Perfumes are the most personal accessories one can have and choosing a different one, after wearing the same one for years, means a deeper change in life. This is exactly what happened to me with Black Musk by The Body Shop: After using the last drop of my former fragrance, it was time to look for a cruelty free, vegan alternative.

White Musk was no stranger to me, that’s why I decided to explore its dark and seductive version: Black Musk. The best words to describe this beauty staple are charming and intriguing. It’s easy to be tempted by this blend: woody notes, a touch of vanilla and liquorice roots.

Even though the mix sounds very intense, the result is still fresh and clean. A sweet contrast between light and darkness.



Every place I go leaves a mark in my memory and soul. I will never be the same, I am constantly under construction putting the pieces of all my experiences together. This poem represents those changes and how something primitive, like nature, acts as a catalyst for self discovery.


La metamorfosis del alma comienza en el cuerpo,
avanza en la tierra intacta que se perfila eterna,
la abrazo desde las entrañas para unirme a ella.

El polvo oscuro es la lava que quemó la esperanza,
me pierdo en su inmensidad desdibujada,
un punto en sus campos negros deshechos en la intemperie.

The Path of Transformation

The path of transformation begins in the body,
The soul moves itself through an intact eternal land,
I embrace its depths hoping to become one with the Earth.

The hopeless dust was once the burning lava,
I get lost in its dark blurred immensity,
A dot on the black fields melting against the tide.

Portrait: Irene Cruz (Moonlight)

Location: Island

Landscape pictures and text by me



I decided to start my personal blog with some art and one of those abandoned places, full of charm and mystery that can only be found in Berlin. Since I moved here, there has being a flow of inspiration among the city, Irene Cruz and me. Such a magnetic female triangle!

Art, in particular photography, marked the beginning of my cycle in this city, and somehow it managed to deeply change the way I perceive beauty and interact with it. I had the honor of being the muse of several projects like this one: Ewige Wiederkunft (2015).

Ewige Wiederkunft (the Eternal Cycle of Life) by Irene Cruz is a photo series based around universal feelings such as loneliness and uncertainty. We are by ourselves facing the idea of time, the strength of nature and an opaque universe that we will never comprehend.

At some point everything looks familiar and repetitive, back to the original state. We live in a loop, in a constant déjà vu. Is time linear and objective? Can we disrupt our past, present and future? Sometimes forever can last just a second after all.

Photographer: Irene Cruz

Model: Nadia Túnez

Location: Berlin