Hello again!,

So the time has moved forward an hour now, it's nice to have the sun "stay up" longer in the evenings but GOD am I tired. It changed yesterday, I'm not really used to it yet so quite frankly I'm just exauhsted. Easter break has also come to an end, which means it was back to school again today, I'm feeling quite stressed and can't seem to concentrate AT ALL. I really need to study because I have an exam the day after tomorrow and I'm behind in maths, I also have a essay thing to do in chemistry due to that I should have studied all this week but never got round to it (C'MON it was easter holidays!).

I'm trying to stay positive and not let the stress take over but it is haarrdd. I've been particularly anxious the past week which normally doesn't happen to me. Usually a wave of anxiety/angst washes over me and I feel really horrible for a little while (at the very most half an hour) and afterwards it just disappears, but this week I have felt the same feeling I can get at times - constantly. It isnt at all the same "strenght" of feeling, its just a little but whatever I do, wherever I am, whoever I'm with, something in the back of my head is making me worry, have a nervous tummy ache - like butterflies, but in a bad way if that makes sense - it's an uncomfortable feeling but I can deal with it, it isnt overpowering, just really annoying to always feel that way when there is no reason to.

To be honest I'm not quite sure what it is and I feel a bit weird writing anxiety because I see how tuff it is for people with quite severe anxiety and I don't want to go around using the term when I might just be a bit stressed. Personally I do feel like it's more than just stress but I dont know what feeling it is.. I just feel horrid and really weird, I just wanna cuddle up in bed and stay there all week, not meet anybody or go anywhere. I CAN go out so it isn't like I actually can't leave the house, but I really dont want to, which now when I'm writing it just sounds like a lazy teenager but oh well, I really can't explain it.

I feel much better just writing this now, writing down how you feel - even if its very short and brief - can really help you feel alot better. A specific incident doesn't have to have happened, you might just be feeling a bit tired and down that day/moment in time, you could be insecure about what you're wearing that afternoon or you mught be dealing with deeper issues, writing down how you feel can really make a difference.

That's all from me now, I have a pizza and a cup of tea waiting for me...


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So, a little bit about me...

I'm a soon to be seventeen year old girl, still in school studying the sciences more indepthly (is that a word?). It can be hard at times but I find biology and chemistry very interesting, I'm not studying physics at the moment, that's a subject I will be tackling next year. Many people that find out I study sciences are surprised, they picture the students as more quiet, or nerdy I guess. It is a preconcieved judgment that is quite ridiculous, just because one studies science doesn't mean they are automatically boring or anything like that.

Also, I dance ballet. I dance almost every day of the week and have been dancing since I was 3 years old. It takes alot of work but I love it and whenever I'm there dancing - it sounds super cliché but - it's like I just forget about all my problems and am happy and calm.

I like to sing, but dont we all haha. I would never dare to sing infront of a crowd or anything but I do enjoy belting out lyrics in the car at the top of my voice with the music blasting out of the speakers haha.

I'm confident, extroverted and pretty loud - but at the same time on the inside I'm insecure, anxious and overthink alot. It's a bit weird but some of you will probably feel the same way.

This wasn't extremely detailed but I figured that a whole page just about me wouldn't be too interesting so hopefully this gave you a bit of an insight into who I am as a person :).

Have a lovely day xxx



I finally did it! I made a blog!

For a long time I've been wanting to start a blog, but for different reasons have never gotten round to it. First of all I doubted that I would ever have enough content. The prospect of updating my blog daily/weekly was a bit daunting and I felt like my life didnt have enough exiting things going on in it to write about or take pictures of. But the thing is, everything about life is exiting! Sometimes the smallest moments are the most important and interesting.

Instead of always writing posts with a new "important" topic and so on, which would be hard to think of, many of my daily posts will be a rundown of my day. I wont publish uninteresting posts just rambling on about absolutely nothing, there will always be some sort of meaning in what I write. My posts will at times just be more casual.

Purely because of the fact that I probably will write things on here that I don't tell everyone irl about, I'm gonna keep my name to myself, for now anyways. Hopefully that's not too boring, and you (if anyone is even reading this) can still relate to me as a person even without a name to attach my writing with..

I'm gonna sit down with a cup of tea now and watch a film I think...

Have a lovely weekend xx