This post is about how I use social media in general. For me social media is really important in daily basis. It just makes everything easier. I am used to being on social media all the time and it all started a long time ago. I got my first phone when I was seven years old and my first smart phone when I was ten years old. I’ve been on Instagram since maybe 2011 and on Snapchat since about 2013. I also use Whatsapp and I used to use some Asian texting apps when my dad lived there. Couple of months ago I made a Facebook account which I hate. I tried to avoid doing that but my exchange student organization asked all of us to have it to easier keep in touch. My swim team also uses Reminder to contact. I also write a blog in Blogger about my exchange year but honestly I don’t like doing that but my mom wanted me to.

Nowadays I use social media all the time and I am always available through that. Since I stepped onto a plane to come to U.S. my using of social media dropped a lot because I still after four months don’t have American SIM-card so I can’t use mobile data so I can only be on social media when connected to wifi. In school I can use Instagram, Whatsapp, and iMessage which are the saviors of my days!! Feels addicted to say but I couldn’t make it through the whole day without being able to talk to my friends and family. When able I am literally snapchatting all the time. I am the person people complain about blowing up their phones... oops...

I use social media to contact my friends and family. It’s easy to make plans and be like ”Starbucks after school today?” like during 3rd block if feeling so. I don’t have to decide everything two weeks ahead because there wouldn’t be a way to inform my mom about what I am gonna do. Since I’ve been here and time difference between U.S. and my home country is seven hours it makes keeping in touch with my friends really easy. I feel like everything is like it used to be when I wake up in the morning and scroll through my feed, likes, comments, texts, and taggings they made when I was sleeping. It helps me when I miss home. Social media takes a lot of my time but so far I am happy with it and i don’t see (many) negative influences on anything.

With this social media related project I hope to recognize what I subconsciously expect from social media, and does it really fill my expections or am I lying to myself that all the time I spend on social media is worth it.