the UK and these results are therefore based on google searches from the UK only - which is where about 50% of my target audience lives. When I go to write my blog on mental health tips I now know that I should make sure that my copy includes words and phrases such as "how to improve yourself mentally" or "good mental health tips" and "mental health and wellbeing" as seen in the example above. For example you could start your blog post off like this:

"Are you looking to improve your mental health and wellbeing? In today's blog post I will be sharing some good mental health tips in order to help you learn how to improve yourself mentally"

A very overly exaggerated example, but it's fairly simple, right?

Search engines use a software referred to as 'spiders' which crawl the web in a methodical manner searching through the copy found on websites scouting for keywords and phrases. The data they gather is used to determine your sites relevance to someone's google search - which is why you want to make sure your website is full of relevant keywords!


Another part of SEO is links. Your site gets influence through links to determine how trustworthy you are based on your websites inbound and outbound links. Linking sites to each other enables something called "link juice" which means if your site is linked by someone who's site has a good page authority then your site will get some of that link juice and through that your ranking will improve. In other words, you want to be linked and featured when possible from trustworthy websites. Not only is it important to have other sites link you, but when you talk about someone else or a product on your blog, make sure you link them too. Both inbound and outbound links are important. While you don't have much power when it comes to linking your site from somebody else's, a good place to start is to link your blog to all of your other social media platforms. Another is of course to make sure you are creating great content which is worth linking to, as well as sharing it so others get to experience it!

Furthermore, internal links on your site are great for SEO too. Think of it as creating a spiderweb of links throughout your website. If, for example, you end up writing several posts on the same topic, link them to each other - just like I'll link my last blog post on blogging tips HERE!

Congratulations - you run a blog!

Search engine spiders like when things are kept fresh, lucky for you - you run a blog. Your site gets updated frequently and you are constantly adding new copy to your site. This is already a great step to good SEO. With every blog post you can add new suitable keywords to your site on topics your target audience may search for which increases your chances of driving more traffic to your webpage. You already knew this, but clearly blogging rocks! If you don't run a blog and have a static website where you rarely add much content - try changing up the text on your site every so often to make sure you are incorporating the latest keywords into your copy.

Learn more?

This was just a very simple post on some SEO basics you may want to think about incorporating into your blog and blogposts, but if you found this intersting and don't have your own Chris to ask all your SEO questions, I can highly recommend MOZ and their SEO beginners guide which you can find HERE!

If you wanna go creep on Chris though, go tweet him and say hello from me! ;)

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think in the comments!

Love Natalie x



I seem to be on a bit of a roll when it comes to venturing outside of my comfort zone at the minute. On Friday I had coffee with someone I'd only ever messaged on Instagram with (her name is Silvia by the way, she runs a blog too - you should check it out) and this evening I went to an event hosted by Brighton Digital Women . Both turned out way beyond my expectation.

I did say to myself I needed to be a bit more of a yes person and not be so afraid of meeting new people and going to social events a while back and so far it's honestly been a very rewarding process. Also, it is so insanely fun to be spending time on things I genuinely enjoy and meeting people who enjoy similar things to me. It's not rocket science really, is it - but I'm so good at getting caught up in what I "should" be doing to please others or thinking too much about what others will think that, when I actually take time to do something I enjoy or meet someone who supports my work and thinks like me, it feels amazing.

Back to the event, the topic of the evening was wellbeing, more specifically mental wellbeing. A topic we all know I am pretty passionate about. There were two talks given this evening , one by Rachel Finch and one by Claudia Barnett.

Rachel spoke about what she does to maintain her individuality and work on her mental wellbeing. An informative and thought provoking talk, with the occasionally hilarious part thrown in.

Individuality is for me, a very important part of your mental health, but I don't think it actually gets spoken about very much. There's all these talks about how and what to do, but they rarely touch the word individuality. Who are you on your own, without relying on anyone else or anyone else relying on you? I think so much of your ability to work with yourself and on your mental wellbeing starts with building a good relationship with yourself. Knowing yourself and being comfortable in your own company. Something she said, that I really liked, was on the topic of relationships. Relationships can very often be an imposter to your individuality as you become completely involved with somebody else and their way of life. It can be easy to loose yourself a little, but for a relationship with somebody else to work your individuality is really important. You as an individual and your partner as an individual are the reason you both fell in love with each other to start with, so giving up who you are and trying to adapt and become your partner completely ruins that. She also talked about solo travelling and her experiences with that. How it helped her with her own mental wellbeing, which was really interesting.

