Winter can be a slow and dark time for me, so I usually focus on the happy and positive things to come. There are a few fun and exciting trips that are happening soon, and I wanted to share them with you.

  • Paris

Tomorrow evening we are heading off to Paris with our Fashion course. It has been years since I was in Paris, and to be honest, I don't remember a thing. I'm really excited about this trip, and am looking forward to getting lost, eating amazing pastries and seeing some sights. Expect to see a lot of pictures from this trip!

  • Home

Before finishing school, I will be visiting Helsinki quite a few times. The next time is right after my birthday next month, so hopefully I will get the chance to go out and celebrate with my friends. It isn't until I leave Finland that I realise how much I miss doing Finnish things like going to the sauna and eating Karelian pies. A sauna would be ah-mazing right now.

  • Santorini

This one is my favourite. Today, me and Toni booked a trip to SANTORINI!!!! We have been talking about going to Greece for a few years, but never got around to actually booking a trip. We will be going in May right after finishing school. What an amazing way to unwind from an exhausting semester. Is it wrong to already be looking at resort wear on Asos? I have heard so much about Santorini and I can't wait.

What are some things you guys are looking forward to?

Photos by Lydia Nystén

Coat (unfortunately it doesn't belong to me): Monki

Flares: Gina Tricot

Sneakers: Reebok

Jumper: OtherStories

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During the Christmas holidays I had a photoshoot for my Final Major Project at uni. I had been planning this shoot for ages and the idea had morphed quite a few times. Finally, I had a team, a location and a plan. Everything seemed to be perfect.

Before the shoot, I visited quite a few showrooms to borrow clothes. I went into Polhem PR, Spalt PR, Republic Showroom and Miltton Showroom. I was surprised by how welcome I was, and the staff were really kind. I felt like a real pro lugging around all those bags full of clothes.

To my horror, my make up artist called in sick the night before the shoot, and I got really stressed. It wasn't the end of the world, but it wasn't ideal either.

I was very grumpy on the day of the shoot. I was feeling very negative about the whole thing, and would've much rather just stayed in bed. But it had to be done. Time to be a professional. I asked a fellow blogger Maiju to model for me, and we met in Kamppi before heading over to Esport Express, where the shoot was taking place. Again, the staff at Esport was very welcoming and kind, and let us come in and have our shoot.

It took us a few hours to get Maiju's make up done on our own, and the result wasn't as great as I'd hoped. I'm not the best when it comes to make up. Maybe it was best to stay away from the close ups... This was the second time I was shooting indoors, and I was really stressed about whether the shoot would turn out okay.

Looking at the photos afterwards, I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't my best work, but there were some that I really liked. The clothes, hair and make up didn't work as I' hoped and I could've been more creative with the setting. I wish we would've had more time to try out some other things, but I'll work with what I got.

I want to thank Maiju for being an amazing model and such a great sport during my stressful day. I ended having a lot of fun, and I ended up with some great shots. Hope to work with you soon! Go check her instagram out here!

Dress: Björn Borg (Polhem PR)

Bra: Björn Borg (Polhem PR)

Skirt: Björn Borg (Polhem PR)

Body: BikBok (SpaltPR)

Boots: NA-KD (SpaltPR)

Sneakers: Under Armour (Polhem PR)