Hey babes :)
My Boyfriend and I celebrated our 7 months anniversary yesterday by going to a cozy place called "under uret" in Svendborg. We did it mostly because we weren't able to celebrate the half year mark and also every excuse to go on a date is a good excuse for me hahah

We had dinner and dessert, unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of our dinner but I did take some shots of our dessert :)
I had an avocado ice cream with berries and burnt chocolate. My boyfriend had a strawberry, babana and elderflower smoothie.

We ended our date night with the newest Game of thrones episode and card games.
How did your last date look like?
Love Nagamermaid

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Hey Guys! Soon the first graduates will show up in white chlotes and coloured hats and celebrate. I will be graduating the 19th of june and I can´t wait! I still have 3 exams to go though. But I am here today to show you some cool ideas for graudation gifts for a girl. So if you´re not traditional and have no idea what to buy: I´ve got your back.

1. Jewerly!

This is almost always a good option. There are lots of private persons and jewerly shops that will glady personalize their jewerly for the graduate in your life. Here is a necklace and a braclet from etsy that are a good example of the kind of jewerly that you can get. There are lots of other options too of course!

2. Something usefull and personal at the same time

All graduates want to feel special at this time in their lives. That is why you should go after a gift that is both special and usefull. Maybe you are buying a gift for a girl that is very passionate about makeup? well then a personalized make up bag will be perfect. Or maybe you know that she enjoys a glass of wine every now and then? There is nothing better than being reminded of your accomplishment while you do the things you love: like drinking wine!

When deciding what to give to the graduate, think about what situation they are in. Are they moving out soon? or maybe they are going to be traveling for the next couple of months? If you have this kind of information then you should buy something that they will find useful in their new journey. Oh and if you´re not sure what to give then give money. Money is always good :)

What did you receive as a graduation gift? And what have you bought for others? Please share!

love Nagamermaid



My first item is a highlighter from Emité make up. It is very comfortable to wear, even though it may feel a bit sticky. I have been loving the glow on my face and will probably buy one more when I'm done with this container. It looks beautiful on the skin, giving it almost a wet look.

Another thing I have been really enjoing is a par of black sandals from a polish brand named Ryłko. They are super comfortabl. I have menaged to survive a long night of dining and dancing, without moaning from pain like I usually do.

My third favourite is a red special edition bag from MANGO. It's quite small but there is place enough for necessities. The small compound is also a great place to hold cards and a key. Also the Wolf is so stylish and I love it!

The second and third picture shows the colour the best. It's a really pretty deep red.

The last of my favourites is a Big warm scarf. I bought it last year in a second hand, and I have been wearing it almost everyday. It gives an amazing pop of colour and keeps my neck warm.

What are your favourites from April? I'd love to hear about them!



Hey guys! I have been super busy with school and and helping my boyfriend move to his new apartment. I will hopefully be more active from now on. Today I want to show you a gift that I got from my boyfriend. We joked about him getting me an ukulele before but I didn´t actually expect him to show up at my door with a light pink ukulele in hand. I have no musical talent at all, so trying to learn accords and stuff is really difficult for me. I absolutely love it tho<3



Hey babes!

I´m super busy this week with school, but I´m here with the Tuesday Wishlist! This time I focused on Bershka and found some really nice pieces that I wanted to share with you.

Tell me what you think in the comments!



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Hej guys! I´m back with a new post. My boyfriend and I were in a zoo in nykøbing this saturday so here is a small photo diary. We had to get up early, so we decided to eat breakfast at a small caffee in centrum before we went and bought shoes for my boyfriend.

Afterwards we went to the zoo and had a great time. Monkeys are the cutest :)

It finally feels like spring

The raindeers were so sweet, they were really friendly and they allowed me to pet them

Black fether bag from Zara (old)

After a long day, we went to a small cozy caffe, where I ate some salad and spicy fries and had a chai latte (It´s my favorite).

How was your weekend? I want all the details <3



Hey guys! I decided That I will make a small wishlist around every other Tuesday. The thing is that it is not only tuesday today. It is also payday. So here are some items from Stradivarius that I would like to own. I adore pastel pink and everything embroided at the moment, and I feel like that is very clear in this post. The pompom shoes are just so adorable, I´m not sure if I would dare to ever wear them but I like the though of walking around in them and feeling really pompom fancy.  Tell me what you think in the comments!



Hi gals!

I´m here with the post that I talked about in last post. I decided to split it up in two so the goodiebox review will come soon. I had my best friend over for some home-spa and tried some of the products out (and had lots of wine). So here are my opinions on the products. And remember if you have any comments or anything, don´t be shy!