Claudia, spoke about how exercise improves your mental health and not only your physical health. It was an honest and open talk and it hit pretty close to home. Running has been a big part of my life for the last year. What may of started off as a "it would probably make my body look a bit fitter" mission turned into so much more and I got extremely passionate about it when I realised how much it helped me with anxiety. I can't stress enough how good exercise is for your mental health and was so glad to hear Claudia discuss the topic with us all. She showed a picture of Netflix, wine and bath bombs stating that the term wellbeing has these days become a bit of a marketing campaign - which is very true. Go on, "treat yourself", "put yourself first" and such gets used together with a beauty product for example or "take care of yourself - have a glass of wine". While it's great to treat yourself from time to time, this isn't what's going to fix your mental health. Self care can be tough she said, that it sometimes means going to see a doctor or saying no to social events. It's putting your needs first.

No one said self care was easy and it's not, but it's worth it.

Overall I had such a lovely evening in a room filled with some very lovely women. I'm so glad I was introduced to the girls who started Brighton Digital Women and who hosted this event and I'm so glad I took myself slightly outside of my comfort zone and attended.

Thank you very much for a lovely evening! Any Brighton digital ladies, check them out!



Social media.
What a love/hate thing really, isn't it? I love it and use it a lot (I mean I am blogging after all) - but also kind of hate it, do you get me? I love the people I get to connect and meet with through it, I love the opportunity it brings and I love the ability to freely share your creativity and thoughts with the world and how it lets you experience others work too. It can on the downside however, be completely overwhelming and consuming and very addictive. Some people get so caught up in their life online, they forget about their life without it. That's when I hate it - and I'm not going to lie here, I've definitely felt myself become a bit obsessive over it from time to time. Stressing my content isn't as good as others, that I'm not working as hard as others and constantly comparing myself - which is not healthy at all. The trouble with social media is that, even when you take a break and stop for a while - there will be thousands of others that don't and they will keep posting and working and you may feel like you can't keep up. The great thing however is that, the internet is by far big enough for everyone and that's one thing that I find so positive. Most of the people working on it are aware of this, which means the online community of bloggers and youtubers and creators is one of the most supportive and friendly places I've ever been.

I recently started to try and be a bit more aware of how I was acting toward social media. If I'm meeting a friend over coffee for example I try to leave my phone in my bag or my pocket and focus my full attention on the person I am with. There's nothing quite as rude as meeting with a friend who spends their entire time on their phone and unless its an urgent matter - it can wait an hour til you're done chatting.

Another thing I've recently thought of doing is having one day a week that is completely social media free. My plan is to test this for a few weeks to come and see how I like it. One day a week where I won't go on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter and instead just focus my time and energy on other things. I'm not saying I'm planning on fully quitting the internet here, but I think it would be nice to every so often just go offline and live your life without the constant need to be able to get in touch and be involved in it all you know? This is my plan. I'll update you on what I think - and on all the things you can get up to when you're not glued to a phone or laptop, haha!

What do you think about social media? Share your thoughts below, I'd love to hear about them!

Love Natalie x



I asked you guys on twitter if you wanted a post on this and it ended up being one of my most liked tweets ever so - your wish is my command!

Let's just get one thing clear first, I am a beginner too and only just recently ventured into the world of brand collaborations. After doing lots of research, I found some great and informative posts on it - but these were of course written by people who already had very large audiences and a lot of brand collaborations up their sleeves.

This is why I thought maybe it would be fun to get the perspective of someone just starting out.
Does this sound like something you're interested in? Keep reading!!

I'm going to try to break this down as much as possible so that it's as clear as possible - but this world isn't straight forward and there are a lot of ins and outs to it.

Do not start a blog/youtube/instagram purely because you want to earn money and work with brands because then you're doing it for all the wrong reasons and you're going to be very disappointed. Do it because it's fun, because you enjoy it and because you want to - regardless of if you are getting paid for it or not. Brand collaborations and payment is always a bonus and not something that's guaranteed.

Building a brand online isn't as easy as you might think. It takes time, hard work and commitment - often while you're also in full time work. This means you'll be working on your social brand in your spare time. You need to have the drive to go into this with your whole heart, even if you never ever earn any money for it.

If you already know this and tick all the boxes - great! Let's get into it shall we?

To be desirable to brands and for them to want to work with you - you'll need to have an audience. This is what you'll need to work on first. If a brand is to want to collaborate with you, they'll want to be sure you can give them exposure to an audience that's suitable and profitable to them as well.

