The keys to getting a good tan throughout your vacation

First of all you need to make sure you don't get burnt.

To prevent that you want to slowly get your skin used to the sun exposure . You wanna ease your way into getting a tan, so start the first 1 or 2 days with a pretty high sunscreen depending on how sensitive your skin is, this way you have a better chance of not getting burnt.

Now, to the most important part. Most peolpe scrub and exfoliate their skin weekly but as soon as they go on a sunny vacation or summer is coming to town, they stop the scrubbing part. DO NOT STOP EXFOLIATING YOUR SKIN EVER. Now if you in some way burned yourself really bad I understand scrubbing is not so kind on your skin but I told you to not get burnt so I hope you took that advice. Anyways, during tanning season you want to scrubb and exfoliate your skin as usual in order for the tan to last. When you stop this you just keep tannig your already dead skin that is waiting to fall of and you will looose that tan much faster. If you keep exfoliating you will tan more even and as you scrubb of old skin the new skin will keep up with the sun and get tanned too.

You're welcome and tan safe