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Today I wanna share about my other beauty product that I currently used.

Actually, due to my skin condition, I used several product from The Body Shop Tea Tree Range and I love them.

source: thebodyshop.co.id

Nope, I don't use all the product from this range but you can say, most of them. (lol I'm so desperate if you know)

Before, I already made a review about the tea tree oil from this range. Yes, that cute little miracle bottle in the middle of picture above.

And today I would like to introduce you to The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream 02

With my skin condition, I really do not like using any makeup, even for BB cream. For morning routine I usually just use tea tree daily solution serum (I'll make a review later), sun cream, and loose powder. And maybe a little lip colorant so I don't look pale. However, sometime of course I need to use product like BB cream or foundation. To tell you the truth, it was a nightmare for me to search for the right BB cream for my sensitive skin condition. But at last I found it!

Again for disclaimer, I'm not a master in this field so I will only share you my personal impression for this product.

First thing first, I really love the packaging of this product. You can say that the packaging is kind of normal, yes, normal and simple which what I like. with 40mL volume of the tube, this product is very travel friendly with flip-top tube that secure enough.

Another thing that I like from this BB cream is that it has light coverage. The texture of the cream is light can glide easily on my skin without greasy feeling. I got the no 02 or the medium shade for this product, which is perfect for my skin tone. Well, actually for my opinion, this BB cream do not really add color to my skin, instead it help my complexion to be more flawless. Light coverage, matte finish, perfect for me. This product also help reduce the visibility of my open pores as well as help my face to become not oily too fast. Even using this BB cream, my face will still become oily but not as fast as when I don't use it.

The tea tree oil content in this product also gives me peace of mind as this product also don't cause breakout for my face. But still, old habit to not use BB cream everyday so I tend to use this product once in a while or when I want it only. After all, my priority now is to get my skin condition back to normal and not really care about covering my acne scar with thick make up ^.^.

Then again, I really recommend this product for those who have oily and/or acne prone skin condition want light coverage BB cream like me. Hope this post can help you in any way.

Stay positive and be Happy!

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Hi Fellas!

Here now I would like to recommend you one of my favorite YouTube channel (nope, it's not my YouTube channel) and the channel called Peaceful Cuisine.

Just like the title states, this channel mainly contains cuisine and cooking video.

The channel that has more than 1.1 million subscribers are made and maintained by Japanese man, Ryoya Takishima. In his channel, Ryoya actively upload his cooking routine with tasty looking and healthy recipes. He frequently shared his vegan recipes for many simple dishes with calming ambiance. One thing that make this channel more appealing, at least for me, is because Ryoya apparently made several version of his cooking video, using calming music or without music. The later version is the one that I love better. Cooking video with no music that was made by Ryoya become another type of ASMR video based on the natural sounds while cooking, including the sound of fluid, flame, cutting knives, etc.

For you who don't know, ASRM stands for autonomous sensory meridian response in which refers to the experience that is characterized by static-like sensation on the skin. This sensation is commonly triggered by sounds, visual, or digital media stimuli. This experience will lead to calming sensation to the person. Many YouTuber also made video that aims to trigger ASRM by using various sources of sound and visual media. The most common media is from classical music instrument such as piano and also various natural sounds including the sounds of rain, water flows, or the wind that brush to tree in the forest. All of the video is made to create calming condition and trigger ASRM.

As a university student that always have this fluctuated state of emotion with all the pressure I got, anything that can make me calm and relax are nothing but desirable.  So, I admit that Ryoya did a creative job in using the cooking sound to trigger ASRM. Personally, I really love how the cinematography, the sounds, and the recipe always made me forget about time while streaming all the video, even no music added in the video. And the most important thing is that his videos are so CALMING!

For you who is curious about what I've been blabbering about, here I also attached one of his video from YouTube. If you are interest, you can also browse his channel in YouTube, and let me know what you think about his videos on the comment (on his YouTube channel and HERE please :D).

Stay positive and be HAPPY!




Hi Fellas!

Today I wanna post my very first entry in my blog to share you one of so many things that I love!!


First thing first, I want to disclaim that I'm not a beauty blogger nor an expert in the beauty field. You can say that I am a real newbie for beauty products. So, I just want to tell you my personal thought about this product.

From beauty blogger post that I had read, it's seems like a 'manner' to share you first about the skin condition. That's why I will do the same.

So, basically I have a sensitive skin type, not a very sensitive one but yea sensitive. In high school I didn't have any problem with my face. Very rare acne, not dry, not too oily, everything was fine as long as I don't use heavy chemical makeup. However, since I moved to Jakarta for University Study purpose, I got a lot of skin problem. Maybe pollution thingy, I don't know. I start to have breakout frequently, especially hormonal breakout that become more severe along the time. My face become more oily around the T zone, followed by appearance of visible pores. But the main problem that make me uncomfortable is ACNE.

At last, here I am sharing you my thoughts about this extraordinary product. Tea Tree Oil.

From the title or picture you can see that this is one of product from The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Range.

From the label, we can see that this product contains 15% of tea tree oil extract.

It is well known that tea tree oil have wide benefits for skin health. One of the prominent property of tea tree oil is the antimicrobial properties. This properties is very beneficial for treating acne because bacteria is one of the main causation agent of them. So, limiting their growth will actually help treat as well as prevent breakout.

How do you apply this product?

When I bought this product from The Body Shop counter, the beauty consultant of TBS told me to just apply appropriate amount of the product directly on your breakout by tapping it lightly. But, personally I prefer to add more strength while applying this product on my acne, like massaging them a bit. I don't know, but maybe just self-satisfaction on touching those little devil acne, you know. Aside from that, I believe that by adding more pressure will also help the skin to absorb the product better. Plus that is so satisfying!

Do the product clear out your acne in one night?

NOPE. If you are searching for those miracle effect, this product definitely not for you.

This product is not that magical thing, or those harsh chemical, that can dried out your pimples real fast. Instead, I will give gradual effect on your breakout. The fastest effect that I realize from this product is that it really help subsidizes the inflammation and reduce the pain if I have a 'big' acne(s). As for the tiny little bump, it will not get worse if I treat it with this oil.

So, yes it will not really give immediate effect but gradually. However, I really prefer this product since it is natural and had less side effect compare to chemical drugs. Natural remedies for life!

I think that's all I want to share in this very first post. Thank you for stopping by and let me know your though on the comment.

Stay Positive and Be Happy!