Numbers aren't everything, engagement is a crucial key as well. Someone with 10k followers, but who only gets 5 likes and 0 comments on each post is much less likely to gain work with a brand in comparison to someone with 1k followers, 150 likes and 15 comments per post. Ya get me? Don't get too hung up on the amount of followers you have. Focus on building an organic following of people who are interested in the same things as you, be engaging with them and encourage them to get involved.

A good way to reach an engaging audience is to make sure you have a niche. Are you a lifestyle blogger? Purely a make up blogger or do you blog about gardening? Whatever you choose, there will be others out there that will appreciate it! Make sure you find your niche and stick to it. This will also help brands know who you are and why they should collaborate with you as they'll understand why their brand would or wouldn't work well with your audience.

Once you've built a good following and know your niche, you can start looking into the potential of working with brands. There are a few different ways to go about this as a first timer and I shall explain these below!

Influencer websites:
There are a number of websites out there built for linking brands up with influencers. They all have different requirements for you to be accepted but they're a great way to find available campaigns to work on and a way to build relationships with brands.

I've tried a few so far and found the ones I like the most are:

Activate by Bloglovin
Shopping Links
Grapevine Logic

You set up a profile, connect your social platforms and look out for campaigns to be matched up with to apply for and work on.

Directly contacting the brand:
Another way to go is to simply get straight in touch with the brand you'd like to work with. Look at other's who are creating similar content and maybe who also have a similar sized following to you and see who they are working with. Reach out to those brands and ask about collaborating. I know it can be scary - but you gotta start somewhere!

Don't send a DM on Instagram. It looks unprofessional. Go on the brands website and find an e-mail address, preferably to someone on the PR & marketing team.
Introduce yourself shortly and tell them why you'd like to work with them and attach your media kit.

...wait what, what is a media kit? A media kit is basically a CV for you and your brand outlining your social platforms, your policies and statistics etc. Everything the brand would need to know about you. Want to know how to create one? I loved THIS POST over on The Blog Maven, which explains everything step by step.

Here's a little sneak peak of mine;

When you're starting out, be aware that you're not going to instantly be making millions. Start out small, maybe offer a product review on your blog in exchange for a free sample and go from there. Another tip is to start with smaller, local brands. Brands who are also starting up and are looking for some exposure, rather than larger brands who are already well established on the market. Do some research and see what's out there and what you like.

While working with brands can be amazing and very rewarding, make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. Choose wisely who you work with and make sure it flows naturally with the rest of your content. Don't risk the trust of your audience because you're throwing in forced brand deal after deal, as you'll end up doing more damage then good.

I thought I'd add this in here too, as it is relevant to the rest of the post.
Affiliate marketing is where a company or brand gives you commission if you direct a customer to them and they make a purchase. There are loads of companies that have affiliate marketing programs such as Amazon , Pretty Little Thing as well as sites like liketoknow.it and RewardStyle. You'll need to apply with your social platforms and once accepted you will be able to start using your affiliate links on for example your blog when you talk about a product. If one of your readers clicks the link and makes a purchase, you get a commission. Easy.

​I hope you've found this post helpful! I know it's scary and confusing - trust me I'm right there with you! Have patience and faith in yourself. I promise, it's not impossible. 

Have anything to add? I'd love it if you left a comment below!

Love Natalie x



If you've followed me for a while, you'll know I am quite the advocate for talking about mental health openly on social media. I think it is important to share and be open about it rather than bottling it up and keeping it quiet. So many people in today's society suffer from some form of mental health issue yet no one seems to dare speak about it?

The following things I am about to tell you are not a magic cure and they won't solve all of your problems in a heartbeat - but they will hopefully make your feel a bit better and maybe give you a little boost in motivation. These are just things that I as an anxious human myself have learned help calm me down and refocus while trying to get on with my life!

1. Having a safe space
A safe space? Having a safe space where you feel completely calm and relaxed is so important. A place where you can have a break from it all. For me that is my living space - my home, and I am very protective of it. Keeping your home or bedroom organised and just the way you like it can be such a boost. I'm also quite protective over who for example gets to go in my bedroom or come hang in my flat. I love having close friends and family round - but maybe would rather we hung out in the lounge and not in my room. My room is a place I can cuddle up into when I need space and a place where I know I'll have complete control. I also get made fun of sometimes for being such a nester. I love decorating and making a place my own with plants or photos or memorabilia - but for me its just another way of adding to my space and my calmness. I want my home to make me feel happy and when it looks and feels nice, it brings me joy.

