The time is 07:56 right now and I put in the last in my bag. The bus comes and pick me up at 08:35. So when I post this I’m back in Sweden finally. But for now I have many hours flying in front of me. But of course I have a funny end for you guys and that is funny facts about Hong Kong.

1.This is just sad but I will tell you anyways. So 2012 a businessman offered 65 000 000 HKD to the man who will marry his lesbian daughter. Nobody have done it yet!

2. Because of Hong Kong's overpopulation and fighting for free area, may a dead person lay under earth six years and then you have to dig up the coffin and burn the rest of the person’s body.

3. In Hong Kong you can only take in 19 cigarettes.

4. In Hong Kong you can get married in Mcdonalds

5. In Hong Kong there are 1225 skyscrapers.

I hope you liked what I been writing about these weeks and who knows we maybe will meet again. But for now, goodbye!

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This is my last full day in Hong Kong, tomorrow night I’ll go back to Sweden, sadly.

My plans for today looks like this: First I’m going to eat breakfast of course and then I’m going to a museum and this museum is about music, sports and celebrities. I love music and sport so I think this will be very interesting!

I know two celebrities since before, Jackie Chan and Li BingBing. I also know that Hong Kong is very good at skipping, 2014 and 2016 they won the world championship!

Hong Kong’s music I don’t really know anything about it…

I’m back in the hotel now but when I was at the museum there was different posters on celebrities and under Li BingBing it said “This adorable girl is an actress has become an large face, which includes Louis Vuitton sponsor her with clothes and accessories. She debuted with the film Seventeen Years, which she won "Best Actress" for the Singapore Film Festival. Just two years later, she had her breakthrough with the series Young Justice Bao, which made her China's most famous actress.

Today she works a lot with the climate and animal rights issues. She has almost 12 million followers on the Chinese version of Twitter and is more or less a "mega star" in China. She has started to focus her eyes to Hollywood where she made it into the movie Resident Evil; Retribution, and will also be with the Transformers fourth”

And under Jackie Chan it said He is probably the most famous Chinese and has been the film industry icon the last ten years, if not longer. He has been in movies like Rush Hour, Shanghai Nights, Around the World in 80 Days, and others and is still active.

Even Jackie Chan was born in Hong Kong and was early introduced, by his father, the Kung Fu style of Wing Tsun. Early each morning he went up with his father and with discipline practiced this sport. At age seven, he was written into a Jingju School. There he was for the first time to be on film in several WALK-ON. He had his breakthrough with the film Rumble in the Bronx in the West, which made him world famous.

Today he is popular with the action rolls CZ12 and Chinese Zodiac, which he both wrote and directed. He, along with actress Lin Feng-jiao, he has a son with. He also has a daughter out of wedlock. If you are in China, you can go on one of Jackie Chan's many bio-salons available across China, where he obviously dressed the interior with its well-known name.

While I went around in the museum there was music playing in the speakers and it was over my expectations! When the tour was over, I asked the person in the reception a couple of questions.

  • How is the music in Hong Kong?

Answer: In Hong Kong there playing electric mixture of traditional and popular genres.

Cantopop is one of the more prominent genres of music produced in Hong Kong.

So tomorrow I’m going back to Sweden. The last post I will write is a fun fact about Hong Kong yeah!



God morning! Today the whole day will be a sightseeing day. But first I’m going to eat breakfast, so I’ll be right back.

The bus will come and pick me up in about 20 minutes, so as usually I’m just sitting here and waiting. Anyway, today we’re going to follow a guide with Hong Kong’s flag on the back of her t-shirt. Oh by the way if you don't know Hong Kong’s flag look like, it look like a red background with a white flower in the middle.

I think we’re going to the capital first and the capital’s name is Hong Kong’s true i swear.

But the bus is coming soon so we say like I tell you everything when I’m on my way back to the hotel again.

I got a brochure from the guide and in the back there was a interesting text about Hong Kong:

“The area has been inhabited for thousands of years. In the run-up to the First Opium War in 1839 the British occupied Hong Kong, and China had peace treaty in 1842 ceding the island. It then became a British crown colony. During World War II Hong Kong occupied by Japan, but after its surrender in 1945 returned the area to British rule. Hong Kong became an option for Chinese people who wanted to move from the unrest before and after the communist takeover in 1949.

