I will use this first post to introduce myself. I have already been on blogger and wordpress but as soon I discovered this platform, I decided immediately that I should try it. It is a new world for me but this platform seems very practical and simple. So I decided to give it a shot.

I am a Portuguese girl who currently is living in Copenhagen. Can you imagine? I left the warm and sunny days and changed them for dark and cold ones. The weather here is similar to my soul, so I don't feel so bad. I kind of like it here, to be honest.
I am a fashion and beauty lover. A gamer addicted. Drama books are my favourites but I spend most of the time reading mangas. Although I am seeing more then 20 shows at the moment, are the animes that makes me cry.
Am I a bit controversial? Maybe. But that's me and I am happy this way.

I will use this little tiny space to get to know you a little bit, for you to know me, as well, my culture and country and also all my adventures. I will share my thoughts with you, my projects and my opinions. I hope you will stay around.