Having a place where you feel calm and relaxed is crucial for allowing yourself to take a step back, gather your thoughts and then go back out and conquer the world. Try taking some time out to make your surroundings more enjoyable, make it fun to come home and relax. If you're house is already in order, that's one less thing to worry about too!

Plus, who doesn't love a bit of home decor hey?

2. Having a hot drink
Now, I know this one might sound a bit weird, but having a hot drink always calms me down. Its an affordable luxury that refocuses your brain and brings you a little bit of joy in mug-form. If I'm around lots of people that are making me nervous or walking around town feeling overwhelmed, having a hot drink in my hands to focus on works wonders. If you're at home getting worked up over something, stop for a minute, pop the kettle on and take a minute to pause over something warm. I absolutely love tea and coffee too, so just the thought of it makes me happy - haha. There are even drinks out there with ingredients in that naturally actually will make you feel calm, like camomile tea!

3. Go outside
I won't be the first to say this, but there is a reason for that. Fresh air makes you feel amazing. Just go outside! My all time favourite place to go when my brain feels full and fuzzy is the beach. Something about the ocean and the waves always makes me feel calm and clears my mind. I am lucky to live in Brighton with the ocean at my feet - but it can be anywhere. A park, a field or just a walk around the block. Fresh air will always make you feel better, so next time you're sat at home in a rut not wanting to get out of bed - force yourself out on a work and let the magic happen.

4. Get active
Endorphins!! Amazing those little guys. Physical activity is not only great for your physical health, it also works wonders on your mental health too. Get active, break a sweat! For me its running, pushing my body and challenging myself to run further and faster. I love it. For you, it could be anything: dancing, horse riding, walking, swimming, weight lifting. Just get that heart rate up! When you expose your body to physical activity your brain releases endorphins which make you feel less pain and more pleasure and even euphoric. What's not to love? Go go go!!

5. Be honest
Finally, and most importantly - just be honest. Give people the benefit of the doubt, you'll be surprised at how many others feel the same or how much understanding and support you'll receive. Being honest also takes away so much pressure. No more lies on why you can't make it or why you have to leave mid party. No more trying to fake your way through things with the fear of someone noticing. You don't have to tell the whole world - just start with one friend. A partner in crime, who if you're for example at a party together with, you can ask to just step outside for some air with or sit down with for a minute, but that won't ask you loads of questions. Sometimes just knowing someone else knows is all the help you need.

I made a youtube video on this topic a while a go which I have linked below - in case you want to hear me babble on about this further. I wanted to have this written down on my blog as well - hence this post, but would of course be very happy if you wanted to watch the video too!

I hope you found some of these useful in one way or another!

Love Natalie x



My favourite part of blogging will forever be the memories. Of course I love the creativity and the sharing with you guys, but for me blogging always started as a way of keeping memories in the form of an online diary. Because of this and it recently becoming 2018 - I thought I'd dedicate this post to my highlights of 2017. A review of the year just gone and an acknowledgement of the memories made and lessons learned.

I started my year in Sweden together with Chris and my family where we celebrated New Years eve together. I moved flats in Brighton and Paul become my new flat mate and suddenly life became very fun again. He also bought a drone and we took it out for adventures on the downs. It was a quiet month overall and most of my memories of it are from the library crying over my exams. Thats uni life for you, haha.

I went surfing in Wittering with my friends from UBSC and had hands down the coldest surf of my life. I bought an old film camera and started shooting o 35mm film again.

March was a busier month with some travel and some visitors. My sister and friend came to visit me in Brighton for a girly weekend. Chris and I went to Iceland together with Ellen and Paul (which is one of my favourite memories from this year) and we also spent a weekend in Cornwall with Chris mum.

Again, heavy on the travel, but very happy for it! I went skiing in Norway with Chris and my family, celebrated my 22nd birthday in London and went to southern France on a marine biology field trip. The weather got warmer and we spent many hours in the ocean paddle boarding with UBSC. April was also Chris 25th birthday, our 2 year anniversary and the month he moved down to Brighton and in with me and Paul.

In May I went to Paris together with Lewis to visit Lucy and crash her life over there for a weekend. We took all the tourist photos, drank wine in her tiny flat and had an all around amazing time.
This is also the month I said goodbye to life with gluten and hello to a happy and healthy body for the first time in a long time!