This one is amazing. The colour is amazing and quality too. Because seriously, I made a swatch on my wrist of it and I couldn´t get it off. It stays nicely on the lips and is removable, but you will need to remove it with some make up wipes. I really recommend this.



It´s a beautiful shade, and it stays on for a long time as well. It´s much easier to remove than the one from gosh (but I guess that darker shades are always harder to remove). But yeah, I love this one. Recommended

[caption id="attachment_135" align="alignnone" width="2448"]img_1636 The nude one is from maybelline and the purple one is from GOSH[/caption]

LOOK LIPS lipgloss L201-wchih was a part of the January goodiebox, and I have honestly no idea what mark it is. I tried to google myself to it but I got no results.

It´s quite nice if you like lip-glosses. I personally don´t wear them that much (I´m more of a liquid lipstick girl). The colour looks nice on my lips, kind of like a bubblegum pink. It also smells nice, but I´m not sure of what lol, maybe it´s bubblegum as well.


They smell amazing and are vegan friendly so wuhu! They are really small, so I used two in my bath, but there was only a light pink colour some places in the water so nothing to get excited about.

 I really want to try some of their other products because the packaging is all really nice (lol). I guess that I won´t buy more bath bombs from them though because they are disappointing.  

But I don´t know where outside of NORMAL and AMAZON you could get their products. So, I will have to see if they have more products next time I´m in NORMAL.



Smells of cranberries and I´m completely obsessed with that. It also doesn´t leave my skin oily or damp which is a big plus in my book. Also, you really don´t need a lot, so I think that it will last for a long while. I recommend this. oh and the packaging is adorable, soooo pretty!


I´m really excited about this one, because it´s the first liquid concealer I have ever used, I can´t wait to get my hands on more of these. It doesn´t stay on for 24H, which by the way sounds so unrealistic for a product to last. But it does last 6-7H if I´m not doing any sweating that day. I´m also really happy about the shade, because I´m really pale, but this one matches my skin well. It blends really well (I blend it with a fake beauty blender) and feels mat when I´m done putting it on.


I quite like it (come on the packaging is pink, pink=amazing) and it´s multiuse so that´s smart. I use it mostly for my face because it is a small pot (50 ml). It smells okay, nothing special, but still nice. I guess like overall it´s good but it doesn´t have that wow effect. Which is also fine considering its cheapness.



“A lightweight blend of natural oils. Apply at night to prepare and prep your skin for a new day”-descraption on the product.

Doesn´t smell nice but it´s bearable. I´m not sure if I like it or not, it leaves the skin quite mat so that´s good considering it´s a primer. And there are lots of healthy oils in it which is good for the skin but honestly idk.

Makeup artists from GOSH also recommend it as a highlighter but I haven´t tried that so maybe if you have, let me know and tell if it´s good? GOSH made a video where they show that you just have to warm it up in your hands a bit and then just put where you want the highlight to be (cheekbones, nose, above the upper lip and so on).  


MIRACLE DRY SHAMPOO by AUSSIE for fine, limp hair

This dry shampoo comes with Australian jojoba seed Extract which is an amazing thing for your hair and skin. “The jojoba oil is the only oil that closely resembles human sebum – an oily substance naturally produced by the oil glands below the skin surface, so its uses and benefits to the skin and hair are high. Jojoba oil has immense uses for skin, hair and face. It can be used alone or can be combined with other essential oils to make it more effective. This oil is beneficial due to its moisturizing and emollient properties. Its awesome beneficial qualities to manage skin and hair have made it a useful ingredient for hair, beauty and skin care products. Moreover, it is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and non-toxic that again make it useful for hair, face and the whole body.”

Before I bought this dry shampoo, I used the ones from bastille and I must say that I like this one much better. My hair feels nice after I use this one, it doesn´t leave the feeling of stickiness like those from bastille did. All over I really recommend this one. The packaging is also adorable and on the back, they have written “…We like getting letters, no one does it these days and it makes us feel special”. I find it so adorable!



These are black! I was so surprised when I opened one, because I thought that it would be white hahah. They apply nicely, and there is not too much liquid in the packaging, which I find really annoying in some other masks. I haven´t used them enough to say that what kind of effect they give, but if anything, it feels fancy to wear one and you will feel pampered (you will also look like a robber).



I really love those, it also seems be a new trend in high fashion to have mismatched earrings so omg I´m trendy! (it´s weird guys)







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