This Month I’ll be Covering my new favorite happy hour spots all within these seven different neighborhoods of downtown Manhattan. Ill be giving a Detailed description of each place and recommending all my favorite drinks and plates!

Featured Neighborhoods

West Village/Grenich Village- Tribeca/Financial- Soho/Nolita- Lower East Side/East Village

The West Village

My personal favorite neighborhood in the entire City. The west village is flooded with with cobble stone roads, home to all your favorite stores to shop from, legendary restaurants, bars and Homes. Beautiful brownstones take up the majority of this magical neighborhood. Making it so special to stroll through at any time of the day. Not to mention, for all the music lovers, it is also home to some of the best jazz clubs within New York City.

Let’s talk food and Drink,

SeaBird “ Basically swimming in Seafood and Sangria”


I walked into cozy gem, just in time for happy hour. SeaBird is a seafood-centric beachy styled West Village Bistro. I would also recommend going in off happy hour just in time for dinner and trying some of they're main dishes, raw bar and daily specials. For happy hour they have their house red or white wine, select draft local beers, and Sangria bowls not glasses BOWLS. Imagine a small fish bowl now fill it with your choice of freshly made Red, or White sangria. You’ll basically be Swimming In Sangria for the rest of your night. If you can’t choose between the red or white wine don't worry, just ask them to mix the two together in one bowl. (you can thank Lesa Blackaman for that one) If you're a seafood lover like me, Seabird is your new Happy Hour go too.

The first thing we ordered were 3 dozen of they're Steam Boat Oysters. On happy hour they're six for 7$. My new favorite. The flavor was a combination of the three salty, sweet, and briny. Perfectly sized, and great with a little additional squeeze of lemon, cocktail sauce, vinegar or horseradish. If you love oysters, I definitely recommend you try the steamboat’s.

Following we had the Salmon Poke, Freshly sliced inch cubes of salmon layered with avocado, drizzled in a dill ponzu, laying atop a bed of seaweed.

Next two dishes we had were the Bronzino Carpaccio and the Fried Oyster Tacos, Three Steamboat oysters lightly fried to perfection hugged by a crispy mini wonton shell, topped with homemade slaw and tarter sauce. They have three different types of mac and cheese, we went with the Crab lasagna. A traditional mac and cheese noodle, gruyere cheese, tomato sauce, chunks of fresh crab, topped with crumbs and more melted gruyere.

For our final two dishes we went with The Crispy fish burger which was fried Cod topped with a malt vintager slaw, a tomato and tarter sauce. If you're looking for something filling and satisfying the crispy fish burger is yours.

On a lighter note the Grilled Octopus would be a perfect choice if you're looking for more of a medium sized dish, it comes with spiced beets, oranges, topped with radishes and basil!

Finally, Desert

Su chef Fredrick brought out his homemade Strawberry Shortcake. It was almost a vanilla shortcake sandwich with both homemade whipped creme, Vanilla gelato, and freshly sliced strawberries.

SeaBird is right on Sixth AV, just shy of 4th street. They're grand opening was this past August, 2016. You definitely cant go wrong with their happy hour, lunch or dinner. Each menu is equally satisfying and extremely delicious.


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December 13, 2016

|For all my Taco and Tequila lovers out here, Scott Linquist, the executive chef at Miami’s Coyo Taco, has created a new "Sharable Mexican family-style” eatery! The most flavor filled mexican style eatery making it’s debut on Miami Beach, just a block away from our legendary Lincoln Road.

Not straying far from Coyo, Olla’s cocktail’s are mainly Mezcal and tequila based as well. YAS! Using only the freshest ingredients.. and all made in house. Cazadores being the house tequila. Illegal being the Classic Mescal.

My Experience with Olla indulged in the following,

First stop, the bar! I went with the Classic Margarita and as courtesy of the bartender, I also had a Mezcal shot with a fresh slice of orange on the side - freshly squeezed lime juice with Cazadores tequila, aTajín Rim, and Illegal for the shot of Mescal - I can boldly state that to this day, it was the best classic Margarita I’ve ever had. For the mezcal, you can never go wrong with some Illegal.

Now, to the Table!

To start off, we ordered the go-to Guacamole and Chips, Classic Dish, all the flavors where there. Didn't need to ask for anything extra. The guacamole comes with made in house tortilla chips (crisped to perfection) and 3 traditional mexican sauces .

Next, we had the Lamb Tare Tare. The lamb was seasoned just right, small cubes topped with queso blanco, cilantro and finished with a quail egg. Served with Spiced Puff Bread. If you love tartars and eat meat, this ones for you!

For Entrees we had two out of the seven traditional Mole dishes, each dish big enough to share between two people. The first one that came out was the Duck, perfectly cooked, seasoned and slightly crispy on the outside. Sliced and topped with onions, cilantro, and prunes, accompanied by the traditional Mole sauce.

Then came the Diver Scallops, now if you're a fan of scallops, you can imagine how the dream scalop should taste, and these were the three perfectly cooked, marinated scallops, they were dense, airy, flavor-filled with a minute crunch from the grilled top. the most incredible flavor. The scallops were also placed in another style of traditional Mole sauce accompanied by sweet potato, cauliflower, cilantro, and puffed pieces of a cornflower based crispy arepa.

Last, Desert!

We went with the Flan and the Churros, because they're my two favs.

The Churros were crispy and flakey on the outside, warm and soft on the inside, sugared, and drizzled in a Milk chocolate and dulce de leche sauce, topped with almonds, and whipped cream, along side two scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream. YU UH UM. The Flan was traditional, served in a Clay pot, it had subtle notes of vanilla topped with a strawberry pureé and whipped creme. It was hands down the best flan I’ve ever had.

The service was amazing, the whole staff was so accommodating. The restaurant is low key, so aesthetically pleasing and clean having both indoor and outdoor seating.

Over all,

I truly could not have have had a better experience. I would definitly 10/10 Recommend. And if you have a chance to meet Scott Linquist, the man behind Olla.. don't be afraid to say whats up, he’s the best!

Buen Provecho!