15 February 2016

Now when I have been in the USA i can compare my homeland Sweden to the USA.

For example, in America, the food is much cheaper then it is in Sweden and that leads to that many people is overweight in the United states.

Ishockey is a very big sport in both countries. Although, both countries have sports that are very different from each other. For example, in Sweden we play handball while the US play more football. A funny difference is that in America, the people who, for example, work in restaurants is very nice, but most of it’s fake because they are only nice so they get more tip. Although in Sweden, if you are too nice, you don’t get any tip. I think that the holidays is what separates the countries the most. Many of the holidays in the US isn’t celebrated in Sweden and vice versa. For example in Sweden we celebrate Midsummer when we eat and drink and celebrate summer. And in America they celebrate thanksgiving when they are thankful for everything they have. The countries doesn’t celebrate christmas on the same day either. In America they celebrate on the 25’th of December while in Sweden, we celebrate on the 24’th.

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