So on Tuesday, my friend Kathleen was invited to a workshop by Insp and she was kind enough to take me with her as her plus one! (love u bihhhh)

The brand Le Coq Sportif was there with their new collection and they were kind enough to let us all try out their clothing.

Le Coq Sportif is a French brand that mainly produces active and sportswear. Something that makes their clothing stand out from other brands is their logo (a Gallic rooster which is the national symbol of France) and the blue, white and red colours that is a staple on their clothing.

I am really into sportswear and oversized college sweaters, and Le Coq Sportif let us all take home a piece of clothing that we liked from their collection (which was super nice of them) and i chose this oversized sweater! Honestly, i’m going to use the shiiit out of this, since the weather is now getting colder.

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So today i got to experience an amazing art exhibition where the GOAT Chi Modu did a collaboration with the artist duo Broslo Art, and all i can say is WOW!!! The exhibition was called PERSPECT, and featured photos from artists such as Tupac, Nas and The Notorious B.I.G, some of which were taken by Chi Modu and Broslo Art used these photos and made it into their own art.

The whole 90's hip hop vibe of the exhibition really got me feeling nostalgic (even though i didn't grow up during this epic era which frickin sucks).

The photography and the visuals were so aesthetically pleasing, and some of the photo's were even in 3D! INSANE.

Also, there was a random shopping trolley there, which turned out to be a dope ass prop for photos lmfao.



After months of anticipation, Rihanna's long teased beauty line, Fenty Beauty has finally launched!! Now i usually am very skeptical to celeb makeup brands, as i feel as if they're overhyped by their fans, and although i LOVE Rihanna, i wasn't too sure what to expect from her. And i have to give credit where credit is due: Rihanna did THAT! with this line, and it is evident that she put in a lot of hard work and dedication into the development of Fenty Beauty.

From the ultra-inclusive range of foundation (40 shades guys!) and the genius swatching system, to the creative packaging and the beautiful, beautiful highlighters, I could immediately tell that this wasn’t just a line of pre-made makeup that Rihanna just slapped her name on.

Aside from the fact that the launch party seemed so glamorous and so lit, the most important aspect of Fenty Beauty, which really makes it stand out from other makeup brands was its inclusivity. Her foundations featured a wide range of colours and undertones, from soft pale beiges to warm browns. There are foundations available for people of every complexion; a rare find in a cosmetic industry that often ignores POC, particularly those with dark skin.

Rihanna recognised the importance of why creating inclusive makeup shades is so important, and it was just so refreshing to see such diverse representation throughout her whole campaign.

Also can we just talk about how BOMB Rihanna looked at the launch?!! Her beauty never ceases to amaze me.