Uni was over for the year and I went to Spain on the annual summer surf trip. Improved on my surf skills and had an amazing week with my closest friends. At the end of the month Chris and I also went to Sweden together again, we went to Copenhagen for 24h, hung out with Alice and her boyfriend Pierre who happens to be very handy with the camera and I also worked in the office in Gothenburg for two weeks. Also can't forget - Chris finally got to use his birthday gift and we went to see Coldplay together at Ullevi in Gothenburg. I love that band.

I begun the month still in Sweden at my parents house. I worked and I spent time by the sea. At the end of the month a group us went to Bimble Bandada, a small music festival outside of Brighton. It was very glittery and very colourful...and very wet - but we still had the best time!

August swung around and the summer was in full swing. Brighton was HOT and we spent most of our days on the beach - one of my favourites being bank holiday weekend and Rachel's birthday. We also went to the Midlands to visit Chris family and his very very cute newborn niece!

In September, I went to Sweden ,twice - once with Chris and once on my own. We hung out with Alice and Pierre again and of course ended up with even more super cute photos, ha ha. This was also the month we finally moved into our own flat in Brighton and I was over the moon. I also started taking running a bit more seriously and started doing Parkrun every Saturday as well as signing up to run the BM10K in April and the Gothenburg Half Marathon in May. What was I thinking?

In October I went to Newquay in Cornwall with a group of friends for a weekend of surfing. We drove down in Rorii's van and stayed in the nicest AirBnb. The surfing was great and the company even better and I was a happy human. University started again and I was finally in my last and final year of my degree.

November was filled with visitors. My dad, my brother and Chris mum came to visit and we spent our weekends hanging out with them. I also played around a lot with my camera and challenged myself to take more photos.

We started December off with a visit from Chris Dad & Sam and spent the weekend hiking the downs and showing them Brighton. In December Chris and I also visited Amsterdam for the first time...and got stuck in Amsterdam airport for the first time - thanks snow. My last autumn term of University ended and I went home to celebrate Christmas in Sweden with my family and New Years Eve in Cornwall - which I have already told you about!

All in all 2017 was a very memorable year. I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to travel as much as I have and that I've had such great people to share the year with. I think I've grown a lot as a person this year and it's been a pretty steep learning curve when it comes to figuring out myself and what I want in life and while it's sometimes been tough, I think 2017 has been very useful for me as a person. I'm really exited for 2018 and all the things to come - it's only January 2nd and I already have a lot of great things planned to look forward to. I think 2018 is going to be eventful and challenging in ways and a big part of that is due to this being the year I will graduate and hopefully get myself a job. It's also going to be a year filled with lot's of family and love - especially since we already have two weddings to go to, one of which I get to be a maid of honour at!!! I of course intend to continue to travel in 2018. Maybe not as much as in 2017 because that was an abnormal amount, but as of now I have Seattle and the US (x2) and Wales planned in and I AM SO EXITED. Looking at 2018 I feel very exited and very motivated and I'm so ready to work hard and play harder and to grow and learn and laugh and love. Bring it ooooon!



Happy New Year, happy new blog. As you might be able to tell - I have moved my blog over to a new platform and revamped the whole thing. Basically, I like nouw - its a great platform to work from and very user friendly which is why I have moved myself over here! I hope you don't mind too much...

I hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year! I spent most of my christmas break in Sweden with my family and then my New Years weekend in Cornwall together with Chris and his mum!

The weather was miserable all weekend pretty much, but we still had a lovely time. I love Cornwall - it will always have a special place in my heart. Lot's of good memories from here - especially the surf ones.

I didn't go surfing this weekend, but I did see others brave the temperatures and wild waves and I must say was a bit jealous even though it must of been freezing!

We kept warm by cuddling up by the fire at Chris mum's house, watching movies and drinking lots and lots of tea and coffee! New Years eve was one stormy night and we rung in the new year by watching Everest, which was a good movie actually, something about climbing mountains really fascinates me! We went to bed early and just enjoyed each others company and honestly I wouldn't want it any other way. On New Years day the weather cleared up and we went on a little outing to Padstow, had (another) coffee and a look around the shops. I found myself a dream cottage that I'd very happily move into - pictured below.

It's back to normal life now again with lots of work and university deadlines lined up for me. I have a feeling 2018 is going to be a good year though. Lot's of very exiting plans and changes already in the making and my motivation to pursue the things I love is higher than ever! I hope you'll want to come along on here and on YouTube and everywhere else for the ride and I hope 2018 treats you beautifully.

Love Natalie

Poor Chris is often forced to be a so-called "Instagram husband" and is a trooper when it comes to snapping a photo haha! My coat is new btw, and was a christmas gift from my lovely dad! 

You can find it HERE!