From the 1960’s to the 1980’s, Hong Kong's economy grew strongly, supported by industry, shipping industry, trading and international trade with China via Hong Kong.

When 1997 began China and Britain to negotiate the future of Hong Kong, and in 1984 it was agreed that the entire Hong Kong area would be left to China 1 July 1997.”

Today I’ve learnt so much, for example, Hong kong have a National symbol called “Hong Kong coat of arms” and the area of Hong Kong is 1104 km2.

I don’t know if I have told you this but in Hong Kong you can speak to language - English and Chinese.

Tomorrow I don’t have any plans so I don’t think it’s gonna be funny to write about because I’m not going anywhere so I see you at day four instead. Byeeee!



Okay so I’m here in Hong Kong and right now I’m just sitting in the hotels lobby and waiting for my bus to come. And this bus are going to all the famous places you need to visit when you are in Hong Kong like Ocean Park, Tian Tan Buddha, Ngong Ping 360 and Victoria Peak.

Time is 9:21 and the bus pick me up at 9:25. Now in the morning we are just gonna drive through the city.

So this post will come up tonight so i can write all day :)


Yeah it’s lunch time! So i have ordered something called dim sum and for dessert sago mix.

The food culture are different from the food in Sweden. Okay so the time is here I will try dim sum and sago mix.

Dim sum are many small dishes and I ordered one of them, something called dumplings. Dumplings are small pieces of dough often wrapped around a filling and i kinda like it! And the sauce it came with was amazing.

Sago mix tasted like fruit salad, but I’m not a fan of fruit salad so I think I like dim sum more actually.

Ocean Park

Ocean Park is a big amusement park there is mini sea world and a lot of carousels and it’s very beautiful! I think it’s a perfect place to bring your kids to. And i took a LOOOOT of pictures so here is some of them.

Tian Tan Buddha

And the next stop was Tian Tan Buddha! In Hong Kong the most of the 7,1 million people who live there are buddhists. So they have a big statue of Buddha in western Hong Kong. It’s very big and beautiful! Tian Tan Buddha are one of Hong Kong’s interesting landmarks.

We got to ride something called Ngong Ping 360 and Ngong Ping 360 look like a cage with window and it goes on a tope in the air. When we were at the top we could see Tian Tan Buddha and it was so cool.

Victoria Peak

The last stop before we’re going back to the hotel was Victoria Peak. Victoria Peak is a mountain in Hong Kong. The height is 522 meters and Victoria Peak is very famous because of the beautiful view. I can certainly agree the view is amazing.

So now I’m going back to my Hotel room and I see you tomorrow again!



Finally the big day is here! I’m going to HONG KONG!

So right now I’m sitting at the airport and just waiting to get my gate number. I have ordered a caffe and a muffin.

I’m super excited to soon actually be in Hong Kong! But right now I need to go to my gate so see ya later alligator ;)

Btw sorry for very short post, I promise I will be better!

Bildresultat för flygplats gate

Bildresultat för kaffe och muffin espresso house



Hello all my readers!

Okay, this is pretty new for me to blog, but I'll try to do my best.

Just thought before I started I can tell you five quick facts about myself:

  1. My name is Nina, 15 y/o
  2. I LOVE to work out, that's my life
  3. I like to travel and all the preparations before
  4. I live in Sweden
  5. I have been nominated to The Swedish sports gala

Hope you will like what I write about, for now, let's get started!

So today it is the 25/5 and I will go to Hong Kong the 27/5. Right now I'm packing my suitcase hand luggage. I came to think that I can share with you, my best packing tips and tell you what I was going to have with me.

I have three tips that I want to share with you:

  1. Do a packing list or a checklist so you know you won’t forget something
  2. Check the weather, so you know if you should pack warm och thin clothing
  3. Always pack a little extra, it doesn't hurt

I will pack thin clothes because in May there’s about 24-28 degrees. Now I need to continue packing, but i think this way. I will write a new post the day i leave for tomorrow will I just pack.

See ya! :)